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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Cigar Humidors In Your Wine Cellars

September 1st, 2021

We know for a fact that a lot of winos out there are also big cigar fans. If you love your cigarettes as much as your wine, then a cigar humidor should be in your future plans. Cigar humidors will keep your collection fresh and in peak taste. You can literally take your sweet time consuming them, just like your wines. So we’ve put together some highly recommended brands for you to check out:

Milano cigar humidor

Credits to: Tools of Men

The Milano Humidor

For those who just need something compact for their cigars, the Milano humidor is one of the best choices. This product also doubles as a stunning piece of furniture. It boasts of a dark cherry finish, along with the tongue and groove construction. This keeps moisture inside your humidor which is very essential. It also comes with an analog hygrometer. The lock and key closure with brass fittings is very elegant. The only downside is the cost. The price tag might be a bit too much for some for a small humidor. But keep in mind that this is meant to be showcased as well!

Audew cigar humidor

Credits to: Wayfair

The Audew Electronic Cigar Cooler

Now if you’re planning on storing tobacco in dozens, you’ll need a larger humidor. The Electronic Cigar Cooler from Wayfair is worth looking into. It has two adjustable wooden shelves, as well as adjustable wooden drawers. This unit can store up to 150 cigars, either loose or boxed. It features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature. It also has a built-in fan on the back for the inside air to circulate freely between the cigars. This further allows for frequent replacement with outside ambient air, keeping your collection fresh.

Octodor cigar humidor

Credits to: Brostrick

The Octodor Piano Cedar Humidor

Now this product is a terrific combination of ample space and style. It can comfortably hold up to 100 cigars, depending on cigar type. It also sports coveted humidor features such as a front digital hygrometer, magnetic lid, and accessory drawer. The Octodor was meticulously crafted into a unique octagon shape that makes it stand out. It is also enhanced with a sleek high-gloss black piano finish. And here’s a bonus! You can even keep your lighter, cigar cutters, and travel case in the generous slide-out accessory bottom drawer.



Wine Cellar Inspirations: Selecting Materials For Wine Cellar Countertops

August 25th, 2021

What materials are available in the market for wine cellar countertops? Is it okay to use the same material as your kitchen countertops? There is a healthy selection of products for us to choose from. So it really helps to know more about these options to enable us to choose the most suitable one. After all, there are a number of essential things to consider. Quality and price are just two of them. Style is another. Let’s get started:

Selecting materials for wine cellar countertops

Corian countertops

Granite and Quartz are super popular when it comes to kitchen renovation projects. But what about wine cellars? While Granite & Quartz are part of the list, we want you guys to explore another material: Corian. Corian, just like other solid surface countertop materials, are fully synthetic products. Corian is manufactured by mixing acrylic, epoxide, and polyester resins with various pigments. The surfaces are nonporous so they are stain resistant and easy to clean. That makes this material a very good choice for wine cellar countertops. Moreover, it is also easy to maintain against minor scratches. Gentle sanding is usually enough to restore the surfaces.

Cork material

Cork countertops

Have you ever heard of Cork being used for tabletops or countertops? If not, then this is a great opportunity to learn more about it. Cork is a rapidly renewable resource which makes it wonderfully eco-friendly. It is also fire resistant and highly resilient, particularly to mold and mildew. Cork naturally contains Subherin. This substance is a natural insect repellent which will even keep the termites away. You will also find it easy to maintain your countertops with this material. Regular maintenance requires only routine sweeping and vacuuming to avoid build up of abrasive particles. But Cork surfaces do not take well to spills. It is highly recommended to clean up spills ASAP.

Wooden countertops

Wooden countertops

Butcher-block countertops are all the rage with a lot of kitchen renovations. The surface is made up of assembled wooden boards and lends that warm, cottage charm. It’s also one material that will never go out of style. But would it work for your wine cellar? The answer is yes! So long as you don’t intend to do a lot of food prep, a wooden Butcher-block surface is doable. There are a ton of wood options you can choose from. Maple, cherry, walnut, and oak are some of the top favorites. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Different Types Of Wine Openers

August 4th, 2021

One of the wine accessories that comes in a lot of different types are wine bottle openers. So this begs the question: what kind should you go for? Do you go ahead and buy the most popular and/or expensive brand? What are the things you need to consider before making your purchase? Let’s talk about the various options in the market:

Credits by: Oster

Standing Wine Opener

We’ll start with one of the most common types: the standing wine opener. You’ll see a lot of styles being sold, each one fancier than the next. But this wine opener can be best categorized into two: manual and electric. The Oster Silver is currently hailed as the “best” in the electric category. It is inexpensive, takes up minimal counter space, and has long-lasting charge. For the manual standing openers, our pick is the Brabantia Classic Corkscrew. It is so easy to use. Just turn the corkscrew in one direction until the cork pops out. Another version to look into would be countertop wine openers.

Credits by: IWA

Estate Wine Opener

Next up is the estate wine opener. The estate wine openers are considered as “ingenious 19th century American reproduction corkscrews.”  This wine accessory can open both standard and flanged wine bottles. The top brand on the market is Rogar Estate and Champion. The mechanism is quite simple. You start with the handle to the rear. Clamp the bottle neck and pull the handle forward to remove the cork. Both Estate and Champion are designed for longevity which makes them a good investment.  We also recommend checking out the estate corkscrew for additional options.

Credits by: WineStuff

Vintage Wine Opener

It may come as a surprise, but still on the market are vintage wine openers. Yes, that’s right! There are actually lots of these wine openers and corkscrews up for grabs. The novelty in these items is definitely the craftsmanship and design. The history behind them is also another. You will also be pleased to learn that some of them are fairly easy to use. In fact, “vintage inspired” products like the Legacy bronze wine opener by Wine Enthusiast, are quite in demand. It is at a very good price point as well, considering it’s just an “inspired” product. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Cool Gift Ideas For Wine Dads

May 27th, 2020

Father’s Day might still be in June, but guess what? That special day will be here faster than you can open that next bottle of wine. So we suggest doing your shopping for dad as early as now. Now if your dad is a wine lover, we know that can be challenging. Wine lovers can have eclectic tastes with their preferred wine. That’s why it’s sometimes better NOT to give your wine dads just another wine bottle. There are other awesome presents that can make a memorable impact:.

Cool gifts for wine dads

Have dad pour wine-infused coffee

Let’s face it. Dad needs his coffee as much as he needs his wine. So why not let him have both o. Father’s Day? There are very little things that should surprise us in this very creative world. And the existence of wine-infused coffee shouldn’t because it exists. We recommend checking out these merlot-infused beans at Uncommon Goods. It will  make the perfect after-dinner brew. The 100% Arabica beans are aged in oak wine barrels. The result is a unique profile of fresh, red berry flavors and subtle hints of currants and blackberries.

