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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Going For Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Lighting

July 18th, 2018

Task and accent lighting plays quite a meaningful role in a wine cellar project. It can help accentuate your collection in a most attractive manner. Not only that, it can also illuminate other accessories, such as fine artwork. It also serves to set the kind of ambiance you’d want your wine cellar to have. But most importantly, lighting elements make it convenient to locate the labels you want. This is especially true for really large wine rooms. That’s why care must also be taken in selecting suitable lighting accents. In our case, we highly recommend going for eco-friendly options!

Low Profile IC Can Downlights

Low Profile IC Can Downlight

This type of lighting is specifically designed for ceiling and soffit applications. The lights are embedded into the ceiling, archway, or molding. It is recommended to utilize these downlights for either a new construction of project remodel. This is because the construction should have the ability to run the proper electrical and have access to the ceiling joists. Here at WCI, we are proud to say that our IC Can downlights are energy efficient. Features include small aperture and low voltage specification grade housing. Moreover, the integral low voltage electronic transformer prolongs lamp life and increase lighting quality.

Recessed LED Downlights

Recessed LED Downlight

Next up is another downlight option and a pretty popular one. The recessed LED downlight is best for shining the spotlight on your collection.  In general, LED lights a far more energy efficient compared to the conventional incandescent and CFL ones. That makes them the more environmentally friendly choice as well. Very reliable researches and tests have shown that LED lights can reduce electricity costs by 70-90%. This kind of lighting has an exceptionally long life time expectancy. So if you go for recessed LED downlights in your wine cellar, you can significantly lower maintenance and replacement costs. Currently, WCI also offers the LED Lighting Kit. This is actually a flexible LED light strip ribbon with adhesive tape attached. It is safe and super easy to use.Wine cellar owners would be able to perform the installation themselves!

Fluorescent Slimlites

Fluorescent Slimlites

There are also lighting accessories that are best for enhancing decorative applications in your wine cellar. Let’s take for example an intricate stained glass artwork in a wine cellar archway. You will need to illuminate this in order to bring out the beauty of the stained glass. The most effective way to do this would be through the use of fluorescent slimlites. It is quite easy to install them and they sport an easy-to-clean plexiglass cover. The plug-in modular system makes for continuous lighting. Also, fluorescent slimites have extremely long bulb life, rated 10,000/hour. That makes them a wonderful eco-friendly choice as well! ^_^


DIY Led Lights On Your Vintner Series Wine Racks

May 1st, 2017

Accentuating your wine bottles doesn’t take much at all, especially when you’re working with the right wine cellar accessories. And based on experience, we find that some of the simplest accessories can do more for your wine cellar compared to more elaborate ones. After all, the key word here is to “accentuate,” not to overshadow the star of the show which is, of course, your collection. This is why we’re pretty sure you guys will love the most recent upgrade to our Vintner Series wine racks kit:

Enhancing your displays with LED Lighting Kits

DIY Led Lighting Kit

Just recently, we brought in another addition to the Vintner Series wine racks kit: the LED Lighting Kit. We’ve talked about the importance of lighting accessories in a wine cellar or wine cabinet lighting project, particularly when it comes to highlighting key components therein such as the wine bottles, wine racks, and archways. This is why WCI offers custom wine cellar lighting such as LED lighting displays, LED Downlights, and Fluorescent Slimlites. But take note that these are separate products and not included in any “kits.” The LED Lighting Kit, however, is now available with our Vintner Series and is designed to make your display racks even more eye-catching.

Now what exactly does the kit include? So basically, you get the reel of LED lights measuring up to 16 feet, a transformer, and a remote. The 16.4 ft Flexible LED Light Strip Ribbon comes with an adhesive tape attached for fast and easy installation of the same. This is why we’ve dubbed it as the “DIY” led lights because you can certainly install them all by yourself by following a few, simple instructions. The self-adhesive back with adhesive tape makes the strip makes for greater flexibility and easy application. Plus, f you want make it shorter, you can cut the reel every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks. This will not damage the rest of the strips.

