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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Delightful Ideas For Wine Party Favors

August 16th, 2017

Planning on throwing the wine party to end all wine parties this summer? Then you’ll definitely have to get your gears running and think of unique wine party favors for your guests. And contrary to popular opinion, unique doesn’t equate to expensive. You can churn out custom favors that your guests will love without straining the budget. Here are some delightful ideas for you to try out:

Custom wine bottle labels

This is perhaps one of the easiest, if not the easiest, party souvenir you can make. You can either have the labels DIY or just have a local art shop design and print out the sticker labels. Just be careful in choosing the type of material you’ll be using to print your labels on. We recommend¬†gloss label stock with a peel-able backing. You can opt to have a clever wine quote printed on the label or just leave the entire thing blank with only the date of your party and a small “thank you” note. Get wild and creative with the designs and impress your guests sans the $$$!

Customize your wine party favors!

Personalized Wine Boxes

Here’s something that’s not too common, as far as wine party favors are concerned. Personalized wine boxes are smart and functional souvenirs that your guests will surely find delightful. You can have personalized¬†messages or quotes laser engraved into wood wine boxes. There are lots of stores, both online and otherwise, selling wood wine boxes. We suggest buying those with a blank canvas so it’ll be easier to customize. You can even choose to do DIY hand-painting on the boxes for a more personal touch.

Wine accessories can be customized as well!

Custom Wine Stoppers/Bottle Stopper Corks

This is a very fun way to make your wine party favors really distinct for your guests. Here’s what you do: first, purchase some plain wine stoppers or bottle stopper corks. It’s important that they should be PLAIN – no frills whatsoever. Next, choose some adorable ornaments, such as those tiny ceramic figurines, those tiny dollhouse accessories your kids love, fashion jewelry/gemstones, and the like. Then get super creative and decorate your stoppers or corks! If you’re not having that many guests over, you can even fully personalize each one to your guest’s taste. You can actually do the same for corkscrews.

Wine-inspired scented candles

Redesigned scented candles

For those of you who have time to spare, this is one souvenir your guests will surely adore. There are two ways to go about it. The “easy” route is to just purchase scented candles and wicks. Utilize old wineglasses for this project. Put the wick in the center, melt the scented candles, and pour into the wineglass. You can also decorate the wineglass to your liking. The other way to do it is to actually make the candles yourself. You’ll need wicks, of course, wax flakes, non-toxic crayons or candle color blocks, and essential oils for the scents. Measure and melt your wax flakes. Then simply melt your crayon or color block along with your wax flakes. Lastly, add the oils, a few drops at a time until your desired scent is achieved. Pour the mixture into your container with the wick at the center and let cool. Voila! DIY scented candles. ^_^


Corian Countertops: This Could Be What Your Wine Cellar Needs!

July 24th, 2017

Looking for unique and good quality material for your wine cellar countertops? There are lots of choices out there, but of course, not all of them fit the “unique and good quality” bill. So here at WCI, we make sure that the options we provide you are all worthy of every dollar you spend. And as far as countertops are concerned, there’s one that we highly recommend for any custom wine cellar project: Corian Countertops.

Corian Countertops

Why Corian Countertops?

Why indeed? We can give you a run-down of all the reasons why. First off, Corian is a solid surface that was invented and patented by Dupont around 30 years ago. This material exhibits solid color and texture all throughout and is non-porous. That means it is stain-resistant and makes for easy clean-up. Now try to imagine having this material in your wine cellar. Your prepping station will definitely be prone to accidental spilling and eventual staining. But with a Corian surface, you can easily eliminate the worry of wine stains.

Second, a Corian countertop is also quite painless to manage in terms of scratching. Like spilling, scratching on a countertop or tabletop cannot always be avoided. It’s especially the case if you will often use this space to prep for your wine tasting parties. With some surfaces, scratching can be very frustrating as the scratches often leave permanent blemishes on the countertop or tabletop. But with a Corian surface, you don’t need to stress out as much. That’s because you can get rid of these scratches just by gently sanding the material. This makes it a very cost-effective product as well.

