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Technical Tuesday Episode #374: Rustic Beauty In Dusty Weathered Stain Option

March 20th, 2018

Happy first day of Spring, Tech Tuesday buddies! So here’s a not-so-secret thing: we’re a huge fan of the “rustic” touch in a wine cellar project. How about you? If you are, then today’s Tech Tuesday project is a must-see. The understated beauty of this fairly large wine room deserves an appreciation post. And that’s just what we’re going to give it today:

Project # 296216
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1586
Where: Mount Pleasant, SC

Rustic Pine wine racks

The well-designed layout of this racking assembly is worthy of high praise. Check out how the racking units and shelving were put together in order to really maximize the available space. This cellar can comfortably host over 1500 bottles and in a good variety of bottle storage options to boot. You can also see how seamless the transition is from the racks to the floors, as well as the ceilings. Here you can really see the advantage of a custom job in a wine cellar project. The entire racking arrangement was customized to fit the space and answer to the design preference of the client. This is why the racking units literally fit like a glove, leaving no awkward gaps or corners:

Beautiful, seamless layout

Now let’s focus a bit more on the wood choice for this project. Rustic Pine makes a grand appearance once again, proving itself worthy to be one of the top wood options for custom wine cellar projects. If you look closely at the countertops, you can tell straightaway that it is indeed Rustic Pine. The telltale signs of the wood are quite visible: the naturally soft, creamy color, subtle streaks and the structurally sound knots. These characteristics of the wood are responsible for creating its “rustic and architectural” charm. But in addition, the wood was stained with a Dusty Weathered Finish. This gave the racks a timeworn look, bringing back memories of old country vineyards.

Dusty Weathered Finish

This last picture is a terrific shot of how Rustic Pine looks in the Dusty Weathered Finish option. Note that a custom topcoat is applied on the wood. The color plays on the grayish-brown hues to complete the weathered appearance of these wine racks. This type of finish works best with Pine, Redwood, and Oak. Rustic Pine, with its inherent ability to absorb almost all kinds of stains and finishes very well, was indeed the perfect choice for this project. If you’re curious as to how other wood options would look with this particular finish, try our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer. All in all, today’s Tech Tuesday checked off all the boxes in our books: quality, style, and space-efficiency. How about in yours? *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #373: Of Vintner, Vintage View & Cork Floor Combos

March 13th, 2018

Hello again, Tech Tuesday fans! The warmer days are finally rolling in. Our weekend was wonderful and we hope so was yours. We’re going to get your week up and running in the most positive fashion, though. We started off with a new product announcement on yesterday’s blog with Eyebrow Arch Doors. Today, we have this very inspiring Tech Tuesday project to share with you all. While it’s mostly a DIY project, it has some awesome technical merits that definitely need recognition:

Project # 255315
Wood: Vintner / Vintage View / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a

Vintner x Vintage View

It’s been quite a while since we discussed a “passive” wine cellar and thanks to today’s Tech Tuesday, we’ll be able to revive that topic. A “passive” wine cellar, by it’s very name, is one which doesn’t rely on a wine cellar cooling system. Instead, it uses ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. For this reason, a passive wine cellar has to be located in a subterranean basement. This is exactly what our client has in their home. Their wine cellar was actually built in 1910. The ceiling height is only about 73” and behind the walls is 4” of closed cell spray foam. Thanks to the vapor barrier, the client didn’t need to install a wine refrigeration system.

Now let’s check out this racking assembly. The Vintner Series was mostly utilized for this project in combination with Vintage View metal wine racking units. Since the ceiling height was only around 73″, the 72” racks look like they were custom-built. But the real credit goes to the Vintner Series and its slew of bottle storage options. The extensive selection of individual and bulk bottle wine racks make it possible to outfit wine cellars of any size. Note that Individual Bottle Storage racks are available in up to 9-feet height configurations. And as a testament to the ease of assembly of the units, the client reported that everything went smoothly with a nail gun.

