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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Elegant Design Ideas For Wine Cellar Doors

January 9th, 2019

How much thought have you put into the design of your wine cellar door? Are you content with just a run-of-the-mill design? Or do you want your door design to really pop out? Or you might be the type who wants something simple but can still be a statement piece. Whatever your preference may be, one thing’s for sure. You can definitely customize your wine cellar door to your liking. Here are some elegant design ideas you’d want to explore:

Full glass door with arch

Full glass door with arch…

A full glass door is quite common with formal wine cellars. So why not add a bit of a style twist to it? Instead of the standard full glass door, we recommend one with and arch. WCI offers two types: the Full Arch and the Eyebrow Arch. They will give your wine cellar a little more character. Another option would be the Straight Rail with Arched Glass. Here, the arched glass is enhanced by a rectangular wooden frame for that solid and elegant appearance

Panels on standard doors

Panels on standard doors…

Door panels are surprisingly stylish, especially if you have a number of ways to have them. A solid wood panel wine cellar door seems to be the most common one. But take note that you can spruce this up with a variety of stains and finishes. You can also have the Solid Raised Panel which is another variation of this style. With the right wood and stain/finish pairing, you can create a truly unique look for your wine cellar entryway. The Tri Panel is another popular design. This consists of wood panels divided into three equal portions. A variation would be the Top Glass Panel Two Raised Panel door. And lastly, you have the Half Glass Half Raised Panel door utilizing more than half of the glass element.

Decorative applications on standard doors

Decorative applications on standard doors…

This is perhaps one of our most favorite design ideas. Incorporating decorative applications on even the most regular-looking doors can really transform them into something special. Here at WCI, we offer several ways to accomplish this. One is through custom etched glass on your entryways. Another is painted glass which can add pops of color into your wine cellar. Yet another option would be wood carvings on the doors. We can replicate intricate designs of your choice and turn your door into a conversation piece. Last but not the least, we can also work with wrought iron. The hand-forged wrought iron is usually  powder coated with either matte black or bronze texture finish. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Explore Decorative Options For Wine Cellar Doors

March 28th, 2018

One of the things we’ve noticed over the decades of countless wine cellar projects is that some details are not as carefully thought out as the rest. An example of this would be with wine cellar doors and and entryways. But we’ve also noticed that in the recent years, this has gradually changed. We’re encountering more projects that have given more focus on this element in a wine cellar construction. And it’s high time focus was given to wine cellar doors and entryways. They play not just functional, but also an aesthetic role in your wine cellar. So when you’re choosing yours, explore these decorative options:

Etchings on wine cellar doors

Take elegance to another level with glass etchings

Custom glass etchings are one of the most attractive decorative applications for your wine cellar doors. You can have them customized to any design you want. We’re quite partial towards the etchings that border a door’s glass panels. But you can also choose to have full-on etchings on the entire glass. You can also choose the type of glass for your etchings, whether you’d want it transparent or opaque. For a fully customized door, we recommend using your own artwork or have the family crest etched on the glass.

Bring it up a notch with painted glass

If you want to integrate a pop of color into your wine cellar, this is one way to do it. Have your wine cellar door crafted with painted glass. Painted glass is unique and absolutely gorgeous. It is even more detailed than the glass etchings. This is different from stained glass because with this, you can have any design or artwork replicated on your entryways. You can even combine both painted and etched glass applications. Your wine cellar will certainly be a conversation piece with this decorative add-on.

Wooden carvings on wine cellar doors

Explore the beauty of wood carvings

Now if you want to go for an all-wood wine cellar door, you can also spice it up with wood carvings. Wooden carved doors are not only stunning, but they lend an air of luxury to any wine cellar project. If you want to match it with your wine racking units and other furniture, you also have the option to stain it. In fact, wood carvings can be appreciated more when accentuated with the right stains and finishes, including lacquer. We find that 3-dimensional carvings are the most attractive and you can match them to your moldings as well.

Some Helpful Tips In Picking Out Your Wine Cellar Door

July 10th, 2017

Wine cellar doors are taking on a new role nowadays, instead of just being another piece of the wine cellar project puzzle. They can actually be the focal point of your project and contribute greatly to your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal. So in choosing your entryways, don’t just settle on “what’s available,” or “what’s affordable,” or “what’s convenient.” There are plenty of options that will certainly suit your budget and your personal style preferences as well. We’ve put together some helpful tips for you:

Choose a properly insulated wine cellar door

wine cellar door wine cellar door wine cellar door wine cellar door

The first and most essential element that you should consider when purchasing your wine cellar door would be proper insulation. Note that your wine cellar door is not just an accessory – it’s much more than that. It helps maintain ideal storage conditions for your bottles. A good quality door is one that can ensure that your wine cellar will stay sealed properly. This is something we can guarantee here at WCI. Our basic entry wine cellar doors possess standard R-5 insulation value as well as threshold, door sweep and insulation stripping.