Surprise dad with a sake making kit

What wine lover will say now to some good sake? Skip the traditional bottle of wine this year for something with an Asian flair. Wine dads are sure to enjoy a sake making kit. The kits usually come with with everything you’ll need to brew a gallon of your own sake. It will be a historical experience as well, without the travel costs. Note that sake is a time-honored rice “wine” steeped in Japanese culture. It hails from 8th century Nara period in Japan.

Get dad the ultimate wine canteen

Have dad throw away that dinky hip flask and replace it with the ultimate wine canteen. Wine canteens can store more wine and preserve if way better. We recommend Vinnebago Wine Canteen by Corkcicle. It is made of stainless steel, so the canteen does not emit condensation. It also does not require freezing prior to use. It will keep wine and any other beverage cool for 24 hours. Wine dads will absolutely love this one, especially since the canteen looks super cool. The simple and sleek design is worthy of a James Bond! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Gifts For Wine Lovers Who Have Everything

February 19th, 2020

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the month of love is definitely not! There’s still more than enough time to wrap up something special for the special people in your life. But what do you give wine lovers or casual wine drinkers who have just about everything? Surely, another bottle of wine may be appreciated but won’t be as impactful. So we’re here to help you with that little dilemma. Here are some great gift ideas for all wine lovers on your list that will leave a lasting impression:

Gift ideas for wine lovers

1. Wine scented candles

Did you know that you can actually get scented candles with different wine aromas? Imagine the aroma of your favorite wines wafting throughout the room. These hand-poured candles have been customized to evoke classic wine varieties. For example, Cabernet will usually bring about a dark yet sweet smell, akin to cherries and chocolate. Chardonnay brings a blend of aromas: apple, almonds, and cinnamon, with buttery richness underneath. Rosé has fresh fruit and sweet almond notes. Pinot Grigio is airy with a hint of citrus and sassafras wood.

Electric wine bottle opener

2. Electric wine bottle opener

Don’t sweat the small stuff – an electric wine bottle opener won’t waste that much energy. In fact, it will get the job done so quick, you’ll never want to do it manually again. Think of all the messy situations that can be avoided! The best thing about this gift idea is that there are so many options, from sizes down to styles.

Enjoy wine with some trivia or board games!

3. Wine board/trivia games

Forget about Cards Against Humanity – wine trivia games are where it’s at for wine lovers. Wine Wars by Chronicle Books is one of our highly recommended ones. It will make for a fun and competitive night, whether it’s with family, friends or both. Viticulture is another board game that’s definitely worth checking out. It’s like an RPG adventure with wine – so what wine lover can say no to that?

Gifts For Wine Lovers

4. Wine Ice Cream

Yup, you read that right! Wine ice cream has officially become a “thing” and we are all for it. For wine lovers who have everything, this will come as a wonderful and sweet surprise. After all, who can say no to ice cream? Mercer’s Dairy is one of the very first ones who came up with these dairy treats – laced with wine. Check out awesome flavors such as chocolate cabernet, red raspberry chardonnay, port, and more! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Considering Eco-Friendly Products

February 12th, 2020

Climate change is arguably the biggest concern in the world today. The start of 2020 had been inundated with unfortunate incidents that threaten to completely destroy Mother Nature. Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for what is happening to our planet. That’s why every little thing that we do to help restore the balance in the environment is now crucial. WCI has been a staunch  supporter of the green campaign. We are constantly developing and promoting eco-friendly products for wine cellar projects. We want to inspire environmental consciousness in every aspect of our business. So we’re sharing with you guys today some of these highly recommended eco-friendly wine cellar products:

Choose eco-friendly products for your wine cellars1. Switch to LED lighting accessories

LED technology has become very popular in the recent years because if its many advantages. Specifically, these are advantages over incandescent, fluorescents, compact fluorescent lamps and other lighting devices. This includes an exceptionally longer lifespan amounting to 60,000 hours. It also means a much lower energy consumption. It is 90% more efficient, with reduced maintenance costs, and higher safety to boot. WCI offers a great selection of the more eco-friendly lighting accessories. This includes the LED ribbon lighting kit which is super easy to install.

Consider these eco-friendly products!

Stick to water-based stains 

Why choose water-based stains? First off, water-based stains are the most environmentally-safe and friendly ones you can use for your wine cellar. The actual finish is suspended in the water, not “thinned” by it, which allows it to dry quickly and have limited VOCs. Some VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic and pose dangers to your health, the health of our planet, and the health of your wine as well. Second, by switching to water-based stains, exposure to VOCs is greatly minimized, as well as to fire hazards. Keep in mind that water based products are more UV resistant than solvent products that will get hazy and lose their color clarity. Lastly, they’re also odor-free!

Use formaldehyde-free products

In 2016, WCI announced that we were officially formaldehyde-free. Check out this detailed blog explaining our journey to a more clean and green business. Here at WCI, our cabinet-grade plywood for wine cellar and wine cellar furniture purposes comes with the Timber Products CARB Certificate. This covers our wood products like Mahogany, Walnut, and Red Oak, among other varieties. Moreover, we are still continuously working on expanding this program to cover more of our wine cellar products. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Would You Go For Natural Or Synthetic Corks?

October 30th, 2019

These days, anything made with “all-natural” ingredients or materials is becomes popular in a snap. It’s fantastic to see people becoming more and more aware of eco-friendly products and switching to them. But what about when it comes to wine corks? Is going the natural route really the best option?  We’re about to find out!

Natural vs. Synthetic: What’s your choice?

The big supporters of synthetic corks and screw caps are those who make their living bottling wine or are involved with that industry. That comes as no surprise since synthetic corks and screw caps are considerably cheaper when it comes to manufacturing costs. But that’s not the only reason as well. Another strong argument in support of synthetic corks is the undeniable reality of cork taint.

Cork taint is brought about by a chemical compound called trichloroanisole (TCA), which occurs naturally in some corks. The result of this is quite frustrating to the avid wine collector who usually ends up with bottles of wine smelling like wet cardboard. Imagine popping those expensive vintages after being aged to perfection and coming across that wet cardboard smell. However, are these reasons enough to switch from natural corks to synthetic ones? Let’s look into the issues that come with these cork substitutes.

Firstly, let’s consider the fact that synthetic corks don’t adapt to the changes in their surroundings. What exactly does this translate to? Take into account that the glass wine bottles are made of expands and contracts with small temperature shifts in the environment around it.  Unlike natural cork, a synthetic one does not expand and contract with the bottle. This can lead to environmental inconsistencies which are detrimental to wine aging. The loos synthetic cork will let in more oxygen than necessary. The worse reaction is that of the alcohol in your wine bottles turning into acetic acid, or vinegar.

