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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Elegant Design Ideas For Wine Cellar Doors

January 9th, 2019

How much thought have you put into the design of your wine cellar door? Are you content with just a run-of-the-mill design? Or do you want your door design to really pop out? Or you might be the type who wants something simple but can still be a statement piece. Whatever your preference may be, one thing’s for sure. You can definitely customize your wine cellar door to your liking. Here are some elegant design ideas you’d want to explore:

Full glass door with arch

Full glass door with arch…

A full glass door is quite common with formal wine cellars. So why not add a bit of a style twist to it? Instead of the standard full glass door, we recommend one with and arch. WCI offers two types: the Full Arch and the Eyebrow Arch. They will give your wine cellar a little more character. Another option would be the Straight Rail with Arched Glass. Here, the arched glass is enhanced by a rectangular wooden frame for that solid and elegant appearance

Panels on standard doors

Panels on standard doors…

Door panels are surprisingly stylish, especially if you have a number of ways to have them. A solid wood panel wine cellar door seems to be the most common one. But take note that you can spruce this up with a variety of stains and finishes. You can also have the Solid Raised Panel which is another variation of this style. With the right wood and stain/finish pairing, you can create a truly unique look for your wine cellar entryway. The Tri Panel is another popular design. This consists of wood panels divided into three equal portions. A variation would be the Top Glass Panel Two Raised Panel door. And lastly, you have the Half Glass Half Raised Panel door utilizing more than half of the glass element.

Decorative applications on standard doors

Decorative applications on standard doors…

This is perhaps one of our most favorite design ideas. Incorporating decorative applications on even the most regular-looking doors can really transform them into something special. Here at WCI, we offer several ways to accomplish this. One is through custom etched glass on your entryways. Another is painted glass which can add pops of color into your wine cellar. Yet another option would be wood carvings on the doors. We can replicate intricate designs of your choice and turn your door into a conversation piece. Last but not the least, we can also work with wrought iron. The hand-forged wrought iron is usually  powder coated with either matte black or bronze texture finish. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Explore Decorative Options For Wine Cellar Doors

March 28th, 2018

One of the things we’ve noticed over the decades of countless wine cellar projects is that some details are not as carefully thought out as the rest. An example of this would be with wine cellar doors and and entryways. But we’ve also noticed that in the recent years, this has gradually changed. We’re encountering more projects that have given more focus on this element in a wine cellar construction. And it’s high time focus was given to wine cellar doors and entryways. They play not just functional, but also an aesthetic role in your wine cellar. So when you’re choosing yours, explore these decorative options:

Etchings on wine cellar doors

Take elegance to another level with glass etchings

Custom glass etchings are one of the most attractive decorative applications for your wine cellar doors. You can have them customized to any design you want. We’re quite partial towards the etchings that border a door’s glass panels. But you can also choose to have full-on etchings on the entire glass. You can also choose the type of glass for your etchings, whether you’d want it transparent or opaque. For a fully customized door, we recommend using your own artwork or have the family crest etched on the glass.

Bring it up a notch with painted glass

If you want to integrate a pop of color into your wine cellar, this is one way to do it. Have your wine cellar door crafted with painted glass. Painted glass is unique and absolutely gorgeous. It is even more detailed than the glass etchings. This is different from stained glass because with this, you can have any design or artwork replicated on your entryways. You can even combine both painted and etched glass applications. Your wine cellar will certainly be a conversation piece with this decorative add-on.

Wooden carvings on wine cellar doors

Explore the beauty of wood carvings

Now if you want to go for an all-wood wine cellar door, you can also spice it up with wood carvings. Wooden carved doors are not only stunning, but they lend an air of luxury to any wine cellar project. If you want to match it with your wine racking units and other furniture, you also have the option to stain it. In fact, wood carvings can be appreciated more when accentuated with the right stains and finishes, including lacquer. We find that 3-dimensional carvings are the most attractive and you can match them to your moldings as well.