Explore the many design options before purchasing

Various door designs

Don’t just buy the most attractive door you come across, or the most popular style being sold, or worse, the one with the biggest discounted price tag. Explore your options and compare the features of each one. Here at WCI, we actually make that task super convenient for you, thanks to our newly updated Wine Cellar Doors section of the website. We now have the Door Wizard View which allows customers to browse our current standard door offering. These models are available for sale online and with only a 4 week lead time! We also have “Stock Doors” that can easily be shipped in 2 weeks or less for those rush projects. Just keep in mind that with the stock doors, the sizes are fixed and cannot be customized.

Don’t forget the other “small” but significant details

And what would these be? One would be the door’s configurations. We highly recommend going for a “pre-hung door” for easy installation. A pre-hung door is one that is already hanging in its own frame. Going for this option means you will receive a full unit with the door prepped, hinged and assembled to your specifications. That means you get the complete package delivered to your doorstep and we can assure a precise fit, too! Another detail to watch out for is with glass entryways. Ascertain the quality and thickness of the glass prior to purchasing. For example, here at WCI, we utilize 1/2″ thick glass, designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. For decorative applications such as etched glass doors, we utilize double-paned glass units consisting of (2) 3/16″ thick tempered panes with a 3/16″ air gap for a 9/16″ total thickness.


Tips On Choosing Your Wine Cellar Door

June 20th, 2016

In a custom wine cellar project, it’s essential to consider all the elements that will complete it – even the smallest details. A wine cellar door is, for the most part, considered an “accent” and doesn’t bring in as much attention as that given to the wine racking units or wine refrigeration system. But don’t forget that a wine cellar door also serves an important role in helping maintain ideal storage conditions in the wine cellar. That’s why choosing your wine cellar door should also be done with care – with the help of these useful guidelines:

Wine Cellar Doors

1. Check that the door style you choose has proper insulation.

We cannot overemphasize on the importance of proper insulation in your wine cellar. Keep in mind that frequent or sudden changes in temperature and/or humidity levels will greatly affect the aging of your bottles. It’s a must to ensure that your wine cellar maintains the standard 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity. That’s why when you shop for your wine cellar door, also make sure that it possesses the right insulation value. For example, here at WCI, our basic entry wine cellar door has a standard R-5 insulation value as well as threshold, door sweep and insulation stripping.

2. If you’re going for glass doors, ascertain the quality and thickness.

Now if you want to go for glass doors or entryways for your wine cellar, you have to be quite meticulous about the quality and thickness of the material used. You wouldn’t want to waste precious money on a glass door that will easily crack or succumb to ordinary wear and tear. Here at WCI, the glass we use for glass-enclosed projects is 1/2″ thick glass, designed to maximize refrigeration and humidification benefits. For decorative applications such as etched glass doors, we utilize double-paned glass units consisting of (2) 3/16″ thick tempered panes with a 3/16″ air gap for a 9/16″ total thickness.

3. Go for the “pre-hung” door for easy installation and precise fit.

What is a “pre-hung” door? It’s actually a door that is already hanging in its own frame. By selecting the pre-hanging option, you will receive a full unit with the door prepped, hinged and assembled to your specifications. That means you get the complete package delivered to your doorstep and all that is needed is to install the unit. This not only makes your wine cellar project go more efficiently, but you’re also assured of a precise fit to your wine cellar entryway.

Impress With Inviting Wine Cellar Entryways

April 13th, 2015

Gorgeous entryways can really make a difference in the aesthetic appeal of a wine cellar project. While the foremost priority should of course be the functionality of your wine cellar door, it doesn’t mean that style has to be compromised. You can definitely have a properly insulated entryway with an eye-catching design like that of our client Barry:

Designer Series wine racksBarry had actually previously purchased all his racks from us, specifically from our Designer Series wine rack kits. All racks were crafted from All-Heart Redwood with extra lacquer coating. He was certainly satisfied with the products, particularly with the simple assembly and installation procedures. But in order to give a little more pizzazz to the otherwise straightforward racking layout, he decided to order a custom wine cellar door to replace his old one. So Barry sent for our Straight Rail with Arched Glass Door, accentuated with custom etching.

wine storageThis beautiful creation features 2-inch thickness with threshold, door sweep and insulation stripping provided. There are pre-drilled holes for handles and pre-hung door jambs with widths configured to your specifications. Keep in mind that the standard jamb width is 4 9/16”. That means that there will be a slight upcharge for jambs 5 ¼” or larger. Jambs cannot be less than 3 3/4”.