Secondly, synthetic corks and screw caps have a great tendency to trap unsavory gases inside the wine bottle. This can completely ruin the wine’s aroma. Take note that some of the reactions that occur within an aging wine result in sulfury gases.  With natural corks, these gases are able to dissipate. That’s not that case with synthetic corks and screw caps. Nothing can be worse than that horrid smell that these gases can produce in your wine.

Lastly, there is that great danger that these synthetic substitutes could leech chemicals into the wine. Studies have shown the unavoidable, harmful effects when plastics are ingested by the human body. You cannot be too careful when it comes to your health. If you want to keep on enjoying wine, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. That being said, the choice is obvious: natural corks are the way to go! ^_^

Visit Vintage Cellars for more insight on this topic.

WCI Wine Cellar Accessories: What Did You Miss Out On?

August 27th, 2018

We’ve been focusing on new racking products such as our latest Steel Rod & Wood series, so it’s time to shift gears for a bit. WCI prides itself in working hard to cover all the bases when it comes to wine cellar construction. That includes wine cellar accents and accessories! So that you won’t miss out on anything, here’s a run-down of the latest additions:

Corian tabletops

Check out our Corian tabletops/countertops!

First up is in our countertops and tabletops section. For those of you who are not aware of this yet, WCI now offers Corian countertops and tabletops. We carry this product in two colors that compliment most of our racking units. But take note that Corian is available in so many other colors that you can order for additional cost. This material is really high quality, particularly when it comes to wine stains. The surface of a Corian tabletop is nonporous, making it stain-resistant. Clean-up work is so easy! Moreover, it is also low-maintenance since gentle sanding can easily cure scratches on a Corian tabletop. It’s definitely becoming a popular custom option with a lot of our wine cellar projects!

Wood Grill Covers and Wood Vents

Discover our decorative Wood Grill Covers and Vents!

Our Lattice Wood Grill Covers are admittedly not that new. But what you might not know is that you can have them match the wood, stain, and finish of your cellar. That’s right! Full-on customization is also offered for this wine cellar accessory. Now you can minimize the visual impact of your ductless split wine cooling system without detracting from your wine cellar theme. LED Ribbon Lighting kitAnd there’s more! We now also offer wood vent covers as well. These are also fully customizable – wood, stain, and finish – just like the wood grill covers.

You’ll love our LED Ribbon Lighting Kit!

Last but not the least, we also launched a new product in the wine cellar lighting section – the LED Ribbon lighting kit. Installation of lighting accessories has never been this convenient. The self-adhesive back with adhesive tape makes for easy handling and application. Even a newbie can install the kit! It’s also super flexible since you can cut and link the strips. You can make the ribbon shorter by cutting every three LEDs along the cutting marks. Talk about hassle-free! What’s more, you’ll love to learn that this kit is very eco-friendly. No batteries are needed and no lead, mercury, UV or IR radiation is involved. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Accessories Worth Investing On

August 22nd, 2018

The word “accessories” can sometimes throw us off into thinking that they’re not that important. But even if they are called wine cellar accessories, they still play an important role in your wine cellar project. There are those that are worth investing on. Why so? Because they complete your wine cellar and can make them look so polished and professional. That’s why you won’t regret spending a little extra on them!

Custom tabletops/countertops

Most formal wine rooms, and even the compact projects, incorporate these tabletops and countertops. A tabletop can bring a lot of advantages to a racking assembly. It provides counter space for drinks preparation. It can also be a terrific spot to display some choice labels and stemware. Coupled with a standard archway, it can also house a beautiful piece of wine cellar art. So instead of going for just a standard tabletop, try shelling out for a customized one. Believe us, it’s all worth it! We recommend the Vintage Wine Barrel tabletop because it’s both unique and eco-friendly. The hand-finished product will be like a work of art, with no two planks that are exactly alike. We also love Corian tabletops! The stain-free material comes in so many colors and details. It will definitely add to your wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal.

Corian tabletops and countertops

Wood Grill Covers and Wood Vents

For wine cellars with a ductless split wine cooling system, investing in Wood Grill Covers comes highly recommended. Here at WCI, we offer lattice grill covers to help minimize the visual impact of the wine cooling system. We can customize the grill covers to match your racking arrangement, giving it a seamless look. The same is true for the Wood Vents. We can match the wood, stain and finish of the wine racking units. You can even request for the sizes of the vents to be customized to suit your wine room’s configurations.

Wood Grill Covers and Wood Vents

Custom Moldings and Center Seam Trim

We always emphasize on the importance of custom moldings in our wine cellar projects. If you explore our photo galleries, you will really see the difference between cellars with these moldings and those without. The racking arrangement flows more smoothly. There are no awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling/flooring. Plus, with the incorporation of the Center Seam Trim, the racking can achieve a built-in look. This is why we really recommend putting on some extra dollars for these wine cellar accessories. ^_^


WCI Inspirations: Accents That Add Elegance To Wine Cellars

February 28th, 2018

Sometimes, all it takes is for one accent piece to bring the elegance factor of a wine cellar project to a whole new level. That’s right! You don’t need to spend a small fortune on several pieces all at one time. And you certainly don’t need to embark on a full-scale renovation. Here are some of our recommended picks for accents that can add elegance to your wine cellar:

Glass Wall Entryways and Glass Panels

Glass entryways and panels

Glass is a very attractive material to work with – this is practically a fact. It has a way of accentuating the beauty of other materials and maximizing their full potential. Glass can be combined with wood, metal, or other materials to create absolutely stunning wine cellar designs. So if you want to fine-tune your wine cellar and amplify its elegance, adding glass accents will get the job done. Our favorite is glass wall entryways and glass panels! If you have a formal wine cellar, invest in glass doors. There are so many beautiful styles and designs, just like these selections on our website. For smaller projects, go for full-on glass panels, such as a glass-enclosed wine cellar closet. If you want something fancier, we recommend going for French Door entryways.

Wine Cellar Archways

Wine Cellar Archways

Wine Cellar Archways can do wonders for your racking assembly. They will work for a wine cellar project of any size. In fact, putting in an archway for a smaller wine cellar will give it the illusion of spaciousness. The best thing about it is that you actually have different options in utilizing the archway. For example, you can use it to frame a piece of wine cellar art.  It can also serve as a place to both store and showcase your stemware. Archways with tabletop option also make a terrific spot for drink preparations. Most importantly, an archway will serve as an anchor or the focal point from which your racking assembly can grow and flourish. Our photo galleries have some fantastic examples of how these archways are incorporated into various wine cellars.