Passive wine cellar Cork flooring

We are also absolutely loving the flooring on this project. It’s made of cork material, one of the most eco-friendly wine cellar products. Cork is a rapidly renewable resource and a very durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. The cork floor also fire-resistant and thermally and acoustically insulated. WCI carries Cork as an option for custom wine cellar flooring. You can learn more about it here and explore more custom accents for your wine cellar project. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #372: Designer x Vintage View Make Dreams Come True

March 6th, 2018

Having a place for everything in your wine cellar when you’re working with a compact space is quite the achievement. And do forgive us for sounding like we’re patting ourselves on the back on this one. But we have turned out so many successful wine storage solutions over the years, particularly those involving compact spaces. Today marks another success story as a client’s dream wine cellar was brought to life:

Project # 301697
Wood: DKS / Vintage View / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 292
Where: Powell, OH

Gorgeous Designer x Vintage View combo

This absolutely elegant wine cellar is wonderfully deceiving in terms of its size, don’t you agree? From these photos, one would think that this is an ample-sized wine room. But the truth is, our design team worked with a quite narrow area here. In fact, this cellar has a bottle capacity of just under 300 bottles. It falls into the “small wine cellar” category. Nonetheless, thanks to the choice of racking units and the overall layout, it exudes a very spacious appearance:

Midnight Black Stain option

A combination of units from our Designer Series kit and Vintage View Series was utilized for this project. Given the narrow room configurations, it was certainly a smart choice. The Designer Series offers full-depth wine racks in a variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options. The 6-feet height configurations of the racks allows for plenty of bottle storage. And with the recent “add-ons” to the Individual Bottle Columns, one can manipulate the racking heights. With new and improved add-ons, one can purchase extra individual racking to stack on top the basic units. This will allowing the racking assembly to reach another 20 inches high. This includes crown and base moldings that can help give your racking assembly a complete and polished look. Check out the snaps below and see how the Individual Columns fit snugly right up to the ceiling:

As we mentioned earlier, the Designer Series offers a full selection of wood, stains and finishes. While being the more affordable kit option, it still enables clients to personalize the style of their wine cellar. In this case, the client went with a bold Midnight Stain option. You can see how the racks create a stark contrast against the lighter colored flooring and walls.  With the addition of the glass doors and panels, the darker-hued wine racks really stand out. It was the client’s wish to own a wine room that sports a clean and elegant appeal. We couldn’t be happier to prove to them that with WCI’s help, wine cellar dreams do come true. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #371: Curves And Corners In All The Right Places

February 27th, 2018

What would you consider as an “ideal” wine cellar layout? For us, we’d want it to have seamless flow to the racking assembly. We also want it to have ample bottle storage in a variety of bottle storage options. That means it can accommodate both individual and bulk bottles. Lastly, we’d also want the wine cellar to look spacious and have a natural symmetry with the rest of the room. And it seems like today’s Tech Tuesday project ticks off all those boxes:

Project # 298696
Wood: Custom / Vintner / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1391
Where: Ronkonkoma, NY

Seamless racking assembly

This beautiful racking arrangement really deserves the spotlight on the blog this week. It’s a combination of custom racking units and some pieces from our Vintner Series wine racks kit. This is a medium-sized cellar with a healthy storage capacity of nearly 1400 bottles. But as you can see from the images, the racks are perfectly laid out making the wine room look bigger than it actually is. The Curved Corner racks are instrumental in helping achieve this smooth transition. Notice how the assembly flows and wraps around the sharp corners of the room. To bolster the seamless appearance, custom base and toe kick moldings and center seam trim were incorporated. These diminished the awkward gaps between the racking units, as well as between the racks and the flooring. The base and toe kick moldings served to elevate the racking assembly and gave the Quarter Round Displays a wonderful floating look:

Curved Corner Racking

Now let’s check out the racking styles in this project. The variety in bottle storage options here needs to be properly highlighted. Apart from the Individual Bottle Columns, there are also those with Display Rows. There are also Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim and Vertical Display Shelves for bulk bottles, wine boxes and crates. You can also see another Vertical Wine Display Cabinet smack in the center of the racking assembly (left picture). But that’s not just any display cabinet! It’s actually a Hidden Door with Built In Solid Vertical Wine Display Cabinet.

From the front, this secret hidden wine cellar door looks like it’s just part of the racking assembly. It’s all thanks to the identical wood option used, which in this case, is All-Heart Redwood. The racks are all unstained which also kept their appearance uniform. Of course, if you want it stained and finished, you will still be able to achieve the same built-in effect. Also worthy of note are the door hinges. These are not visible. There is no handle and it is flush with other single-deep wine racking units. All in all, this project certainly has all its curves and corners in the right places! *Cheers*