IMG_0675editAs for the glass panes, standard WCI etched double paned glass units consist of (2) 3/16” thick tempered panes with a 3/16” air gap for a 9/16” total thickness. In addition, you can always request for custom etchings on your glass. We have four standard etchings that you can choose from but you can always have personalized ones based on whatever artwork including family initials, family crests and vineyard scenes, or images you choose. Note that all etchings are sandblasted, hence, each piece is a custom creation and may vary from the original.

wine racking IMG_0667edit

“Actually, this purchase was for only a few enhancements to my existing cellar plus a door replacement. However, since all of my racking was purchased from Wine Cellar Innovations, I have attached a few pictures for your records. Two of the walls have double deep storage, one wall has single deep storage, and the wall with the door has case storage on the left and magnum and half bottle storage on the right.”

~Barry B.~

Learn more about the extensive decorative applications we can do for your wine cellar doors as well as the bevy of styles you can have for your wine cellar project. Impressive entryways are your answer to iconic wine cellars so let WCI help you achieve THAT goal! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

August 6th, 2014

Gorgeous wine cellar entryways are a coveted structure in any wine cellar construction. But there are those who either do not have the budget for a real fancy entryway or who prefer something practical like a standard wine cellar door. Plus, they’d also want them ASAP. Still, who says you can’t have a basic door that’s still suitably stylish, perfectly affordable, and delivered to your doorstep in a matter of weeks? WCI can make that happen with our expanded basic wine cellar doors!

Basic entryways with a twist!

WCI launched our Same Day Door Store to specifically meet the needs of customers embroiled in wine cellar projects that need relatively faster completion. Think emergency renovation or repair work! With our “Same Day Door Store” there is no need to wait weeks for a high quality custom wine cellar door. All of these wine cellar doors are ready for immediate shipment. Shipping is usually done on the next business day save for a few exceptions which you can easily check out here. Or, you can always shoot us an e-mail for the estimated transit times for orders placed on Fridays and weekends. We’re only too happy to oblige!

But this is not all! There has also been quite a rise in the demand for our budget-friendly Standard Door designs. So due to many requests for more basic door offerings, we have expanded the low cost offerings for our Mahogany doors as well. Now you get more options than before, from our intricate Wrought Iron collection to our Etched Glass and Forged Iron selections, and of course, the solid Mahogany Basic Entry Doors. Note that these elegant entryways only have a 4-week lead time which allows you to complete those wine cellar projects in record time.

Below are just a few teasers of the Mahogany additions to the Standard Door line-up:


Mahogany Panel Basic Entry Door

Mahogany Craftsman Entry Door

Mahogany Craftsman 1 Panel with 6 Lights Entry Door

Wine Cellar Door

Arched French Doors Rustic-Arched-Wood-Door

 Our Arched French Doors with Insulated Full Glass Panels and Rustic Arched Wood Door are also part of the package so start browsing this section of the website today. We can make those elegant entryways happen, whether you’re taking your wine cellar goals fast or slow! ^_^

How To Choose A Wine Cellar Door

May 22nd, 2013

Never underestimate the significance of some parts of your wine cellar which you usually don’t pay too much attention – like wine cellar doors. We’ve noticed that there are a fair number of projects that just go with standard-type doors without considering the major role the door plays in terms of maintaining ideal wine storage conditions. So we hope that today’s post will shed some light and help wine cellar fans out there choose the right type of wine cellar door which combines both functionality and aesthetics.

1. First off, choose a wine cellar door that can provide proper insulation.

Not all doors you’ll find on the market are “wine cellar doors.” This means that not all of them will possess the necessary features for proper insulation of your wine cellar. Keep in mind that you are trying to exercise total environment control over your precious collection. Hence, you cannot just plunk in any ordinary door which may not be able to help maintain the necessary temperature and humidity levels in your cellar. For example, if you’re going with a glass door, you have to make sure its insulation value and thickness are good enough. At WCI, we usually utilize R-5 insulation value for our glass units with thick tempered pains for maximum insulation.