LED lighting on Vintner wine racks

Specs wise, you get  12V, 24 watt, warm white lighting with 50,000 hours rated expectancy. That means the lights generate extremely low heat owing to the low working voltage. These lights also feature 3000K Color Temperature and are dimmable. And because you don’t need batteries to operate the lights, this also means no lead or mercury and no UV or IR Radiation exposure. You get not just a cost-efficient and energy-efficient product, but a very eco-friendly one, too. ^_^

An Illuminating Experience With Custom LED Lighting

January 16th, 2013

If you’re not a wine cellar specialist, you can’t help but overlook some of the essential details when undertaking a custom wine cellar project. It’s only natural, though. Most of us are inclined to think that it’s just all about having the right wine racks, wine cooling units, and furniture. Indeed, these are the major elements when building a custom wine cellar. However, these are not the only things that count! You also have to consider right accents such as your custom wine cellar lighting.

Why it’s so important!

Why is it necessary to have the right lighting package installed in your custom wine cellars? Note that the word is “necessary.” We can give you three compelling reasons for this. First off, it will allow you to highlight your prized collection and display each bottle to maximum advantage. Keep in mind that your wine cellar is not just for storage purposes. It’s also for properly displaying your collection. But keeping your bottles in a poorly lighted space doesn’t do anything for them at all, don’t you agree? Second, it also enables you to organize and locate your bottles more efficiently. This is especially convenient for those with extensive and growing collections. Imagine what a hassle it would be scouring your cellar for vintages you want to pour because it’s lighted so poorly.

The third reason would be because of purely aesthetic purposes. Knowing how to play around with your lighting elements can allow you to create a number of moods for your wine cellar. It can also let you experiment with different looks. For example, you can choose to have a sultry aura by placing your LED display lighting fixtures in strategic locations. Or you can go for a visually stimulating appeal by putting the spotlight on your custom wine cellar ceilings with recessed LED Downlights. Then again, you might also want a romantic theme which you can easily achieve by playing around with Fluorescent Slimlites and stained glass. Glass and light combinations on custom wine cellars are highly popular and you can come up with so many designs using various decorative applications.

Last but not the least, LED lighting is also utilized to highlight not just your wine bottles, but also your wine racks, furniture, and other accessories as well. For example, you can bring more attention to an exquisite piece of wine cellar art by placing it in a beautifully lighted Archway. Or, you can accentuate the gorgeous color of your wood wine racks whether these are stained or not with a linear LED display lighting system. Indeed, there is just so much to gain from the right custom wine cellar lighting package that you cannot just make it an after-thought. So why not talk with our specialists today and make your project a more illuminating experience! ^_^

Wine Cellar Lighting Accessories: Why They Make All The Difference!

August 30th, 2012

Ambiance or in other dictionaries spelled as “ambience,” is defined as the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect it has on people. Other synonyms of the word include “flavor,” “feel,” “mood,” and “spirit.” Maintaining the right ambiance is very important, especially when we’re talking about specific places like wine cellars or wine establishments. It’s not just about having the ideal wine storage conditions therein but it’s also about setting a particular kind of mood that will make people appreciate every bottle that you uncork. In setting the right kind of ambiance for your wine cellars or establishments, wine cellar lighting plays an exceptional role.

Wine Cellar Custom Lighting

The role it plays…

Wine Cellar LightingYou guys must have noticed that in a number of our Tech Tuesday episodes, we have placed particular emphasis on the wine cellar lighting package purchased by the clients. That’s because the strategic installation of such lighting accessories emphasize the major points of a custom wine cellar: the wine racking system along with your precious wine bottles; the gorgeous accents such as the archways and tasting areas; and even the wine cellar flooring and ceilings.

You will especially come to appreciate the value of a quality lighting package when you place a piece of exceptionally good wine cellar art framed against a Standard Archway. Take for example purchasing from WCI’s exquisite collection of customized hand painted wine art paintings or murals. Moreover, when you incorporate glass into your wine cellar design like paneled glass doors or stained glass murals and other decorative glass applications, it’s imperative that you put in proper lighting accessories to enhance them to the fullest. After all, what better combination is there in terms of style and design that light and glass?

And the role WE play!