Custom Wine Cellar Moldings

We always talk about wine cellar moldings on the blog. That’s because we really want to emphasize on how essential their role is in a wine cellar project. These moldings are the key to giving your racking arrangement a seamless appearance. They are also instrumental in making your racks wrap and flow around the room sans the awkward gaps. Apart from crown and base moldings, there are also center seam trim moldings to cover “seams” created when you stack your racks. These help achieve a truly elegant appeal for any type of wine cellar. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Smart Wine-Inspired Holiday Gift Ideas

December 6th, 2017

It’a time to get cracking on that holiday shopping list! We’re pretty sure that there’s more than just a few wine lovers on yours. So if you’re still wondering what to get them this season which isn’t just another bottle of wine, we can help you out. Check out some of these smart, wine-inspired holiday gift ideas:

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

This is one type of gift any wine lover will definitely love. The best thing about wall-mounted wine racks is that there are tons of styles available. You can certainly find one that will meet your preference and budget. Here at WCI, we have a healthy selection to choose from, starting with racks from our Modern Wine Cellars section. Most of our metal racking units are wall-mounted, such as the Revue Series, Vintage View Series, and more. But we also have smaller-scaled options such as our Wall Wine Rack Series, Vino Rails, Styx and Pins.

Small Wine Racks

Small Wine Racks

You might also want to wrap up some small wine racking units to put under the tree for your wine loving family members or friends. These racks may be “small” but they have great bottle storage capacity. There are also lots of shapes and styles to choose from. Here at WCI, we have some traditionally designed units from our Mini Stack Series. But we also have unique and contemporary ones that are truly stunning. The Acrylic Racks are one of our newest additions to the small wine racks family. Then, of course, you have very popular Curvy Cubes which can boost your home’s aesthetic charm as well. Let’s not also forget an old favorite: our Stackable Scallop Wine Racks. Your wine-loving giftee is sure to have a very Merry Christmas with any of these!

Wine Cellar Art

Wine Cellar Art

Who won’t be over the moon with receiving a gorgeous piece of artwork? For the certified wino in your holiday gift list, a lovely piece of wine cellar art is in order. Worried about the price? Note that all of our wine cellar painting and murals are hand painted and custom created to each customer’s taste and dimensions. That’s right! You can specify the dimensions as well as customize other elements to make it suit your budget. This will be an absolutely perfect gift, especially for someone starting their wine cellar project.

Want more wine-inspired holiday gift ideas? We have a complete Holiday Gift Guide just for you. Get your shopping done online to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush! ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Delightful Ideas For Wine Party Favors

August 16th, 2017

Planning on throwing the wine party to end all wine parties this summer? Then you’ll definitely have to get your gears running and think of unique wine party favors for your guests. And contrary to popular opinion, unique doesn’t equate to expensive. You can churn out custom favors that your guests will love without straining the budget. Here are some delightful ideas for you to try out:

Custom wine bottle labels

This is perhaps one of the easiest, if not the easiest, party souvenir you can make. You can either have the labels DIY or just have a local art shop design and print out the sticker labels. Just be careful in choosing the type of material you’ll be using to print your labels on. We recommend gloss label stock with a peel-able backing. You can opt to have a clever wine quote printed on the label or just leave the entire thing blank with only the date of your party and a small “thank you” note. Get wild and creative with the designs and impress your guests sans the $$$!

Customize your wine party favors!

Personalized Wine Boxes

Here’s something that’s not too common, as far as wine party favors are concerned. Personalized wine boxes are smart and functional souvenirs that your guests will surely find delightful. You can have personalized messages or quotes laser engraved into wood wine boxes. There are lots of stores, both online and otherwise, selling wood wine boxes. We suggest buying those with a blank canvas so it’ll be easier to customize. You can even choose to do DIY hand-painting on the boxes for a more personal touch.

Wine accessories can be customized as well!

Custom Wine Stoppers/Bottle Stopper Corks

This is a very fun way to make your wine party favors really distinct for your guests. Here’s what you do: first, purchase some plain wine stoppers or bottle stopper corks. It’s important that they should be PLAIN – no frills whatsoever. Next, choose some adorable ornaments, such as those tiny ceramic figurines, those tiny dollhouse accessories your kids love, fashion jewelry/gemstones, and the like. Then get super creative and decorate your stoppers or corks! If you’re not having that many guests over, you can even fully personalize each one to your guest’s taste. You can actually do the same for corkscrews.

Wine-inspired scented candles

Redesigned scented candles

For those of you who have time to spare, this is one souvenir your guests will surely adore. There are two ways to go about it. The “easy” route is to just purchase scented candles and wicks. Utilize old wineglasses for this project. Put the wick in the center, melt the scented candles, and pour into the wineglass. You can also decorate the wineglass to your liking. The other way to do it is to actually make the candles yourself. You’ll need wicks, of course, wax flakes, non-toxic crayons or candle color blocks, and essential oils for the scents. Measure and melt your wax flakes. Then simply melt your crayon or color block along with your wax flakes. Lastly, add the oils, a few drops at a time until your desired scent is achieved. Pour the mixture into your container with the wick at the center and let cool. Voila! DIY scented candles. ^_^


Corian Countertops: This Could Be What Your Wine Cellar Needs!

July 24th, 2017

Looking for unique and good quality material for your wine cellar countertops? There are lots of choices out there, but of course, not all of them fit the “unique and good quality” bill. So here at WCI, we make sure that the options we provide you are all worthy of every dollar you spend. And as far as countertops are concerned, there’s one that we highly recommend for any custom wine cellar project: Corian Countertops.

Corian Countertops

Why Corian Countertops?

Why indeed? We can give you a run-down of all the reasons why. First off, Corian is a solid surface that was invented and patented by Dupont around 30 years ago. This material exhibits solid color and texture all throughout and is non-porous. That means it is stain-resistant and makes for easy clean-up. Now try to imagine having this material in your wine cellar. Your prepping station will definitely be prone to accidental spilling and eventual staining. But with a Corian surface, you can easily eliminate the worry of wine stains.

Second, a Corian countertop is also quite painless to manage in terms of scratching. Like spilling, scratching on a countertop or tabletop cannot always be avoided. It’s especially the case if you will often use this space to prep for your wine tasting parties. With some surfaces, scratching can be very frustrating as the scratches often leave permanent blemishes on the countertop or tabletop. But with a Corian surface, you don’t need to stress out as much. That’s because you can get rid of these scratches just by gently sanding the material. This makes it a very cost-effective product as well.