2. Second, consider the small but vital elements in your door parts.

Hinges, door jambs, locksets, moldings and trim, and door swing are some of the seemingly small but absolutely essential elements in your wine cellar door. You must see to it that these parts are properly functional and made from durable materials. Door jambs and hinges, for example, are prone to rusting. Plus, door jambs can oftentimes cause structural problems, particularly if they don’t come with precise specifications. It won’t do you and especially your bottles any good if your door hangs loosely with an inch or more gap from the floor. This will be very detrimental to keeping the right temperature and humidity levels in the cellar. Then again, creaky hinges are definitely something to squeak about as well!

3. Last of all, think of how your door can increase your cellar’s aesthetic value.

A functional wine cellar door CAN be a gorgeous one! WCI has a fine selection of beautifully crafted semi-custom wine cellar doors as well as fully customized ones as well. Apart from helping your cellar stay carefully sealed, our doors are really eye-candy. The unique and inviting designs enhance the natural elegance of your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture. Here are just some of the fab choices you can browse through:

So go on and “open” wonderful tasting opportunities for family, friends, and fellow connoisseurs today by picking up the right wine cellar door at WCI! ^_^

Get Gorgeous With Glass Panel Doors

February 21st, 2013

Did you check out our latest Tech Tuesday episode? It’s an elegant showcase of a glass-enclosed wine cellar project. The first quarter of this year seems to be pfilled with a lot of glass-inspired wine cellar projects for WCI. Are we complaining? Certainly not! Who can say no such an exquisite element to be utilized in one’s wine cellars? When we’re talking elegance and class, the answer is definitely in the GLASS! So for today, we’re going to be talking about another glass-inspired addition to your wine cellar transformations: gorgeous glass panel doors.

Now there are basically four main classifications of glass panel doors here at WCI. We’ll tackle them one at a time:

1. Plain glass

If you’re just starting on your very first wine cellar project, plain glass panel doors come highly recommended. They are simple, but a wonderfully attractive addition to your entryway. It’s especially true for those with limited spaces to work with. The plain glass panels can add dimension and depth to your wine cellar and make it seem bigger and more spacious. Plus, it’s not intimidating or overwhelming which gives you the chance to experiment with other elements, like your wine racks and furniture. Of course, you can also choose to add some custom trimmings, hinges, and locks for a little more flair.

2. Custom Personalized Glass

Now for those of you who feel a bit more adventurous, the custom personalized glass panel doors may be more to your liking. You can have your very own personalized designed etched onto the tempered and high-quality panes for a truly custom look. But you can actually also choose from our on-hand selections. Just note that lead time for production or reproduction of the etchings will vary depending on the design you pick. All etchings are sandblasted which will make them last for a really long period of time.

3. Etched Glass

For more variety in terms of design, etched glass panel doors are your poison. These can be done on almost any door configuration: plain glass, half-glass half raised panels, sidelights, double doors, transoms, and even French doors and more. You can easily increase the aesthetic value of your entryway and give it a very unique look with these custom etchings. They can even be done on forged iron or wrought iron gates and grilles that come enhanced with glass elements.

4. Painted Glass

There are also some who are fond of adding a touch of color into their wine cellars. What better way to do this without overpowering the other elements in your wine cellar than with a beautiful painted glass panel door. WCI can paint the inner glass pane based on the specifications of the client. Thus, you can select any artwork you desire or if you wish, you can have our talented wine cellar artists design one for you. Painted glass can be done on almost any type of door style as well. For example, if a door or sidelight has painted areas, it will be triple paned with the painted piece of glass having paint on both sides. The painted part will be insulated between two plain pieces of glass.

Note that in all these categories, the panes are properly tempered and insulated to ensure that the ideal storage conditions are maintained in your wine cellar. Plus, we offer an extensive selection of wood choices as well as stain and finish options, unless you prefer an unstained version of the wood. If you want more nitty gritty details, all you need to do is shoot us an e-mail or get in touch with our talented wine cellar design consultants. Get gorgeous with these glass panel doors today!

A Tribute To The Beauty Of Custom Wine Cellar Doors

September 6th, 2012

“Big doors swing on little hinges.”

~W. Clement Stone~

Let’s not take this literally, though. If we were to go beyond the literal definition of the words, this simply means that great opportunities at times come from the smallest of openings. That’s why they also say that when opportunity knocks, don’t waste time in answering.

