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WCI Wine Cellar Accessories: What Did You Miss Out On?

August 27th, 2018

We’ve been focusing on new racking products such as our latest Steel Rod & Wood series, so it’s time to shift gears for a bit. WCI prides itself in working hard to cover all the bases when it comes to wine cellar construction. That includes wine cellar accents and accessories! So that you won’t miss out on anything, here’s a run-down of the latest additions:

Corian tabletops

Check out our Corian tabletops/countertops!

First up is in our countertops and tabletops section. For those of you who are not aware of this yet, WCI now offers Corian countertops and tabletops. We carry this product in two colors that compliment most of our racking units. But take note that Corian is available in so many other colors that you can order for additional cost. This material is really high quality, particularly when it comes to wine stains. The surface of a Corian tabletop is nonporous, making it stain-resistant. Clean-up work is so easy! Moreover, it is also low-maintenance since gentle sanding can easily cure scratches on a Corian tabletop. It’s definitely becoming a popular custom option with a lot of our wine cellar projects!

Wood Grill Covers and Wood Vents

Discover our decorative Wood Grill Covers and Vents!

Our Lattice Wood Grill Covers are admittedly not that new. But what you might not know is that you can have them match the wood, stain, and finish of your cellar. That’s right! Full-on customization is also offered for this wine cellar accessory. Now you can minimize the visual impact of your ductless split wine cooling system without detracting from your wine cellar theme. LED Ribbon Lighting kitAnd there’s more! We now also offer wood vent covers as well. These are also fully customizable – wood, stain, and finish – just like the wood grill covers.

You’ll love our LED Ribbon Lighting Kit!

Last but not the least, we also launched a new product in the wine cellar lighting section – the LED Ribbon lighting kit. Installation of lighting accessories has never been this convenient. The self-adhesive back with adhesive tape makes for easy handling and application. Even a newbie can install the kit! It’s also super flexible since you can cut and link the strips. You can make the ribbon shorter by cutting every three LEDs along the cutting marks. Talk about hassle-free! What’s more, you’ll love to learn that this kit is very eco-friendly. No batteries are needed and no lead, mercury, UV or IR radiation is involved. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Accessories Worth Investing On

August 22nd, 2018

The word “accessories” can sometimes throw us off into thinking that they’re not that important. But even if they are called wine cellar accessories, they still play an important role in your wine cellar project. There are those that are worth investing on. Why so? Because they complete your wine cellar and can make them look so polished and professional. That’s why you won’t regret spending a little extra on them!

Custom tabletops/countertops

Most formal wine rooms, and even the compact projects, incorporate these tabletops and countertops. A tabletop can bring a lot of advantages to a racking assembly. It provides counter space for drinks preparation. It can also be a terrific spot to display some choice labels and stemware. Coupled with a standard archway, it can also house a beautiful piece of wine cellar art. So instead of going for just a standard tabletop, try shelling out for a customized one. Believe us, it’s all worth it! We recommend the Vintage Wine Barrel tabletop because it’s both unique and eco-friendly. The hand-finished product will be like a work of art, with no two planks that are exactly alike. We also love Corian tabletops! The stain-free material comes in so many colors and details. It will definitely add to your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal.

Corian tabletops and countertops

Wood Grill Covers and Wood Vents

For wine cellars with a ductless split wine cooling system, investing in Wood Grill Covers comes highly recommended. Here at WCI, we offer lattice grill covers to help minimize the visual impact of the wine cooling system. We can customize the grill covers to match your racking arrangement, giving it a seamless look. The same is true for the Wood Vents. We can match the wood, stain and finish of the wine racking units. You can even request for the sizes of the vents to be customized to suit your wine room’s configurations.