Third and definitely not the least, a Corian surface is no slouch when it comes to design. At present, there are 97 different colors of Corian to choose from, at an additional but reasonable cost. This affords a great opportunity to really work the material into the desired theme of your wine cellar project. It’s also easy to match it up with the wine racks and other accessories. Just keep in mind that there is an average lead-time for Corian countertop/tabletop orders of 3-4 weeks. If you want this material for your project, we suggest speaking with our experienced consultants beforehand to verify those lead times. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fun Wine Cellar Accents To Try Out

July 5th, 2017

There’s much more to wine cellars than just your wine racks, wine cellar cooling system, and of course, your wine bottles. There are ways to make your wine cellar more attractive, with a few eye-catching pieces here and there. These fun wine cellar accents will also make for great conversation starters at your next tasting party. Here are some of our choice picks you can try out:

Custom ladders and step-stools

Custom ladders and step-stools

Add in something functional, stylish, and custom-made to your wine cellar that won’t break the budget. Our recommendation? A custom ladder or step-stool! For your formal wine room, don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill one. You can have yours personalized with the same wood, stain and finish option as your racks. There are even some ladders that have bent configurations to accommodate awkward layouts in a wine cellar. If you have a relatively smaller space, a step-stool is the way to go.

Wine Tasting Tables

Wine tasting tables come in all shapes, sizes, and designs these days. They add a nice touch of fancy to your wine cellar while serving a number of great uses as well. For example, there are tasting tables that come with additional bottle storage at the bottom. There are also those with storage for glassware and cutlery. Our favorite though, is this simple but classy Wine Barrel Table. The glass tabletop provides space for displaying a favorite label or two or other wine cellar accessories.

Custom Cigar Humidors

Cigar Humidor

Who says only wine racks can be in your wine cellars? You can store other types of liquor as well as other stuff – like cigars. It’s not uncommon for winos to be cigar lovers as well. In reality, it’s quite a popular combination. Enjoying a glass of wine AND a puff of your best cigs after dinner or during the weekend is one of the best stress relievers. So why not have a custom cigar humidor incorporated into your wine cellar project as well? These humidors generally come complete with environmental controls to keep your prized cigars as fresh and in peak taste as your wine bottles.

Have other fun accents and accessories you can think of that will bring the uniqueness factor into a wine cellar? Share them with us in the comments section below! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine-Themed Holiday Gifts

December 7th, 2016

Do you have a lot of wine lovers on your holiday gift list? If you do, then it’s about time to think about other wine-themed holiday gifts apart from that usual bottle of wine. Don’t get us wrong! We can always use another bottle of wine, of course. But it will also be nice to change things up a bit and give wine-loving family and friends some unique wine-themed items instead. Here are a couple of our recommended picks this season:

Wine Bottle Tags or Bottle Leash

Wine Bottle Tags or Bottle Leash

If you have someone on your list with a growing collection, wine bottle tags or bottle leashes (preferably the earthquake-proof ones like the ones from Quake Guardian!) will make an excellent Christmas present. . These wine bottle tags and leashes provide an excellent method for organizing and identifying fine wines. Plus, you can even have the tags customized to make them extra special for your “giftee.”

Wine Label Coasters

Wine Label Coasters

Classy, wine-themed coasters will certainly be a welcome change to the usual bottle of wine you give your wino family members and/or friends. But you can also actually give these together with a bottle of wine if your budget permits! We especially love those that are crafted from solid marble and with cushioned cork backings to prevent scraping on your tables or other furniture.

Unique Wine Racking Units

These days, wine racks are not just made from wood. You have other materials to work with such as metal and even acrylic! WCI carries both and we’ve been getting amazing reviews from clients who have purchased our metal wine racks, wine rails and pegs, as well as the transparent acrylic racks. If you have someone on your list who has a penchant for the contemporary style, these types of wine racking units will definitely be a hit when they unwrap them on Christmas day.

DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit

DIY Wine Rack Assembly Kit

You’d be surprised at how thankful your “giftee” will be once they receive something like this for Christmas. Let’s face it. Putting together a wine racking assembly is not always a straight and narrow road – especially if you’re a newbie. There will be frustrating bumps along the way, but that can be avoided when you use the right tools. A DIY wine rack assembly kit will make any wine racking project go more smoothly and more enjoyable.

WCI actually has a full Holiday Gift Guide to help you out with last-minute holiday shopping decisions. Check out the catalogue today and get in touch with us if you need more tips and details on any product. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Stylish But Practical Wine Cellar Add-Ons

June 29th, 2016

Who wouldn’t want to have both form and function combined in a wine cellar project? It’s something that’s not always easy to achieve but definitely worth working for. Fortunately, these days, there are plenty of stylish but practical wine cellar add-ons you can utilize in just about any wine cellar project. Some may cost you a pretty penny such as a really good piece of wine cellar art, but it’s definitely worth the expense. But there are also others that are totally budget-friendly, it’s criminal NOT to have them. Get inspired by these awesome accents:

Cigar Humidor

The Cigar Humidor

You’d be surprised at how many of these winos out there are cigar collectors as well. Cigar humidors have been around for ages, but incorporating them into your wine cellar might be a novelty. A cigar humidor is not exactly cheap, but we can very well say it’s a practical purchase. Note that it’s not just an ordinary cabinet or storage drawer because it is specially built to automatically heat, cool, dehumidify and humidify your cigars according to changes in the outside environment. It is this ability of the humidor to maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity that will keep your cigars in peak taste – just like your wine bottles.

Wine Cellar Fountains

Fountain & Fountain Accessories

Wine cellar humidifiers come in so many shapes and sizes nowadays. The wine cellar fountains are especially attractive and make for wonderful conversation pieces to boot. But these fountains are not just for show. Keep in mind that the ideal wine storage conditions require the constant maintenance of a temperature range of 55-58 degrees and around 55-75% relative humidity. A standard wine cooling unit might not be enough to accomplish this. Purchasing an indoor fountain humidifier separately or upgrading your wine cooling system with the proper humidification accessories comes highly recommended.

Wine Cellar Archways

Wine Cellar Archways

Wine Cellar Archways are often viewed as an aesthetic addition to a wine cellar project. But they do more than that. Apart from giving your wine racking arrangement that elegant touch, putting in an archway also has several practical purposes. One of these would be stemware and glassware storage. An archway is a fantastic way to incorporate glass racks into your wine cellar to properly store as well as display your choice glassware. Another great role that the archway plays is being the perfect frame for your wine cellar art. Throw in some custom lighting and voila – a truly gorgeous wine cellar set-up. Lastly, it can also provide great counter space when you get an archway with tabletop or countertop combo.