Well, in the case of custom wine cellar projects, a more or less similar analogy can be drawn. Amazing wine cellar transformations don’t always rely on the size of the project. Even closet transformations can turn heads and create benchmarks in the wine cellar universe as long as you know how to combine the right elements and recognize the potential of the right wine cellar accents. Take for example custom wine cellar doors!

Wine Cellar Door Installation

Today’s post gives us a perfect example of this. We’re going to walk you guys through this set of images showing the installation of two of our most exquisite custom wine cellar door collections. We have previously talked about the importance of an excellent quality wine cellar door in quite a few of our blog posts. That’s because it serves two great purposes in any wine cellar project. One, it contributes significantly to the maintenance of the ideal wine storage conditions in your wine cellar and two, it enhances your cellar’s aesthetic appeal to dramatic levels.

Now let’s get an eyeful of our first door feature which the client chose to embellish his wine cellar with: the Brazilian Mahogany Carved Grapevine Door with stain. Don’t you agree that the intricate design is definitely eye-catching? This door spells and promises luxury to the wine cellar that lies beyond! We’re not just talking about a custom wine cellar door here but a work of art that showcases the skill and dexterity of a master craftsman. Needless to say, the client was extremely pleased with the overall effect it created.Brazilian Mahogany Carved Grapevine Door with stain

The second purchase was our Tuscan Brazilian Mahogany Door with stain. No less gorgeous than the Carved Grapevine series, we simply love the aged look and feel of this custom door. It emits such a classic, antiquated charm that reeks of understated luxury. Moreover, it presents an inviting rather than intimidating aura which is a MUST for any wine cellar.Tuscan Brazilian Mahogany Door

 So would you also like to “open the doors” of opportunity in your wine cellars? Now’s your chance to do so! Check out our online store for our awesome custom wine cellar door collection and contact us today. *Cheers*

Monthly Door Special: French Doors at 25% Off!

September 12th, 2011

How would you like to add a French flair to your cellar?

We can always improve on things that are already good, right? When it comes to wine cellars, you can add more aesthetic value by adding a gorgeous wine cellar door.  Since wine cellar doors don’t only function to close off rooms but also to make sure that the perfect storage environment is maintained, it is best to use the insulated ones especially made for wine cellars. After all, a wine cellar with its precious collection of exquisite wines deserves nothing less.

There are many choices when it comes to wine cellar doors, but if you are working on a modest budget, an ideal option would be a French door – which is this month’s featured door and is currently 25% off!

French doors are a classic because they lend a lovely aesthetic to any structure. Doors are the first things you see before you enter a room, and a beautiful one signals that an exciting treasure can be found inside. A French door with a graceful arch looks romantic despite its functionality. Here’s the good news: this door is 25% Off! The sale ends September 30th, so take advantage of this offer!

The finishing touch for this kind of door is the stain and finish you use. The rustic wood frame is distressed and finished. And no detail is neglected because even the hinges come in zinc, brass, or bronze. The 5 1/4” jamb is good way of showcasing the thick insulated glass panels. Our arched French double doors would be the perfect way to add aesthetic value to you wine cellar.

Because you appreciate beauty and value your investment, you also know that with our wine cellar doors, you can always combine form with function. There’s no need to do a major change or disturb your wine cellar with a difficult and time-construction job. Whether it’s glass panel doors, wood doors or iron doors and gates, the entrance to your cellar will surely be a inviting and delightful – just like your fine wine collection.

For more details about choosing the best door for your wine cellar, contact us today.


Opening The Doors To Wine Happiness

May 30th, 2011

Imagine cold nights and a full moon while sipping a glass of your exquisite wine right in the comforts of your own home. Such bliss! Who would have thought bottled happiness is just right behind those wine cellar doors, your gateway to wine heaven?

Our wine senses – mostly taste, smell, and sight – delight in everything that is pleasant around it. We take in everything – the sounds, the aroma, the lights, the furniture, the racks, the wine, and the décor. And the one thing that serves to welcome you and creates anticipation as to what lies within, is the wine cellar door.

Yes, we surely prefer to ogle at a marvelous wine collection displayed in beautiful wine racks, but the wine cellar door is the most significant part of your wine storage area or cellar. It is an important part of your overall wine cellar design and building process. When your guests visit your cellar, the first thing they will see is your door. What they see before they actually go inside your wine room is also a reflection of who you are and your taste. Design is thus as important as function in choosing  a door.

