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Technical Tuesday Episode #387: All-Redwood Shines In Blended Stain Option

June 19th, 2018

We can’t sing enough praises for All-Heart Redwood as one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellars. Clear All-Heart Redwood is actually the most expensive part of the Redwood tree. But it’s definitely worth every dollar spent. We’ve featured so many Tech Tuesdays utilizing this wood option, but there are more coming. That’s how popular and worth your money All-Heart Redwood. Today’s project is another living proof of that:

Project # 294608
Wood: Custom / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 666
Where: Atlanta, GA

Blended Stain Option

We’ve been receiving more requests lately for these smaller-sized wine cellar projects. Naturally, most if not all of them, are residential wine cellars. Our team really enjoys designing for small wine rooms because it’s quite challenging. You have to maximize on bottle storage capacity while trying to pull out an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. While focusing on space-efficiency, you must also make sure style is not compromised. So in this particular project, our design team decided to take full advantage of All-Heart Redwood’s outstanding qualities.

As you can see from the snaps below, the racking assembly is very neatly put together. There is room for both individual and bulk bottle storage. The racks are installed in such a way that the entire assembly looks absolutely seamless. But of course, as far as the assembly is concerned, it’s not something people have not seen before. So to make up for the pretty standard design, our team decided to duplicate it. Moreover, the second assembly was made to jut out, giving more character to the layout:

Beautiful All-Heart Redwood wine racks

However, what really made these All-Heart Redwood racks stand out is their color. Notice that the racking units are sporting a uniform dark-colored stain. It gives them such a bold and elegant appeal, don’t you agree? This is all thanks to WCI’s Blended Stain option. That’s right! Blended Stain is a more customized approach to staining and finishing your racks. Even with all the stains and finishes being offered, we realized that there are still clients who’d want something different. There are also those who’d want their racks to be a perfect match with their other furniture.

The Blended Stain option takes care of all these. We are able to give our clients a 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 ratio of our stock stains. For example, you want to go with Classic Mahogany stain with your wine racking units. You can have this stain in the previously quoted ratios. That way, you have more control on how much lighter or darker you’d want the hues on your racks. Since All-Heart Redwood has the ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well, it was a match made in heaven. This Tech Tuesday really shines in our Blended Stain option! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #386: Vintner x Premium Redwood Combo Makes A Comeback

June 12th, 2018

Oldies but goodies, as they would say! Today’s Tech Tuesday showcase is kind of like a throwback to the classic WCI racking combos. These combos have always delivered when it comes to giving quality results. It doesn’t matter how time files or how fast the trends change. Classic combos such as this Vintner x Premium Redwood one can always hold their own:

Project # 289793
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1507
Where: Atlanta, GA

Vintner x Premium Redwood

Simple and classy is the probably the best description for this wine cellar project. The versatility of the Vintner line is wonderfully displayed in this racking assembly. You can see how the various racking styles have been cleverly utilized here. In terms of bottle storage capacity, this cellar can easily host just a little over 1500 bottles. Moreover, it can do so in a nice variation of individual and bulk bottle storage options.

Premium Redwood also makes a comeback as the wood option for all the racking units. Specifically, the client chose to go with unstained Premium Redwood. You can see how the racks are sporting beautiful pinkish-gold hues. This is the natural color of Premium Redwood which is quite attractive. Of course, you can also opt to have your racks stained or finished. Premium Redwood absorbs stains and finishes extremely well. In fact, darker stains and finishes can serve to enhance the grain patterns of the wood.

Unstained Premium Redwood Racks

Now have you guys noticed how seamless the racking arrangement is? The wine racks look like they’re built-in, don’t they? A built-in look can easily be achieved when you’re working with custom wine racks. But in this case, our design team was able to accomplish that as well with the use of just our “kits.” This once again proves just how flexible the Vintner Series is. That’s why it can work with any type of wine cellar project, whether residential or commercial. And speaking of the seamless look, we have Vintner’s finish options to thank for that.