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Equipping Your Home Bar

June 1st, 2016

Home bars are not exactly a new concept – but they sure are gaining ground in terms of popularity. These days, even compact living spaces like condos, apartments, and townhouses are just begging for a home bar. The great thing about it though is because with all the available racking styles and wine cellar accessories being circulated in the market, equipping your home bar has become quite the enjoyable project. Space issues are no longer issues and coming up with a unique home bar design is both challenging and exciting. So here are a couple of tips on creating an uber unique home bar:

Kit Bundles

1. Discover the joy of “Kit Bundles.”

“Kit Bundles” are probably one of the best ways to start building your home bar. A typical kit bundle would include wine racking, stemware storage, and a tabletop space for prepping up your favorite taste teasers. But these days, customization usually comes with the territory, so these kits can be customized here and there to suit your style preferences. For example, you may want to go with bottom displays and/or case storage instead of the standard Diamond Bins. Or, you might want to upgrade to a fancier archway and tabletop option. Whichever way you choose to style your kit bundle, you’d be happy to know that adding in future racking units and other accessories will be a no-brainer.

Custom wine cellar art

2. Pump up elegance with custom wine cellar art.

Since you’re not working on a formal wine cellar project, you can certainly afford to splurge a bit on certain accents that will really pump up the elegance factor in your home bar. A piece of custom wine cellar art comes highly recommended, especially when you’re incorporating an archway into your wine racking arrangement. It will give your home bar that necessary pop of color and it will make a terrific conversation piece as well for your wine and dinner parties.

Custom cabinetry

3. Incorporate some custom cabinetry.

Now you’ll also need to provide storage space for other accessories in your home bar, apart from your wine bottles. We’re talking about your stemware and other glassware, corkscrews, decanters, and so on. So for this purpose, some custom cabinetry is in order. The great thing about getting your cabinets, drawers, and shelves customized in a home bar is that you will be increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home as well. Whether your home bar is situated in the kitchen, dining, or even living area, gorgeous cabinetry with hand-crafted panels or glass doors, custom knobs and pulls, wood borders and onlays, and so on will definitely make a statement. Here’s a bonus tip: try putting in a cigar humidor as well!

We Make It Happen With Custom Tabletops & Cabinets

December 10th, 2014

The little add-ons here and there to your wine racking projects can make so much more of a difference than you think. It’s even more so when you have them custom-made. It’s neither a difficult or unreasonably costly venture, particularly when you’re working with us here at WCI. Watch how we can make that happen with our custom tabletops and cabinets!

Function, design, and so much more!


Let’s talk about custom tabletops design first. A stunning tabletop or countertop surface in your wine cellar will certainly raise its aesthetic levels several notches up. But just because it would look attractive doesn’t always mean it’s practical, right? In fact, it’s the opposite most of the time. So how do you go about creating a balance between eye-catching style and your budget? WCI provides all the answers you need thanks to our pretty varied selection of tabletop and countertop options.

Starting from the material, you get to choose from the following:

Cork Tabletop

Clicking on the link for each one will allow you to further evaluate the specific characteristics of each material. But here are some essential things you’d definitely want to keep in mind about them. First off, they are all cost-effective materials, although some might be even cheaper than the others. Cork, for example, is a rapidly renewable resource and with the abundant supply of this material, it’s so wonderfully easy on the pockets. Second, they are all eco-friendly! Utilizing these materials can lend minimal impact to the environment which is a huge cherry on top of all their other impressive features. Last but not the least, all these materials can be further customized by the client. Chatting with our professional design consultants will give you a better idea on how we can make THAT customization process happen!

Custom Wine Cabinets

Next up are the custom wine cabinets. Don’t be confused with our “custom wine refrigerated cabinets,” though because these are quite different. This is all about the “Custom Cabinetry” section which not everyone might have visited on our website. This section is comprised of all the design essentials you’ll ever need to accentuate your wine cabinets, shelves, and drawers. It’s a menagerie of custom cabinet panel doors, drawers, knobs and pulls, decorative onlays and borders, and more.

Take a quick tour of our photo galleries for inspiring concepts utilizing these awesome add-ons. And don’t forget to chat with our experienced consultants so you can start on your own today, too! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Mahogany Wood Paneling

May 14th, 2014

The infallible Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “complement” as “something that completes something else or makes it better.” When we apply this to wine cellar projects, we’re talking about those little but significant add-ons that can make any assembly really come together – wine cellar accessories.

WCI actually has a very versatile line-up when it comes to these attractive additions to really “complete” your wine cellar, from custom flooring and ceiling options to ladders and step-stools, tables, and more. But what we’re going to talk about in today’s We Make It Happen episode is the this amazing little add-on to your custom cellar construction – our Mahogany Wood Paneling covers.

Why it’s the perfect complement to your racks!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of these Mahogany Wood Paneling covers and what they can really do to your arrangement. First off, the paneling is very versatile as it can be used for both your walls and ceilings. The paneling is 3/8″ thick by 1 5/16″ wide and come in various lengths to create the “tongue-and-groove” appearance that is popular with a lot of our projects. Each box that you purchase will contain enough paneling material to cover 16 sq feet of your wall or floor.

The paneling covers are manufactured from Bintangor Mahogany and usually come unstained. Nonetheless, for a slight upcharge of only $35 per box, you can have the paneling stained with our extensive selection of stain and finish options to have them match your racks. Here are a couple of inspiring examples on how you can utilize the paneling covers to “complement” your wine cellars and give them a little more flair:

Mahogany Wood Paneling
Now here’s some good news that will really get you guys sold on this particular piece of wine cellar accessory. Our Mahogany Wood Paneling covers are currently at a jaw-dropping 65% off for a limited time! That means from the original $179 per box price tag, you can get it at only $62.50. So how’s that for an amazing bargain? Note, however, that this product is on a 3-week back order lead time, so it’s best to get those orders in ASAP. Check here for our current lead times as well as our free shipping and 45-day money back guarantee. See you next week for the next We Make It Happen Wednesday spotlight! ^_^

How To Have More Fun On Thanksgiving!

November 27th, 2013

Two more days to go before Thanksgiving! We’re pretty sure you guys have your food and wine selections for the dinner table all ready to go. But we’ve also come up with some really interesting concepts on how you can have twice the fun on your Thanksgiving wine parties. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a formal or informal set-up. Try squeezing in these cute ideas and give your guests more reason to say “thanks” on this wonderful occasion.

1. One, have a wine tasting game with a twist!

Put out a couple of bottles and have your guests guess the label. Take a leaf out of the very popular Japanese wine manga Kami no Shizuku and ask them to describe the taste by relating the same to memorable experiences in their lives or special people they are reminded of. It’s a great way of recalling great memories or remembering precious moments with family and friends. Plus, put up a nice prize like a bottle of wine or wine basket for the winner.