Choosing your wine cellar door

There are various types of wine cellar doors to choose from. Depending on your purpose, taste and personality, you can be as creative you like. The two elements that you should consider when choosing a wine cellar door are: function and design.



Wine cellar doors are installed for a reason. Did you know that the right door incredibly important in maintaining the vapor barrier of the outside temperature and keeping the humidity and temperature control even for your wines inside the cellar?  Why, faulty doors can cause your wine cellar refrigeration system to work harder and allow unwanted warm air inside your wine storage cellar, defeating the rest of your cautious wine room setup and design!

The proper wine room door maintains a seal on the entryway when the door is shut, allowing the wine cellar cooling unit to mix temperature and humidity-controlled air through the whole wine room, without “fighting” with air leaking into the room from the other side of the door.


Taste is of course personal and varies from person to person. You must select the exact cellar door that will enhance the décor of your space and set the mood for your entire room design. Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have the following designs for wine cellar doors:

Each  style has its own unique look and feel, and ultimately, it’s all up to you to pick the style that reflects a perfect union of function and design.

Learn more about your wine cellar door options from our Design Specialists today!


Opening “Doors” To Wine Cellar Dreams

May 23rd, 2011

Wine cellars really have become the new home “fashion icon” and the trend isn’t stopping any time soon. Remember our fab little post last month on how a professionally-styled wine cellar can really turn heads in your home? Well, as the years progress, so do people’s interest in creating truly unique and magnificent wine cellars that would definitely leave a lasting impression. Of course, in order to achieve this, every aspect of your wine cellar should be considered and no detail should be considered insignificant. That being said, let’s talk about wine cellar doors and just how essential they in pulling together the overall look of your dream wine cellar.

Door styles galore!

Only at WCI can wine enthusiasts come across wine cellar products that are authentic, honest-to-goodness made in the USA products that reek of nothing but exceptional quality and style. That being said, our wine cellar doors are indeed finely-crafted pieces of furniture that can dress up or dress down your wine cellar, depending on your design scheme. Do keep in mind that your wine cellar door serves as the entryway to your wine cellar and whether it appears inviting or just downright ordinary can actually make a great impact on the wine cellar’s general appearance. So let’s help you guys out get to know our plethora of wine cellar door styles:

Standard Full Glass. Probably the simplest of all door designs, this one works best with wine cellars that are interior-heavy, so to speak. For those who prefer rich, solid, and luxurious wine cellar furniture such as wine racks, shelves, and tables in Amber Blaze Mahogany, a Standard Full Glass door in the same wood material is the perfect match.

Glass Panel Door

Straight Rail with Arched Glass. This door type is also quite simple but the arched glass gives it a bit of a twist. If you’re fond of using archways in your wine cellar, especially your wine cellar tasting stations, this is definitely a good choice to complement the rest of your wine cellar furniture.

Straight Rail with Arched Glass


Solid Raised Panel. A wood-dominated wine cellar will certainly stand out even more with this door style. Depending on your wood choice, your wine cellar can appear seamless and polished with a Solid Raised Panel door or it can look really heavy and ornate, especially if you go for our Carved Wood Door version of this door style. There are also a couple of other versions of these paneled wine cellar doors that would suit almost any wine cellar theme, from understated classic down to contemporary chic, or out-and-out vintage:

Half Glass Half Raised Panel Wood Door
Tri Panel

Tri Panel

Divided Light. Initially of French-inspired origins, the Divided Light design is easily elegant and can go with almost any wine cellar theme. Nevertheless, if you are planning on a smaller, residential wine cellar, you may want to stick to simpler door designs that would not overpower the entire wine cellar structure. WCI also provides excellent wine cellar ideas to help you get started and it’s also a must to drop by our Wine Cellar Learning Center.

Divided Light Door

Eyebrow Arched Top Glass Door. There are also two versions of this available: the Eyebrow Arch and the Full Arch. This door type is the epitome of graceful delicacy as the combination of wood and glass is ingeniously utilized to display one’s wine cellar to its best advantage. The arch design gives the impression of depth when the wine cellar is viewed from the clear cut glass.