So how does WCI come in when it comes to helping you wine enthusiasts out there create the perfect ambiance for your wine cellars? Well for one thing, we Fluorescent Similiteshave a superb collection of wine cellar lighting packages that would answer to any kind of setting you would want for your custom wine cellars. For example, our LED downlights are perfect for putting the spotlight in your ceilings and archways with more than 50,000 hours of running time. The recessed LED lights seem to give as much as 40 watts of light owing to the tight range of the beam. Plus, the effect is a romantic and super elegant look to your wine cellar.

We also have a fantastic LED Display Lighting package to accent your wine racks and displays and illuminate your prized bottles. They are highly flexible and much more affordable than incandescent since they possess over seven times the life expectancy. Even better, our linear LED display lighting system is environment friendly, certified with the RoHs directive and lead free! The lighting construction sports a peel-off backing which enables you to adhere it efficiently anywhere in your wine cellar. Plus, it’s resistant to vibration and humidity as well.

Last but not the least, there’s also WCI’s Fluorescent Slimlites designed specifically for illuminating stained glass or other decorative applications in your wine cellar. Our Etched Glass lightboxes are one of our more popular custom ceiling selections that can give off an ultra sophisticated look to any wine cellar. So define those wine cellars with the right ambiance and contact us for your custom wine cellar lighting package today!

All Things Bright And Beautiful

November 14th, 2011

Once upon a time in grammar school, our teacher taught us this poem which incidentally, was the same poem taught to my brother and now my daughter in toddler school:

“All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all”

Well, this has really nothing to do with poem but the first line just triggered an inspiration for a blog post. Also, I’ve been wandering around downtown a lot lately and walking into commercial wine cellars by force of habit (somehow, I just get drawn in!) which made me notice a few things. One of them is the sad fact that a lot of commercial wine cellars here seem so drab and gloomy despite the seemingly lush interior. Then it hit me: the lighting was off! Literally!

Brighten up your world…

Whether you own a residential or commercial wine cellar, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: never underestimate the power of a good wine cellar lighting set-up. The right wine cellar lighting increases the aesthetic value of your wine cellar in more ways than one. In residential wine cellars, it’s all about enhancing the ambience of a custom wine cellar, making it more attractive and appealing. But in commercial wine cellars, it does more than just that. The proper wine cellar lighting serves to spotlight your most popular merchandise and increase sales activity. It also helps to highlight new products for easier sales promotion.

Because we understand the value of keeping everything “bright and beautiful” in your wine cellars, we endeavored to develop lighting packages that can really meet the desired purposes: illuminate your wine cellars and place the spotlight on your prized collection. In addition, these packages can be used in a stand-alone lighting system or in combination with each other for a more unique wine cellar display. Everything is also scaled to suit the size of your budget, an element that we always factor in with every product we offer.

With custom wine cellar lighting!

LED Downlights

LED Downlights serve to bring about a rich and warm glow to your wine cellars. When positioned strategically, the lighting system is designed to encompass the entire wine cellar by playing upon the chosen materials such as wood and metal. Our recessed LED Downlights carry a voltage of 12, wattage of 3, in warm white color in a 45-degree spread for that cozy atmosphere in your wine cellars. Owing to the tight range of the beam, our downlights appear to give as much as 40 watts of light and rated for 50,000 hours of running time.

LED Display Lighting

To enhance the natural beauty of your wine racking system and the radiance of those wine bottles, we’ve brought you the flexible LED Display Lighting package that gives more value than incandescent. This package sports a lower cost and over seven times the life expectancy with brightness rated for about 50,000 hours (or around 6 years) and will not die out on you or your wine cellars abruptly. You’ll love its flexible construction which you can adhere almost anywhere in your wine cellar, particularly those nooks and crannies that really need a “bright spot,” so to speak. The LED Display lighting package is highly recommended as a backlighting system in crown molding, perfect for archways and high reveals.

Fluorescent Slimlites

Now we all know that wine cellar accessories such as wine cellar art serve to emphasize the beauty, style, and proportion of any wine cellar, but there are ways to improve on them even more. Take for example stained glass art framed in a wine cellar archway. With the right lighting accessories, that piece of art can be showcased to its fullest as you can see from the gorgeous images here:


Fluorescent Slimlites serve exactly that purpose. These bright little wonders are excellent choices for backlighting stained glass archways, etched mirrors, and light boxes in wine cellar ceilings. The direct connectors of the lighting system provide minimal shadows and the plexiglass cover makes for easy, no-fuss cleaning of the bulbs. With the Tri-phosphor lamp, everything is quiet and flicker-free and you’re guaranteed a long bulb life, rated for 10,000 hours.