Wood Grill Covers and Wood Vents

Custom Moldings and Center Seam Trim

We always emphasize on the importance of custom moldings in our wine cellar projects. If you explore our photo galleries, you will really see the difference between cellars with these moldings and those without. The racking arrangement flows more smoothly. There are no awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling/flooring. Plus, with the incorporation of the Center Seam Trim, the racking can achieve a built-in look. This is why we really recommend putting on some extra dollars for these wine cellar accessories. ^_^


WCI Inspirations: Accents That Add Elegance To Wine Cellars

February 28th, 2018

Sometimes, all it takes is for one accent piece to bring the elegance factor of a wine cellar project to a whole new level. That’s right! You don’t need to spend a small fortune on several pieces all at one time. And you certainly don’t need to embark on a full-scale renovation. Here are some of our recommended picks for accents that can add elegance to your wine cellar:

Glass Wall Entryways and Glass Panels

Glass entryways and panels

Glass is a very attractive material to work with – this is practically a fact. It has a way of accentuating the beauty of other materials and maximizing their full potential. Glass can be combined with wood, metal, or other materials to create absolutely stunning wine cellar designs. So if you want to fine-tune your wine cellar and amplify its elegance, adding glass accents will get the job done. Our favorite is glass wall entryways and glass panels! If you have a formal wine cellar, invest in glass doors. There are so many beautiful styles and designs, just like these selections on our website. For smaller projects, go for full-on glass panels, such as a glass-enclosed wine cellar closet. If you want something fancier, we recommend going for French Door entryways.

Wine Cellar Archways

Wine Cellar Archways

Wine Cellar Archways can do wonders for your racking assembly. They will work for a wine cellar project of any size. In fact, putting in an archway for a smaller wine cellar will give it the illusion of spaciousness. The best thing about it is that you actually have different options in utilizing the archway. For example, you can use it to frame a piece of wine cellar art.  It can also serve as a place to both store and showcase your stemware. Archways with tabletop option also make a terrific spot for drink preparations. Most importantly, an archway will serve as an anchor or the focal point from which your racking assembly can grow and flourish. Our photo galleries have some fantastic examples of how these archways are incorporated into various wine cellars.

Custom Wine Cellar Moldings

We always talk about wine cellar moldings on the blog. That’s because we really want to emphasize on how essential their role is in a wine cellar project. These moldings are the key to giving your racking arrangement a seamless appearance. They are also instrumental in making your racks wrap and flow around the room sans the awkward gaps. Apart from crown and base moldings, there are also center seam trim moldings to cover “seams” created when you stack your racks. These help achieve a truly elegant appeal for any type of wine cellar. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Smart Wine-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

December 6th, 2017

It’a time to get cracking on that holiday shopping list! We’re pretty sure that there’s more than just a few wine lovers on yours. So if you’re still wondering what to get them this season which isn’t just another bottle of wine, we can help you out. Check out some of these smart, wine-inspired holiday gift ideas:

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

This is one type of gift any wine lover will definitely love. The best thing about wall-mounted wine racks is that there are tons of styles available. You can certainly find one that will meet your preference and budget. Here at WCI, we have a healthy selection to choose from, starting with racks from our Modern Wine Cellars section. Most of our metal racking units are wall-mounted, such as the WineZone Wine Shelf, Vintage View Series, and more. But we also have smaller-scaled options such as our Wall Wine Rack Series, Vino Rails, Styx and Pins.

Small Wine Racks

Small Wine Racks

You might also want to wrap up some small wine racking units to put under the tree for your wine loving family members or friends. These racks may be “small” but they have great bottle storage capacity. There are also lots of shapes and styles to choose from. Here at WCI, we have some traditionally designed units from our Mini Stack Series. But we also have unique and contemporary ones that are truly stunning. The Acrylic Racks are one of our newest additions to the small wine racks family. Then, of course, you have very popular Curvy Cubes which can boost your home’s aesthetic charm as well. Let’s not also forget an old favorite: our Stackable Scallop Wine Racks. Your wine-loving giftee is sure to have a very Merry Christmas with any of these!

Wine Cellar Art

Wine Cellar Art

Who won’t be over the moon with receiving a gorgeous piece of artwork? For the certified wino in your holiday gift list, a lovely piece of wine cellar art is in order. Worried about the price? Note that all of our wine cellar painting and murals are hand painted and custom created to each customer’s taste and dimensions. That’s right! You can specify the dimensions as well as customize other elements to make it suit your budget. This will be an absolutely perfect gift, especially for someone starting their wine cellar project.

Want more wine-inspired holiday gift ideas? We have a complete Holiday Gift Guide just for you. Get your shopping done online to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush! ^_^