Even if Vintner is just a kit, it carries a great selection of finishes, including crown and base moldings. The latter can be purchased in “packaged sets.” In this Tech Tuesday project, you’ll notice that the assembly also incorporates a Center Seam Trim. These finishes help fill in any awkward gaps from one racking style to the other. They also help rid of the gaps between the racks, flooring and ceiling as well. Indeed, nothing can beat a classic combo when it comes to custom wine cellars! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #385: Vintage Chic Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar

June 5th, 2018
The joyous month of June is here! And what’s the reason for that do you think, wine cellar buddies? What else could it be than SUMMER just being around the corner. But there’s also several other reasons for being in high spirits – such as Tech Tuesday projects like this one:
Project # 305115
Wood: Vintage View / Metal
Bottle Capacity: 468
Where: Sandy Springs, GA

Vintage View Series

This is our first Tech Tuesday for the month of June. It’s a vintage chic number that’s sure to charm it’s way into your hearts. This compact wine cellar project is the epitome of minimalist elegance. For one, it’s a glass-enclosed wine storage with a bottle capacity of around 468 bottles. We are huge fans of glass-enclosed wine cellars because they are so attractive and functional. You can build a glass-enclosed wine storage almost anywhere in your home. It can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home and become the focal pint thereof. And of course, glass can work extremely well with other materials in a wine cellar project, especially metal and wood. In this case, our design team went with metal racking units to create this classic design:

Glass-enclosed wine storage

As you can see from the photos above, this wine cellar doesn’t take up a lot of space, particularly in terms of floor area. Yet, it can store a good few hundred bottles quite comfortably. Naturally, this is all thanks to the Vintage View Series with its wall-mounted wine racking units. Vintage View is one of our more “established” metal wine rack collections. It is quite popular with both residential and commercial wine cellar applications. And if you follow the blog frequently, you will notice that a lot of smaller projects love to utilize these wine racks. That’s because it can provide maximum bottle storage in the most space-efficient manner.

Vintage View wine racks can be installed in two ways: attached to the wall (“wall-mounted”) or displayed floor-to-ceiling. The wall-mounted configuration of the racks allows for proper bottle storage even in tight spaces.They are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. However, the racks can also hold split-sized bottles if you mount them 5.5 inches apart. This alone makes Vintage View highly flexible for any wine cellar size. But in addition, you can also display your racks in a floor-to-ceiling configuration with the help of a Floor-To-Ceiling frame. This will give your wine bottles that “floating” look which is just absolutely stunning. Essentially, these are the standout features of this series:

  • Label-forward wine storage
  • Four different height variations – 1Ft, 2Ft, 3Ft & 4Ft
  • Three different depth variations – Single Deep, Double Deep, & Triple Deep
  • Four different finish options – Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome
  • Wall mounted wine rack or Floor To Ceiling (floating look) mounting

Are you up to owning a vintage chic wine cellar like this one? Get in touch with our experienced design consultants today! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #384: A Vintner x Premium Redwood Stunner

May 29th, 2018

Vintner is wrapping up the month of May in style! Welcome to the last Tech Tuesday episode for this month, wine cellar fans. It’s been a very creative month with a number of inspiring projects. Today, we’re in for one more feature with this Vintner x Premium Redwood stunner:

Project # 298442
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 730
Where: Union, KY

This is a small-scale wine room that was designed to store just a little over 700 bottles. The available space in the client’s home was quite narrow and had to be carefully utilized. However, the client also wanted the wine cellar to reflect a certain rustic charm. Taking all these into consideration, the WCI team came up with this attractive arrangement:

Vintner x Premium Redwood

Check out how the various wood elements came to play in this wine cellar. The flooring is certainly an attention-grabber, don’t you think? We loved how the wooden planks were comprised of varying hues. But while it is one of the focal points of the room, it did not detract from the wine racking arrangement. In fact, look at how the flooring worked so well with the Vintner wine racking units. The racks were crafted from Premium Redwood in an unstained version. The natural pinkish gold shades of Premium Redwood complemented the flooring. In turn, the multi-hued floors served to enhance the uniform tones of the wine racks.

Speaking of the wine racks, notice how the assembly is comfortably tucked into the corner of the room? Thanks to Vintner’s Curved Corner Racks, the limited space was properly maximized. Moreover, see how there is a wonderful variety in bottle storage options with this compact set-up? This is, again, the versatility power of our Vintner Series. Wine Bottle Waterfall racks, Open Diamond Bins, Open Vertical Displays, and the Individual Curved Corner racks came together in a seamless fashion. Naturally, we have the custom curved crown and base moldings, as well as the center seam trim to thank for this as well. Vintner actually carries a healthy selection of molding packages to help complete your wine cellar project. These packages help give your racking assembly a polished, built-in look, just like this Tech Tuesday feature. *Cheers*