So why be contented with hiding your prized collection and fabulous wine racking system in the shadows? Turn on the light and make all things bright and beautiful in your wine cellar world by chatting with our design consultants today for the right wine cellar lighting package!





These Are A Few Of Our “Favorite Things”

September 1st, 2011

If you are as old as I am (and I wouldn’t want to tell you EXACTLY how old I am haha!), you’d probably remember this song that goes:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with string

These are a few of my favorite things

That brings back memories, doesn’t it? Even if you probably haven’t heard of The Sound of Music, I’m pretty sure hearing this particular song will really perk you up. It chases the blues away with its catchy beat and sweet lyrics but most importantly, it lets us realize the beauty of things around us, whether they be the big things or little things in life.


Translating this into wine cellar language, it’s also high time we take a deeper appreciation for both the big and little things in our wine cellars because each one plays an essential role in making our wine cellar dreams come true.


Custom Cabinetry

Glass Panel Cabinet Door with EtchingWe cannot help but literally drool every time we talk of our custom cabinetry and who can blame us? From the flawless craftsmanship down to the high functionality of these cabinets, your wine cellars will certainly take a turn for the better in terms of style and valuable storage space. There are so many variations to choose from and because it is after all, called “custom” cabinetry, you can personalize the look of each piece, from the drawer pulls down to the cabinet doors with delicate touches thanks to our decorative onlays and borders.

Curvy Cubes Concave Diamond Wine Cubes Stacker with Display TraysCurvy Wine Cubes

Now we know we’ve talking constantly about this brand-new addition to our wine cellar rack family but it’s only because we can’t help but be enthralled by the amazing features of these cubes. With its stackable modular components, each cube can be easily assembled, stacked, or mounted in just about any part of your home and not just your wine cellars. The cubes are of course, available in your select wood choices, such as Redwood, Mahogany, and Rustic Pine as well as other wood types, depending on your style preference and budget. We have also added some popular packages for this collection as well as curvy cube accessories to enhance even more the natural sexiness of your cubes.


WineBarrel TableVintage Wine Barrel Tabletop

We’re a sucker for anything vintage and this tabletop is right up our alley. We also featured this along with other tabletop selections some blog posts ago but this classic number has always been the closest one to our wine lovers’ heart. Made from reclaimed wood components with no two planks having the same appearance, the tabletop is really a work of art to behold and enjoy.


Fluorescent Slimlites

Now you’ve heard us talk about wine cellar lighting and why it’s so essential a couple of times as well. We emphasized the beauty of LED lighting in your wine cellar but to better emphasize decorative elements, you should definitely purchase some Fluorescent Slimlites for a magical effect. These lights are basically used to backlight stained glass such as when you’d want to have one for your wine cellar archway and light boxes in your ceilings.


Custom Windows

Just in case you haven’t fully fathomed how custom wine cellar windows can add elegant finishing touches to your wine cellars, we’re here to literally help you see the light. Just like wine cellar doors, your wine cellar windows can create a lasting impression to anyone who walks in your wine cellar and owing to our custom windows, you can deliver just the right impact. As far as favorites go, here are some of ours:


When the dog bites, when the bees sting

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

and then I don’t feel so bad!

And you should, too! Come one over to our online stores and feel good about your wine cellar projects by filling those wine cellars up with your “favorite things” as well. Catch you all next blog!


Greening Your Wine Cellar Part III: LED Lighting

May 18th, 2011

How’s your week, WCI blog fans?

We hope you enjoyed the first two parts of “Greening Your Wine Cellar”. In Part 1 we tackled eco-friendly wine cellar flooring, and in Part 2 we talked about eco-friendly wood choices!

We thought we’d end this series with the one thing that makes a whole lot of difference once your wine racks, floors and doors and other accessories are completely in place – lighting.

