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Technical Tuesday – Episode #50 Dark Weathered All Heart Redwood & Custom Cabinetry

August 30th, 2011

How was your weekend, Tech Tuesday fans?

Our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Irene, and we hope you wine lovers were all safe and sound in your homes when she unleashed her fury. We’ve heard and read a couple of not so nice news last week, so we hope this last feature for the month of August cheers you up. Oh, and in case you missed last week’s under the stairwell wine cellar, we beg you to take a quick look now or after you read this post!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 208511-2
Wood: All Heart Redwood, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 1,155
Where: Aspen, CO

Residential Wine Cellar

First of all, we must say that we think this is the perfect wine cellar to close the month of August. I mean, just look at these photos! Once again, we marvel at the beauty of All Heart Redwood which tops the list of the best wood to use for you wine cellar.

In previous Tech Tuesday episodes that featured All Heart, we’ve seen the racks bare and unstained. Today this wine cellar shows us that All Heart can look fabulous in a dark weathered stain as well. Built to perfection and highlighted by excellent LED lighting, this room’s wine racks can surely be every wine collector’s envy!

Old World Wine Cellar DoorProviding warmth, character and an old world charm to this wine cellar are its gorgeous wood door and stone bricks. Don’t you just love the contrast of light colored door and bricks and dark racks in this room? Surely All Heart Redwood wine racks deserve to be built in and around beautiful elements and the bricks and door accomplish just that.

Individual Diamond Bin Wine RackNow on to the details: We love this section above where the individual diamond bin rack sits above a custom made cabinet. Yes, this is one of the perks of having a wine cellar custom-built — custom cabinets for your wine accessories! Whether it’s cigar humidors, glass panel cabinets or hand carved wood cabinets, Wine Cellar Innovations can build them in your wine room.

individual storage racks, high reveal displaysA wine cellar that is meant to store over a thousand wine bottles must make very good use of the space available, and we definitely love the excellent use of space in this room. Great choice and placement of Platinum Series wine racks — individual storage racks, high reveal displays, individual diamond bins and rectangular bulk storage bins make this wine cellar a sight to behold!

rectangular bulk storage bins

When it comes to wine cellars, there are so many choices as to wood, racking styles, doors, ceilings, lighting, accessories and more. It’s all a matter of personal taste of course, and you can build the wine cellar of your dreams when you have it custom-made.  So check out our residential gallery for inspiration, and tell our designers what you want. Leave the rest to us.

We hope you enjoyed all the wine cellar installations we’ve shared this month here on Tech Tuesday. Stay tuned for more good stuff in September!

Technical Tuesday – Episode #47 Glass Enclosed All Heart Redwood Wine Cellar

August 9th, 2011

It’s official. All Heart Redwood tops the list of the best wood to use for home wine cellars.

If you’ve been following Technical Tuesday these past few months, you may have noticed that homeowners/wine lovers have been choosing nothing but this amazing wood. We’re not surprised, because All Heart Redwood really is the “designer wood” of wine cellars. No other wood can beat its beauty, strength and durability. Just have a look at last week’s unstained All Heart Redwood wine cellar. Gorgeous, right? Well today we’ve got another one to marvel at:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 208304-7
Wood: All Heart Redwood, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 589
Where: Key Biscayne, FL
Glass Enclosed All heart Redwood

This wine room shows us the classic elegance of glass. We’ve featured several glass enclosed wine cellars before and we must say that sometimes, words are just not enough to describe their timeless appeal. We love wood wine cellar doors that bring an element of surprise to what’s inside a wine room, but glass is the right choice when you want to show off your room’s design and racking styles.

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars
Just like last week’s wine cellar, the wine racks here are unstained. Look closely at the racks which reveal All Heart Redwood’s beautiful  pink, dark brown, light brown and reddish hues. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — one of the great qualities of this type of wood is, as it ages, natural unstained All Heart Redwood takes on increasing darker depth of beautiful color. Just like fine wine, this type of wood ages beautifully!

Platinum Series All heart redwood

As can be expected from the Platinum Series, this wine cellar’s got some of your standard wine storage options: individual bottle storage, solid diamond bins and high reveal displays. LED lighting provides mood and drama to this room, aside from giving just the right amount of light for reading wine labels.

Solid Diamond Bins

And finally, providing excellent storage conditions to this glass enclosed wine cellar is a WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split “09” Series. Extremely quiet and attractive, this wall mounted condenser will take care of properly cooling your wines.

WineZone wall Mount Ductless Pit

If you’re thinking of building your own wine room and classic elegance is more your style, we suggest a glass enclosed wine cellar. We love it for its simplicity and beauty,  just like we love the bare beauty of unstained Redwood wine racks. Tell us what you think of this wine room by leaving a comment below and stay tuned for next Tuesday’s feature! In the meantime, take a tour of our residential wine cellar photo gallery for wine cellar inspiration. 🙂



Technical Tuesday – Episode #43: All Heart Redwood Wine Racks, Wine Barrel Tabletop & Etched Glass Door

July 12th, 2011

Love big wine rooms that can store over a thousand bottles of wine? Well you’ll love this week’s residential wine cellar. It features some of the best that Wine Cellar Innovations has to offer: awesome wine racks, seamless design and yes, fabulous doors and lighting!

