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Technical Tuesday Episode #547: Why You Can’t Go Wrong W/ Black Accents

October 26th, 2021

Considering Halloween will be here in a few days, this Tech Tuesday is right on the money. Black and orange are the staples when it comes to Halloween hues. But this stunner shows us why you can’t go wrong with darker accents in your wine cellars, too:

Project # 323220
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2764
Where: Richardson, TX
Stain: Midnight Black

You can’t go wrong w/ black accents!Our clients from Richardson, TX didn’t spare any expense for their wine cellar project. They went for custom wine racks to outfit this spacious room. A lot of Solid Diamond Cubes were used in the layout, together with Curved Corner Racks. This was such an ingenious way of combining different racking styles. The outcome is really eye-catching, thanks to the seamless transition between the units.

Lovely black metal trim on glass panelsSpeaking of eye-catching, take note at how understated the design elements in this project are. Yet, the wine cellar exudes a bold and luxurious charm. The not-so-secret answer lies in the accents: specifically, the darker themed wine cellar decor. First up is the Midnight Black Stain option chosen for the wine racks. The jet black color is quite different from traditional woodworking finishes. It lends the wood a contemporary appeal – minimalistic, yet striking. Some are a bit hesitant to go with this stain option as it might take away the “old country charm” of a wine cellar. But that is clearly not the case. It’s all about knowing when and how to use these bolder colors. You can see from this project that the elegance factor is accentuated, not diminished.

Spacious and sleek wine roomNext up are the glass panels. Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a glass-enclosed layout. But in this case, our team went a step further. They designed the glass wall with black metal trim. The result is a gorgeous statement of separation and transparency. We love how it gives a sort of industrial touch to the wine cellar. The metal framing adds a fanciful touch to the otherwise plain glass entryway. You can also see how it works extremely well with the lighting accessories. Needless to say, we just adore today’s Tech Tuesday feature. How about you – is it a hit or a miss in your books? Comment below and share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #546: A Medley Of Custom Racking Styles

October 19th, 2021

There’s nothing we love more than a versatile racking assembly. That’s why today’s Tech Tuesday is really one for the books. The medley of custom racking styles in this project is indeed praiseworthy. Let’s take a closer look:

Project # 315465
Wood: Custom / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 916
Where: Cartersville, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

A medley of racking styles!We can see from these photos that this wine cellar made very good use of individual and bulk bottle storage units. The high reveal displays are especially eye-catching, combined with the LED lighting elements. Notice that the layout incorporated Open Diamond Bins and Rectangular Shelves for bulk storage. That means clients can also keep wine crates and boxes in their cellar.

Fun Quarter Round ShelvingNow let’s check out the photos above. Apart from the wine racks, this assembly is also outfitted with a full-height Quarter Round Shelf. Quarter Round Shelves are perfect for capping off racking assemblies. They will give your wine cellar a flawless finish. But more importantly, they provide additional space for storage and display. You can showcase your best labels, as well as choice stemware. Naturally, you can also utilize the shelves to display other accessories. Also, see how crown and base moldings were appended to the racking setup. This comes highly recommended if you want your wine cellar to have a seamless and professional look.

Dark Walnut stain & All-Heart Redwood

Clients decided on an All-Heart Redwood x Dark Walnut combo for the wine racks. This is a classic partnership that we’ve seen in so many projects. But it doesn’t give a run-of-the-mill result. Every wine cellar with this wood and stain combo has its own charm to be proud of. That’s why if you’re unsure of the color palette for your project, this is a good option. So is this medley of custom racking styles right up your alley? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them in the comments below. You can also check out our photo gallery for more amazing Tech Tuesday features. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #545: Unbeatable Hues Of All-Heart Redwood

October 12th, 2021

There are some things in this world that are naturally beautiful. You don’t need to do a lot to make their innate beauty shine. Case in point: All-Heart Redwood. It is one of the most desirable wood options for wine cellar projects because of its unbeatable features. Not by any coincidence, today’s Tech Tuesday showcases a charming racking assembly using this wood:

Project # 317214
Wood: Vintner / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Valhalla, NY
Stain: Light

Unbeatable features of All-Heart Redwood!This residential wine room is a pretty spacious one. Clients have been steadily growing their collection and wanted a racking layout that can also accommodate future acquisitions. Our design team tapped into the Vintner Series for the racking units. Since Vintner is so versatile, the wine room was equipped with storage for both individual and bull bottles. This definitely pleased the clients who anticipated purchasing certain labels in bulk. But functionality aside, the more eye-catching feature of this project is really the wood choice for the racks. With the help of our team, clients went with the All-Heart Redwood wood option. The results after the wine room was finished left the clients completely satisfied. All-Heart Redwood in its unstained state is a visual delight of reddish gold hues. The colors are uniform since the wood comes from the center of the log. This consistency, plus the it being a clear grade of wood, amounts to a higher end price tag. Nonetheless, it is an excellent investment.

Only Light Stain is needed to emphasize the wood’s colorsApart from its appearance, All-Heart Redwood is also top tier when it comes to durability. It is the most resistant to moisture, mildew and rot among all North American wood species. Note that it was used in subterranean wine cellars before mechanically climate controlled cellars were invented. All-Heart Redwood also displays high resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking. That means wine racks using this wood option will grow more beautiful with age.

Unbeatable natural hues of All-Heart Redwood!Last but not the least, this wood absorbs stains and finishes extremely well. But thanks to its inherently stunning colors, even simple stains will make your wine racks look incredible. In this project, the racks are dressed up in just a Light Stain option. It gives the wine room that “traditional” vibe which is really classy. Truly, the pros of using All-Heart Redwood in your wine cellar are unbeatable! *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #543: Exquisite Custom Cabinets In Grand Mahogany

September 27th, 2021

We love wine cabinets just as much as we love wine cellars. And when you get a chance to design an exquisite project like this, you’ll love it even more:

Project # 306881
Wood: Custom / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1154
Where: Atlanta, GA
Stain: Custom

Exquisite custom cabinets

Wine Cabinets

For those who are skeptical about embarking on a wine cellar project, don’t stress out just yet. Keep an open mind because there are other options out there. This Tech Tuesday feature might be the inspiration you need. Check out the stunning details  of the custom wine cabinets. Everything was done according to the clients’ specifications, from the racking units down to the stain option. The racks were customized to ensure a perfect fit and maximize bottle storage capacity:

Grand Mahogany racks in custom stainAs you can see from these photos, the cabinets were built along the empty wall space in clients’ home. Note that much like wine cellars, you can do anything you want with custom refrigerated wine cabinets. You can select the wood, racking styles, moldings, stains and finishes and more to your heart’s content. In clients’ case, they wanted a bit of a rustic touch in the lighting accents. Thus, these pendant lights were chosen for this project. They also wanted to match the cabinet colors with their flooring. The tile floors are in beautiful gray ombré tones. The clients and design team decided on a more solid shade for the cabinets. To accomplish this, the stains and finishes were also customized.

Exquisite pendant lightingHere at WCI, we have a pretty extensive selection of stain and finish options. In fact, the list is still growing with Mocha Stain as the newest addition. But if you want something completely custom, we have the ability to do that as well. Our Blended Stain option was created for that purpose. This stain is exactly as its namesake. WCI can blend any of our current stains together to create fully custom options for clients. We can even take a custom match and match it up. So if you want exquisite hues like these Tech Tuesday cabinets, we can make that happen! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #542: Never Too Small W/Custom Racking

September 20th, 2021

We’ve been binge-watching the Never Too Small series on Youtube and it did not disappoint! The video channel focuses on small footprint design and living. It features award-winning designers and their ingenious projects. Most of these are residential spaces such as micro-apartments and studios. This is certainly right up our alley as WCI caters to all types of wine storage needs. That includes compact wine cellars which have been increasing in demand as of late. Today’s Tech Tuesday is yet another small wine cellar trophy on our plate:

Project # 330526
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 427
Where: Shaker Heights, OH
Stain: Midnight Black

Never too small with custom racking!It is true that creative use of space and clever design concepts can transform the way we live. Applying that to wine cellars, it can shape the way we approach wine collecting. That’s why it is essential to carefully look into your bottle storage needs. How far are you willing to go as a collector? What is the frequency of your wine consumption? What sizes of wine bottles do you have and what else are you planning to acquire? Getting insight into these details will help you to better equip your space.