Wine cellar lighting should not be taken lightly (pun intended!) because it has the power to create that desired mood and atmosphere in your wine cellar. Here at WCI, we have great lighting options – LED downlights, Fluorescent Slimlites and LED Display Lighting.

Energy-efficient and Eco-friendly LED Lights

There’s no doubt about it – the eco-conscious’ choice is always LED lighting. And it shouldn’t be a surprise because LED lights are a high efficiency, long lasting light source with incredible visual impact. Why, they have successfully replaced conventional lighting technology in several commercial lighting applications with significant savings in energy costs. Inhabitat wrote about how amazing LED lights are – definitely worth a few minutes of reading time.

Did you know that LED lights provide more flexibility at a lower cost than incandescent with over seven times the life expectancy? In wine cellars, LED lighting is typically used as back-lighting in crown molding, for archways and in high reveal display racking. We love how it can create some very dramatic  lighting effects, which adds to the beauty of a fantastic wine room.

Warm LED lights give you ample light in order to read your wine labels, and does a great job of highlighting the gorgeous areas of your wine collection.  Check out Wine Cellar Innovations’ LED lighting specifications here, and just take a look at these fabulous wine cellar installs that feature LED lights from our Technical Tuesdays:

Residential wine cellar in New Hope, PA

Residential wine cellar in New Hope, PA

Residential wine cellar in Memphis, TN

Residential wine cellar in Memphis, TN

Residential wine cellar in Blue Ash, OH

Residential wine cellar in Blue Ash, OH

There’s more, so just make sure you never miss an episode of Tech Tuesdays! With amazing LED lights, you not only get to do your part in helping the environment – you also create an unforgettable look for your wine cellar for you and guests to enjoy.

In the end, aren’t you glad you’re working with a company that values environmental responsibility? With these green wine cellar options, you make yourself AND Mother Earth happy! Now that’s something that deserves a lovely glass of wine. Cheers!



Let There Be LED Lights!

May 9th, 2011

Lighting for wine cellars never looked this good!

Ah, warm LED lights.

Who would have ever thought that these humble pieces could discreetly transform your wine cellar into a thing of beauty? Not that a wine cellar itself isn’t already a sight to behold, but illuminating the right areas with wine cellar lighting can dramatically create a desired mood and elicit warm feelings.

There’s really nothing like a picture-perfect, well-illuminated wine cellar to light up and brighten our day. We have written about wine cellar lighting a couple of times here in Wine Cellar Innovations, and maybe you have read about it too.

In Lighting Up Your Wine Cellar, we talked about the reasons why you should switch to LED lights, and in More Than Just A Bright Idea, we show you some lighting ideas for your wine room.

Proper lighting is certainly a part of wine cellar building that should not be taken lightly, and when it comes to lighting options for your cellar, LED lights are king.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly LED lights not only beautifully accent your wines and certain sections of a wine cellar. These amazing light bulbs are less expensive than many other wine cellar lighting alternatives, last longer than incandescent bulbs, and are easier to handle. Why, these lights beat incandescent bulbs with over seven times the life expectancy! Here are WCI, some of the features of our LED lights include:

  • Certified with the RoHs directive and Pb (lead) free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very low heat emissions
  • Lower voltage with no UV generation
  • Resistant to vibration and humidity

LED lighting is typically used as back-lighting in crown molding, for archways and in high reveal display racking. Check out the LED lighting in this grand Premium Redwood wine cellar and this small wine closet, where the lights highlight the mural as well as the racks, shelves, and beams. Notice how the lights look dim/warm and not bright? That’s LED lighting for you—not bright white, just a nice, warm light that’s pleasing to the eye, and not harmful to your wines.

It’s also worth mentioning that rather than burning out abruptly like incandescent lighting, LED wine cellar lighting dims gradually. Because LED lights generate very low heat and has a very low voltage, they are perfect for wine cellars! Whether they’re hidden or in plain view, we love the warmth and character they bring to the room.

Soon, these LED lights will be the main source of illumination not just in wine cellars but in all homes, businesses, vehicles…everywhere. At least, that’s what this great article about LED lights in Planet Green says.

Learn more about adding LED lights to your wine cellar today.  Our design consultants would be happy to talk to you.