Eyebrow Arched Top Glass Door

Ornate Wrought Iron Doors. When it comes to design choices, this door type is sure to be at the top of the list. There are just a million and one things that you can do to personalize a wrought iron door to your wine cellar but the common denominator is that this door type exudes a certain romantic and intricate charm. Think Victorian Era and royalty. Think delicate lace and elaborate embroidery. For those who enjoy a whimsical, attractive look to their wine cellar that is anything but understated, THIS is definitely the door type to consider. Our available versions include:

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought Iron Grilles

Wrought Iron Grill Door
Forged Iron

Forged Iron Door

Can’t wait to purchase? Now before you start those fingers working on your wine cellar door orders, here’s something you’d love even more! All of our door styles can be customized to match your style preference, from the wood choice down to the stain and finish options. So do get in touch with our design consultants firsthand so that you’ll end up getting the wine cellar door that you really need and want for your wine cellar. Well, I hope we took you guys just another step closer to your dream wine cellars. See you all next blog!

Best Buys, Unbelievable Bargains: Our April Monthly Door Special

April 18th, 2011

Surprise!Surprise, surprise! Have we got some exciting things to share with you this month. While the month of April is heralded by nothing less than the prankster’s utopia (think April fool’s day), we’re not pulling fast one on you here at WCI, no siree! This month, we have an amazing addition to our Monthly Door Special that has been going on.

Now we all know that creating a custom wine cellar is no drop in the bucket which is why our thrust here at WCI is always to provide our clients with design options that merge both quality and affordability. We’ve also pointed out in a couple of blog posts just how important it is to choose the right kind of accessories and accents for your wine cellar that would mesh with the overall style structure and give your wine cellar a really distinct and defined look. One of these wine cellar accessories would be your choice of wine cellar door.

No Cheap Charlie!

Wine cellar doors don’t exactly come cheap (name something that does nowadays!) and it would be awful to sacrifice the quality of material, say the wood choice, at the behest of cost. Even a simple wine cellar door made from good quality wood say Redwood or Mahogany would still set you back some hundred or even thousand bucks. But get this: this April, we’re pulling out at all the stops by offering you a whopping 20% on our Wine Harvest Carved Door. What is this door all about? Why, nothing less than a combination of high-quality Brazilian Mahogany and intricate design carved to perfection. Take a look at why we’re totally raving about this product:

Wine Harvest Cellar Door• The door is made from finest Brazilian Mahogany, highly durable and rot-resistant.
• The carved Grapevine design is intricately crafted, etched, and complete with stains and finishes.
• This door comes in three sizes:
 30″ w x 80″ h
 32″ w x 80″ h
 36″ w x 80″ h

• It comes with bronze weatherstripping and hinges and solid rustic sil.
• Plus, you have so many options for customizing in especially where stain and finish options is concerned. For better reference, see our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain and Finish Review.

A connoisseur’s dream come true

Well, we’ve shown you the practical side as to why you should hurry on up and grab our Wine Harvest Carved Door before our limited stocks become all sold out, but we’re going to go to it one better. Here’s a closer look at this stunning work of art:

Notice how detailed the carvings are? The elaborate grapevine design speaks of the very high level or artistry and skill used to create such a delicate and classic outline. We really love how the design illustrates the grape-harvesting process which can definitely be a conversation starter in any wine-tasting affair. This particular image showcases the wine cellar door in Tropical Hardwood with Rustic Finish, explaining the vintage appeal of the product. As all WCI wine cellar accessories, you can choose to have your stain and finish options customized, as we have earlier mentioned.

Hey, hey, hey! It’s nearly mid-month so don’t let this opportunity slip by. Remember, our retail price comes at $2,360 and that means over $400 in savings when you purchase your Wine Harvest Carved Door today. Like the proverbial, “Strike while the iron is hot,” we shopaholics say, “Never pass up a good bargain!”

The Door to Great Wine Tasting Experiences

February 2nd, 2011

We build wine cellars not just for storage purposes but also to entice wine lovers and novices alike to come and explore a new world of flavors and tastes. There are quite a number of features to carefully consider when envisioning and finally crafting your wine cellar. From the wine cellar racks down to the tables, cabinets, doors, artwork and moldings, each detail should be given attention if you are intent on achieving a wine cellar that can boast of both functionality and a unique sense of style that would set the mood for one heavenly wine tasting experience.

Customizing Wine Cellar Doors

Custom Eyebrow Arch Wine Cellar DoorLet us take the case of choosing for just the right wine cellar door. Wine cellar doors are one of the more imposing features of your wine cellar because an attractively crafted door can easily draw attention and can add to the elegance to the overall structure.