Third and definitely not the least, a Corian surface is no slouch when it comes to design. At present, there are 97 different colors of Corian to choose from, at an additional but reasonable cost. This affords a great opportunity to really work the material into the desired theme of your wine cellar project. It’s also easy to match it up with the wine racks and other accessories. Just keep in mind that there is an average lead-time for Corian countertop/tabletop orders of 3-4 weeks. If you want this material for your project, we suggest speaking with our experienced consultants beforehand to verify those lead times. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fun Wine Cellar Accents To Try Out

July 5th, 2017

There’s much more to wine cellars than just your wine racks, wine cellar cooling system, and of course, your wine bottles. There are ways to make your wine cellar more attractive, with a few eye-catching pieces here and there. These fun wine cellar accents will also make for great conversation starters at your next tasting party. Here are some of our choice picks you can try out:

Custom ladders and step-stools

Custom ladders and step-stools

Add in something functional, stylish, and custom-made to your wine cellar that won’t break the budget. Our recommendation? A custom ladder or step-stool! For your formal wine room, don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill one. You can have yours personalized with the same wood, stain and finish option as your racks. There are even some ladders that have bent configurations to accommodate awkward layouts in a wine cellar. If you have a relatively smaller space, a step-stool is the way to go.

Wine Tasting Tables

Wine tasting tables come in all shapes, sizes, and designs these days. They add a nice touch of fancy to your wine cellar while serving a number of great uses as well. For example, there are tasting tables that come with additional bottle storage at the bottom. There are also those with storage for glassware and cutlery. Our favorite though, is this simple but classy Wine Barrel Table. The glass tabletop provides space for displaying a favorite label or two or other wine cellar accessories.

Custom Cigar Humidors

Cigar Humidor

Who says only wine racks can be in your wine cellars? You can store other types of liquor as well as other stuff – like cigars. It’s not uncommon for winos to be cigar lovers as well. In reality, it’s quite a popular combination. Enjoying a glass of wine AND a puff of your best cigs after dinner or during the weekend is one of the best stress relievers. So why not have a custom cigar humidor incorporated into your wine cellar project as well? These humidors generally come complete with environmental controls to keep your prized cigars as fresh and in peak taste as your wine bottles.

Have other fun accents and accessories you can think of that will bring the uniqueness factor into a wine cellar? Share them with us in the comments section below! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine-Themed Holiday Gifts

December 7th, 2016

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine-Themed Holiday Gifts

Do you have a lot of winos on your holiday gift list? If you do, then it’s about time to think about other wine-themed holiday gifts apart from that usual bottle of wine. Don’t get us wrong! We can always use another bottle of wine, of course. But it will also be nice to change things up a bit and give wine-loving family and friends some unique wine-themed items instead. Here are a couple of our recommended picks this season:

Wine Bottle Tags or Bottle Leash

Wine Bottle Tags or Bottle Leash

If you have someone on your list with a growing collection, wine bottle tags or bottle leashes (preferably the earthquake-proof ones like the ones from Quake Guardian!) will make an excellent Christmas present.¬†. These wine bottle tags and leashes provide an excellent method for organizing and identifying fine wines. Plus, you can even have the tags customized to make them extra special for your “giftee.”

Wine Label Coasters

Wine Label Coasters

Classy, wine-themed coasters will certainly be a welcome change to the usual bottle of wine you give your wino family members and/or friends. But you can also actually give these together with a bottle of wine if your budget permits! We especially love those that are crafted from solid marble and with cushioned cork backings to prevent scraping on your tables or other furniture.

Unique Wine Racking Units

These days, wine racks are not just made from wood. You have other materials to work with such as metal and even acrylic! WCI carries both and we’ve been getting amazing reviews from clients who have purchased our metal wine racks, wine rails and pegs, as well as the transparent acrylic racks. If you have someone on your list who has a penchant for the contemporary style, these types of wine racking units will definitely be a hit when they unwrap them on Christmas day.

DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit

DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit

You’d be surprised at how thankful your “giftee” will be once they receive something like this for Christmas. Let’s face it. Putting together a wine racking assembly is not always a straight and narrow road – especially if you’re a newbie. There will be frustrating bumps along the way, but that can be avoided when you use the right tools. A DIY wine rack assembly kit will make any wine racking project go more smoothly and more enjoyable.

WCI actually has a full Holiday Gift Guide to help you out with last-minute holiday shopping decisions. Check out the catalogue today and get in touch with us if you need more tips and details on any product. ^_^