2. Two, play some wine trivia and do a “taste-do-or-dare.”


How does this work? Simple! Prepare some wine trivia beforehand, like fun and interesting wine facts to get your guests’ intellectual juices flowing. Each correct answer gets a point. The one with the lowest score will do a “taste do-or-dare.” He or she will have to taste the “mystery drink or dish” you’ve prepared. It’ll be tons of fun especially when you unveil what the “secret ingredient” is in your drink or dish (like having just plain water look like an exotic port with food coloring!).

3. Three, have a singing contest with wine gifts up for grabs!

This is particularly fun when it’s an informal set-up with relatives and friends around as your guests. Break out the karaoke set and let them sing their hearts out. But for added fun, throw in a prize, like a WCI gift certificate. It’ll be your way of showing “thanks” for the love and camaraderie you shared with them over the years. Also, it’s a nice way of celebrating your love for wine and wine cellars with fellow wine buddies.

4. Lastly, shower your guests with unique but inexpensive thanksgiving wine gifts!

Generosity is the name of the game during Thanksgiving. Just the mere fact that your guests spared valuable time to spend with you is something to be grateful for. If you’re hosting a small to average-sized party of let’s say 10-15 people, some unique but inexpensive wine gifts to serve as souvenirs of the occasion would double the fun. Some examples would be wine charms, wine bottle tags, or wine label coasters.

There are still lots more ways to have more fun on Thanksgiving. Just never forget that the essence of this celebration is to celebrate the spirit of generosity and reciprocity. Have an awesome Thanksgiving ahead and don’t forget to share your wine stories with us on Twitter or Facebook. ^_^

“Setting” Your Wine Cellars For Thanksgiving

October 7th, 2013

Okay, so we know that’s not exactly grammatically correct since it really should be setting the “table” for Thanksgiving. But because we’re true-blue wine cellar fans, we just can’t do this any other way ^_^. Thanksgiving is just a week away and for sure, those kitchens will be groaning with all the food preparations. Same goes true for your wine cellars! After all, good food should ALWAYS be accompanied with equally good wine. And if you’re planning to really serve those bottles up in style, then it’s time to get those cellars all spruced up.

Start by creating the right atmosphere!

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the feeling of gratefulness for blessings we have received each year. Every little thing that has brought us joy should be thanked. Good health, happy family, financial stability, opportunities for travel, and more. We all have so many things to toast to next week, so it’s even better if our wine cellars exude the right atmosphere for that. WCI offers a sweet selection of accessories and accents that will certainly create the mood you want.

For example, you can give your wine cellar that “season of plenty” aura with our varied collection of beautiful wine cellar art. Paintings and murals depicting vineyards, harvest, and other similar themes are right on the money! Or, you can choose to go for a more vibrant look with Stained Glass art. For those who are all about the vintage charm, Tumbled Stone, Mosaic Art, and Hand-Painted Tiles are perfect choices.

And enhance the right elements in your cellar!

Setting the mood for Thanksgiving is also about enhancing the important elements in your wine cellar, specifically your wine bottles and other specialty drinks. This can be best done by incorporating the proper accents, like custom wine cellar lighting. For example, installing LED Downlights can accentuate your ceilings, archways, and shine the spotlight on your prized vintages. Or, you can also choose to go with a linear LED display lighting if you prefer a more vibrant aura. Fluorescent Slimlites are another great option, particularly if you have etched mirrors, stained glass, or even just lots of glass elements in your cellar.

These are not all! You can also customize other “minor” details for your Thanksgiving wine tasting parties with other wonderful trimmings such as our Wine Bottle Tags and Wine Label Coasters. You can even stock up on Pine Wine Gift Boxes if you’re thinking about doing a bit of early gift-giving ^_^. Since these goodies are at 50% off, your wallet will just LOVE them! So go and set up those wine cellars now for the best Thanksgiving celebration ever!

How To Access Your Wines In Style

September 4th, 2013

Hello, September! We’re totally feeling the fab fall weather coming round the corner. The early mornings are comfortably cool and it does get pretty nippy at sundown. Plus, it’s a visual feast to see all those gorgeous fall foliage in full bloom. It’s also the right and “ripe” time to get your wine cellars into full bloom as well. That means taking into consideration even the so-called smaller details. For example, how do you manage to access your bottles, particularly if you’ve maximized the floor to ceiling configurations of your racking system? Well, we’re going to show you today how you can do that not just in a practical way, but with a stylish flourish, too!

1. Try out WCI’s custom rolling ladders!

wine cellar ladder

Ladders are probably the most common solution for accessing bottles in medium to larger-sized cellars. But think of how tedious it can be having to carry a long, bulky ladder from one section of your wine cellar to the other just to snag a couple of bottles. WCI has seen through that little dilemma and came up with an easy fix: custom rolling ladders. Ours actually come with bottom roller and hook top assembly for ultimate functionality. The bottom roller boasts of a sunburst pattern, cast wheel cover which is uber chic while the hook top assembly allows you to access out-of-reach sections in your cellar, including those with tight corners and curves. Plus, the ladders can be further customized with specific wood choices and stains to match your cellar’s existing interior!

2. Or go for our funky step stools!

wine cellar stool

For smaller-sized wine cellars, rolling ladders may certainly be a bit too much. But we’ve also come up with an answer to that in the form of funky step stools and step ladders. These amazing accessories can let you store or replace your bottles conveniently, even when you’re doing so by the bulk. For example, our Folding Step Ladder can easily handle a weight of up to 250 lbs. So you can lift your wine boxes or crates easily into those bins or shelves. The simple yet sleek design of the stools give off a vintage feel that can mesh with any type of wine cellar design.

3. Lastly, “tag” your bottles properly!

quake guardian

You’ll find that it will be so much easier to locate and secure the bottles you need to pop open for each and every occasion you’re toasting to when your wine cellar is properly organized. One of the best ways to do this is to ‘tag” the bottles in a way that makes each of their information more visible. This is where you’ll find the Quake Guardian Leash an absolute necessity. Your bottle will be secured with a “leash” that actually protects it against earthquakes as well. A tag hangs from the leash where you can place all the information you want to identify your collection by vintage, type, or any other classification you prefer.

Access your collection the stylish way and load up that online shopping cart today! ^_^

How Make Your Wine Cellar More Functional

May 29th, 2013

Wine cellars are said to be the next home icon. Well, it can’t be denied that custom wine cellars are getting more and more stylish as time passes by. There are so many artistic concepts to explore, from the wine racking arrangements down to the furniture and accessories such as the flooring, ceiling designs, moldings, and so much more. Nonetheless, we should never forget that great style should always go with superb functionality. The latter must never be compromised because first and foremost, a wine cellar’s purpose is to properly store one’s collection. Showing it off in a fab way would be the cherry on top. So here are some nice and easy tips to level up on that functionality factor!