There are actually so many variations to choose from, depending on the theme you have chosen for your wine cellar, the dominant type of wood for your racks and cabinets, and the space you have designated in your home or establishment. Most wine cellar door designs are rectangular glass and a step up would be full arch, soft arch, or eyebrow arch and the latter is quite popular with wine cellars combining a modern yet “vintagey” vibe. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we open the door to many design options when it comes to custom wine cellar doors and entryways.

Choosing A Door Style

There are those who prefer to have their doors constructed in simple and classic patterns such as standard full glass, arched glass, tri panel, or top panel glass. However, there are also customers who would opt for more intricate designs that would stand out and make the entrance to their wine cellars exude a romantic yet stylish appeal such as doors in wrought iron, wrought iron gate, and wrought iron grilles with elaborate embellishments. You can see more of these wine cellar door choices from our varied collection of wine cellar door styles.

Custom Wood Wine Cellar DoorCustom Wine Cellar Door - Wrought Iron

Add Custom Etchings

Now if you really want to go the extra mile in customizing your wine cellar door and make it more visually stimulating, customized glass etchings or painted glass patterns are the only way to go. Our etched glass wine cellar doors are definitely a section worth exploring especially if you’re looking for that added touch that would turn your wine cellar doors into impressionable works of art. Customized etched or painted glass doors exudes a certain delicate and dreamy aura that is sure to bring out the flavor in every bottle of wine you taste.  Scour through our extensive wine rack products at Wine Cellar Innovations and open those wine cellar doors to more inspiring possibilities.

A Touch Of Class: Glass Panel Doors For Your Wine Cellar

January 19th, 2011

Etched Glass DoorYou know what they say about wine cellar doors – they’re the first thing your guests see, so they’ve got to make a statement.

Well making a statement means choosing a door that increases the aesthetic value of your wine cellar. So why not go for a custom glass wine cellar door? Aside from their aesthetic appeal, there are many advantages to using glass doors. Classy and tasteful, glass panel doors certainly add a certain sophistication that other types of doors lack. It also brightens up the interior of your home wine cellar significantly.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, you can choose among plain glass, etched glass, painted glass and custom personalized glass. We understand that aesthetics and function are important considerations when choosing your wine room’s door, so we have given you a lot of options for each type. Indeed, there is more room for variety using glass doors, each one perfect for your overall home décor. Yes, there arePainted Glass Doorseveral other great types of doors to suit your wine cellar, but if you want your wine cellar to look absolutely gorgeous, then glass doors are a wise choice.

Check out this recent Tech Tuesday post featuring a residential wine cellar install that uses glass panel doors. Simple and classy, it’s just what this wine room containing beautiful dark mahogany wine racks needs.

Whatever your vision is, whether you go for a fancy painting, pretty etchings or an image of your choice, it can be accomplished. We can customize your wine cellar door to fit your needs, so if you’re in the market for that perfect wine cellar door, contact us today.

Best Wine Cellar Doors To Suit Your Style

September 20th, 2010

Dark Wood Wine Cellar DoorThe entrance doors of wine cellars can be of varied styles, sizes, and colors. Wine connoisseurs can have their pick of the various designs that range from antique to contemporary models. And alongside the design of the wine cellar door is the consideration of its functionality.Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

Wine room doors function not solely for closing or opening of the cellar room, it must also perform other tasks at maximum level. The wine cellar door must be thoroughly constructed. It must be appropriately sealed or insulated to ensure that the moisture and temperature of the cellar is constant. The condition of the wine room should be kept stable because variable temperature and wine cellar humidity can interfere with the aging process of the wine. It will eventually affect the wines flavor after aging.

Cellar doors can be made from wood or glass. Both materials are good moisture barriers. Wooden doors can be made from redwood or mahogany. It can be plain wood, ornately hand-crafted, mixed with glass, or embellished with metal details. It can also be two-doors, depending on the design you want.

Painted Glass Wine Cellar DoorGlass doors are also nice for wine cellars to present a more modern and sleek look. Glass can be custom-designed by painting the whole glass door or it can be plain and topped with metal ornate etchings for added protection as well as design. Glass doors should be thick enough to insulate the wine room’s indoor temperature. It should also be sealed to keep the humidity inside the room invariable. You can also choose to have a Spanish style or European look for the doors of your wine room to match your whole house’s interior design.

When it comes to designs of wine cellar doors, the choice is almost infinite especially when you can have it custom-designed. As long as the door is functioning at its best, you can have the design that fits the splendor of your collections and speaks of your personal taste.