Just In: Eyebrow Arch Doors For Your Wine Cellar Entryway

March 12th, 2018

Merry Monday greetings, wine cellar fans! Just a few more weeks to go before it’s officially Spring. Now that’s something to really look forward to. For sure, wine cellar projects will be moving along faster given the more favorable weather in the days to come. And we actually have just the thing to help usher in the season! We’ve recently just launched a wonderful design option for our wine cellar doors – the Eyebrow Arch option.

Our Door Wizard just got more magical!

Now if you have purchased a wine cellar door from our website before, you might be familiar with our Door Wizard. But if not, then it’s time to get to now this awesome feature on our page. Our Door Wizard is an amazing tool to assist you in your wine cellar door shopping. It showcases all the available standard door offerings that can be purchased online. And that’s not all. You will be able to see visual samples of our plethora of door styles in several options. These are the Standard, Arched Glass, and the newest offering, the Eyebrow Arch.

Eyebrow Arch Doors

So what exactly is the Eyebrowh Arch wine cellar entryway? It’s actually aptly named because this refers to the “eyebrow arch” shape of the door. The curved upper portion forms an “eyebrow arch” that is very elegant and aesthetically pleasing. More and more individuals have actually come to love this particular configuration on their wine cellar entryway. That’s why we decided to also include it as an option in order to accommodate these style preferences.

If you check out the full page for our Door Wizard, you will notice that at the Eyebrow Arched Top Door section, all the available designs are being showcased. This includes the decorative applications, specifically, our etched glass selections. Also, do take note that like our wine racks, our wine cellar doors are fully customizable. Customers can select their wood choice, stain and finish options, as well as the net size of the door. But there’s more! Customization is also included for the door hinges, molding, and door swing. And as for the stains and finishes, this also includes our popular Lacquer option.

We highly recommend carefully browsing our product page so you can select the most appropriate entryway design for your wine cellar project. In case you get stumped, don’t forget that our professional consultants are just a chat or e-mail away. Get the gorgeous going right from the front door of your wine cellar with the help of our Door Wizard. ^_^

Some Helpful Tips In Picking Out Your Wine Cellar Door

July 10th, 2017

Wine cellar doors are taking on a new role nowadays, instead of just being another piece of the wine cellar project puzzle. They can actually be the focal point of your project and contribute greatly to your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal. So in choosing your entryways, don’t just settle on “what’s available,” or “what’s affordable,” or “what’s convenient.” There are plenty of options that will certainly suit your budget and your personal style preferences as well. We’ve put together some helpful tips for you:

Choose a properly insulated wine cellar door

wine cellar door wine cellar door wine cellar door wine cellar door

The first and most essential element that you should consider when purchasing your wine cellar door would be proper insulation. Note that your wine cellar door is not just an accessory – it’s much more than that. It helps maintain ideal storage conditions for your bottles. A good quality door is one that can ensure that your wine cellar will stay sealed properly. This is something we can guarantee here at WCI. Our basic entry wine cellar doors possess standard R-5 insulation value as well as threshold, door sweep and insulation stripping.

Explore the many design options before purchasing

Various door designs

Don’t just buy the most attractive door you come across, or the most popular style being sold, or worse, the one with the biggest discounted price tag. Explore your options and compare the features of each one. Here at WCI, we actually make that task super convenient for you, thanks to our newly updated Wine Cellar Doors section of the website. We now have the Door Wizard View which allows customers to browse our current standard door offering. These models are available for sale online and with only a 4 week lead time! We also have “Stock Doors” that can easily be shipped in 2 weeks or less for those rush projects. Just keep in mind that with the stock doors, the sizes are fixed and cannot be customized.

Don’t forget the other “small” but significant details

And what would these be? One would be the door’s configurations. We highly recommend going for a “pre-hung door” for easy installation. A pre-hung door is one that is already hanging in its own frame. Going for this option means you will receive a full unit with the door prepped, hinged and assembled to your specifications. That means you get the complete package delivered to your doorstep and we can assure a precise fit, too! Another detail to watch out for is with glass entryways. Ascertain the quality and thickness of the glass prior to purchasing. For example, here at WCI, we utilize 1/2″ thick glass, designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. For decorative applications such as etched glass doors, we utilize double-paned glass units consisting of (2) 3/16″ thick tempered panes with a 3/16″ air gap for a 9/16″ total thickness.