1. One, choose furniture that have multi-purpose features.

This is a very good tip to remember especially when you’re trying to save on floor space. For example, instead of just a wine tasting table that will provide space for you to mix up those drinks or prepare some yummy tidbits, try one that has storage space as well. We have quite a selection of these at WCI, including those that can even let you store glassware.

2. Two, pick wine racks which are highly flexible.

Your choice depends a lot on the size of your collection. Nonetheless, even if you have just a minimal collection now, you should also have the necessary foresight to see how far things will go in the near future. So picking racks that will allow you to work in additional storage space later on or those that can let you squeeze in more floor space are recommended. A good example would be WCI’s wine rack kits since you can easily mix and match them up with other racking components. Our new Mini Stack Series is also another practical choice. It’s also wise to utilize those racks that can utilize empty wall spaces, such as our metal wine racks or specifically, our Vintage View Series.

3. Three, put in casters and vinyl bases.

Casters will make it so easy for you to move and switch around your wine racks, particularly if you’re looking to renovate or remodel your wine cellar. As for vinyl bases, they help protect your racks, specifically your collection, from being accidentally kicked or damaged by lifting the racks a good 4 inches off the ground. Of course, casters and vinyl bases are generally recommended for commercial wine establishments ordering our commercial wine racking products. But for residential cellars with really extensive selections, these commercial wine racks can also provide the appropriate storage solutions.

4. Lastly, invest in a custom wine cellar ladder or step-stool.

Unless you just have a one or two-level racking system that’s quite accessible, it’s wise to have a custom ladder or step stool in your cellars. That way, you can also actually ask someone to access that bottle you’ve been wanting to pop open. You don’t need to drag the house ladder from the garage or feel awkward asking the taller one among your guests to grab some bottles. Plus, WCI allows you to customize your ladders and step-stools as well so you can have them in the same wood type as well as with the same stain and finish options as your wine racking system.

Keep in mind that while fab wine cellars are the “in” thing these days, function should still come first! Learn more functional features of the products we have on our online store by subscribing to our mailing list and of course, following our blog every day! ^_^

Increase Your Wine Cellar’s Charm With Custom Wine Cellar Windows

April 15th, 2013

Hey, hey it’s Monday! How’s the start of the workweek going so far, wine cellar lovers? If you’re busy running around all day, then you’ll definitely enjoy spending a little quality downtime  later in the day and reading something  interesting and wine-related – like today’s blog. We’re going to be talking about custom wine cellar windows today and how they can actually amp up the aesthetic appeal of your cellars. WCI has several gorgeous options for you to explore, so let’s get to it!

Delectable designs…


If you haven’t checked out our custom wine cellar windows section in the website yet, then now’s a good time to do so. Basically, there are four main styles you can choose from and you can further personalize them depending on the artistic flavor you have in mind:

What’s great about these custom made windows is that you can also choose one to match your custom wine cellar door. So for example, if you’re having a glass-paneled wine room, you can have windows with custom glass etchings to create unity in the design. Or, if you have relatively plain, standard wooden doors installed, you can add a bit of drama with painted window panes like the Savoie etch/ Salinas Painted Grapes model. Plus, with the right wine cellar lighting accessories, your windows will be significantly enhanced, ultimately creating a more attractive ambiance.

…and quality materials!

It’s best to note that with any product that comes from WCI, it’s not just about the looks. We always make it a point to provide the best quality materials as well. That applies not just to our wine racks and furniture but to all our wine cellar accessories as well, like our doors and windows. In general, we utilize more or less similar materials for our doors and windows: quality wood choices, heavy-duty glass units, and highly durable metal components.

As far as our windows are concerned, WCI uses etched double paned glass units consisting of two 3/16” thick tempered panes with a 3/16” air gap for a 9/16” total thickness. In case the client orders for custom glass etchings, the same are sandblasted. Virtually any kind of design can be reproduced on the panes, from family initials, family crests, vineyard scenes, and even original artwork. Now if the client wants painted glass instead, the inner glass pane can be painted per customer specifications with artwork provided. In the case of a door or sidelight with painted areas, it will be triple paned with the painted piece of glass having paint on both sides and insulated between two plain pieces of glass.

Learn more about these awesome custom options by chatting with a WCI wine cellar design specialist and subscribing to our mailing list today. Also, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page so you can catch the latest wine cellar design trends as well as special discounts on the best of WCI’s products!

Awesome Accoutrements From WCI

March 28th, 2013

Sometimes, we’re so focused on the major elements in our wine cellar projects that we tend to forget the importance of wine cellar accents and accessories. Nonetheless, these little additions can provide both aesthetic and functional benefits in a number of interesting ways. Let’s try to get more up close and personal with them and see what our wine cellars have been missing out. Get those shopping carts ready, too!

Snazzy Wine Tasting Tables


A wine table these days is not just something to offer you space to pour or mix your favorite drinks. You can have a bevy of other uses for the same, including extra bottle storage, glassware display, and even food preparation for your hors d’ oeuvres and other occasion appetizers. WCI actually has a nice selection of eye-catching and space-efficient wine tasting tables crafted from quality materials such as wood and glass. They can be fully customized with our various stain and finish options as well as personalized glass etchings, like so:


Stylish Wine Cellar Ladders

When you’re done racking and stacking your collection, you’ll soon find out that you’ll need to access those bottles in a most efficient manner possible. That’s why you’ll definitely have to think about investing in a quality wine cellar ladder. But it should not just be all about the durability of your ladder. You can also find a way to access your wines in fab fashion with our custom Rolling Ladders.

These ladders come in a variety of select wood choices with Red Oak in Clear Finish being the standard. However, you can also have yours crafted from Birch, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, White Oak, Lyptus, Alder, Walnut and several other wood options for just a slight upcharge. All ladders can’t be lacquered, but you can still dress them up from our extensive stain selections and they also come coated with standard clear finish. Note that each ladder is manufactured with a reinforced bottom step for maximum safety and support.

Gorgeous Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls


Turn your other wine cellar furniture such as your cabinets, drawers, cigar humidor, and locker doors into work of art with these handsomely crafted knobs and pulls. There are plenty of designs to choose from, from antique knobs to romantic and intricate pulls, vintage cabinet locks, and more. You get to customize the hardware with different finishes for a more unique appearance and to match the same with the existing décor in your wine cellar. Check out some of these selections now:

And these are not all! We have lots more custom accents and accessories for both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. Plus, we even sell other practical items such as Brad Nail Gun & Nails package, Wine Bottles Tags, Wine Bottle Leash, and so much more to help you organize your cellars efficiently. Just keep checking our site out or better yet, subscribe to our mailing list for the latest product launches, and hot deals and discounts!