But before we jump on the details, did you enjoy last week’s six-month recap? We hope so, because we had fun putting together some of the best wine cellar installations we’ve done for the past 6 months. We’d love to hear which ones were your favorites. Leave a comment, okay?

Back to this week’s wine cellar:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Wood: All Heart Redwood, Dark Walnut stain – Platinum Series
Project #: 208417
Maximum Capacity: 1235 bottles

Among our favorites from last week’s recap was a residential wine room that had the same best feature as today’s cellar: All Heart Redwood wine racks stained in Dark Walnut. If you have been following Technical Tuesdays, then you already know that All Heart Redwood is the wood type used in our Platinum Series, which is simply THE BEST among WCI’s custom wine rack lines. While beautiful unstained, All Heart undeniably looks more elegant in a dark stain as you can see from these photos.

Again, our wine cellar designers did an amazing job of utilizing the client’s space by putting together individual wine rack storage, diamond bins and bulk storage bins to create a unified, smooth look. Pretty neat, huh?

This wine cellar, however, adds a feature that we have not seen for quite sometime: a wine barrel with glass tabletop! Here at WCI, we have eco-friendly options for your wine cellar, and giving old wine barrels a second life is one of them. Yes, we can turn them into vintage tables, or reuse them as vintage flooring! Speaking of flooring, we must say that we love how this room’s floor tiles match the beautiful wine racks.

This wine room may not be as spacious as the huge wine cellars we have featured, but these wine racks can hold over a thousand bottles. That’s obviously the beauty and genius of excellent wine cellar design – maximizing space for maximum bottle storage capacity!  Design is everything, and this couldn’t be more true in the case of custom wine cellar doors. The client chose our Santorini wine cellar door. Definitely adds aesthetic value to the entire room, doesn’t it? If wine cellar doors are your thing, you’d be happy to know we have plenty of options for you!

We’d be happy to talk about options for your wine cellar, but in the meantime, let us know what you think about this residential wine room. If you’d like to see more, check out our photo gallery or check back every Tuesday for more wine cellar installations. We hope you enjoyed this one. Happy Tuesday!

Tech Tuesday – Episode #27 – Amber Blaze Mahogany

March 15th, 2011

What happens when you see a beautiful wine cellar?

We’ll tell you what happens to us: we get weak in the knees. You know that feeling when you’re in-love? It’s kind of like that, only the object of your affection is a wine collection perfectly displayed in a pretty wine cellar.

It’s amazing how beauty and function come together in a well-built cellar. In last week’s Technical Tuesday for example, we featured a small wine closet that shows you that a small space is no obstacle, and that size doesn’t matter! It’s all in the details. Why, it was so pretty that one of our friends in Twitter even said she wanted it for herself!

Today we have another residential wine cellar featuring one of our favorite wood types – Amber Blaze Mahogany.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 195467-8
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Maximum capacity:  1717 bottles
Where: Pearl River, LA

Residential Wine Cellar Prime Mahogany

As you can see, the Reine’s cellar has most of the Platinum Series‘ best elements: single deep and double deep individual storage, high reveal display racks, solid diamond bins, LED lights, a standard archway, pretty quarter round shelves and a hanging glass rack, which, we hope you didn’t mistake for a small chandelier. Or did you?

And here’s something you don’t see often: cabinets with mesh panel doors! It’s got a great locker style look, and we love its mesh door panels  — decorative, and great for visibility and ventilation, while maintaining security.

Classic Mahogany Wine Cellar

So let’s proceed to taking in more this wine cellar’s luxurious appeal, which is attributable to Prime Mahogany. We’re just loving the rich, red overtones in this wine room!

Prime Mahogany is a type of wood that lends itself to stains and finishes, and here, the wine racks were stained in Classic Mahogany. Other stain options include light, dark walnut and midnight black. The same is true for the lacquer options. (We think you should see one of our Tech Tuesdays that featured the Prime stained in dark walnut – truly gorgeous!) You can also go bare and have the racks go unstained, but we love how the color of the wood varies with different stains and lacquers.

Platinum Series Mahogany Stained

The Platinum Series offers the widest variety of wine storage options in a full-depth style. As you can see here, the different types of wine racks were put together nicely to create a seamless look, utilizing every space very efficiently.

Traditional Wine Cellar Archway

Here, we see the traditional wine cellar archway, but if you ask us, there’s nothing “traditional” about it. It looks truly classy in that reddish brown color. And what about that smooth angled curved corner? These types of custom wine racks are constructed utilizing four 22 1/2 degree angles, forming a 90 degree transition from wall to wall, which allows the racking to flow around the wine cellar with no sharp corners.

Gorgeous Solid Diamond Bins

Ah, this one’s got to be one of our favorite photos in this set. The red racks are truly beautiful up close!  Notice the gorgeous solid diamond bins below. Strong and sturdy,  they allow you to display wines in bulk creatively.

Reine Residential Wine Cellar

The Reine cellar is proof that the possibilities are endless when you have a cellar custom-made. You too can have one built in your home! Why not submit a plan or idea to any of our wine cellar design consultants today?

See you next Tech Tuesday!