Beautiful Midnight Black Stain optionNaturally, seeking the guidance of experienced wine cellar consultants will get you there. Our clients worked closely with our team and the result is a dream come true. Custom racking units were chosen to maximize the narrow floor area. Clients had a good number of larger-sized bottles in their collection. That was taken into account during the planning stages of the layout. You can see from the photos below that there are shelves for magnums and other larger-format bottles:

Custom racks and shelvingClients had a growing collection, but they were also big consumers. So our team also recommended some Open Diamond Cubes. These are perfect for bulk bottle storage. Loose wine bottles can be easily stocked and removed for consumption from these racks. Also, thanks to smart design planning, there was even enough room for an archway with tabletop:

Lovely archway w/ tabletopGiving the wine room a seamless appearance was important as well. So crown and base moldings were incorporated to eliminate awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and flooring. This made the  compact cellar look tidy and spacious. Indeed, it’s never too small when you use your space creatively! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #540: Beverly Hills Wine Cellar In Vintner Racks

September 7th, 2021

Beverly Hills is the home of glitz and glamor. You have to keep up with the latest trends or you’ll feel left out. The lifestyle, in general, is focused on luxurious activities. Obviously, that includes culinary experiences. People love to wine and dine and as such, need wine storage in their homes. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday is one of them. They commissioned our team for this classy wine cellar:

Project # 331406
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1310
Where: Beverly Hills, CA
Stain: Classic Mahogany

The Vintner Series is once again the star of the show here. With the varied racking styles available, this elegant layout was achieved. The room was utilized to fullest, thanks to the flexibility of the units. As you can see from the photos, bottle storage capacity is really maximized. Individual Bottle Columns were  installed, along with Rectangular Bins. This gives the cellar lots of storage for both individual and bulk bottles, including wine boxes and crates. There is also room for larger format bottles, courtesy of the Magnum Wine Racks. Note that while Vintner is part of our “kits” collection, it still carries custom amenities. Hence, wine bottles are cradled on customized rails. These rails were carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges. That means your labels will not tear when the bottles are removed or replaced.

The deep, reddish gold hues of the wine racks are also a standout feature of this project. The clients chose Classic Mahogany stain for the Premium Redwood racking. This is a timeless wood and stain combo that one can never go wrong with. Again, it’s worth mentioning that with Vintner, you are still afforded a bevy of options. That extends to your choice of wood, stains and finishes. We recommend checking out our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer. This online tool will help you achieve the look or theme that you really want for your wine cellar. So if you want elegance with a touch of Beverly Hills luxe, you can achieve it. Our clients certainly did!  *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #539: A Rustic But Luxe Appeal W/ Rustic Pine

August 31st, 2021

Can rustic elements in a wine cellar still give it a luxe appeal? We say YES! Case in point: today’s absolutely stunning Tech Tuesday project. This is quite the eye-candy and highlights all the good things about the Rustic Pine wood option:

Project # 337872
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1579
Where: Atlanta, GA
Stain: Unstained

First off, let’s talk about the decor and color palette. Our clients wanted their wine room to have a warm atmosphere. So you can see how that’s achieved here with the blend of brown, golden brown, and creamy hues. We love the choice for the wine cellar entryway, with the barn door inspired design. The herringbone floors are also a lovely touch, adding character to the room.

Now let’s talk about the wine racks. As we mentioned earlier, the “rustic” charm is what this project is going for. But the clients also wanted their  wine cellar to be pristine. So our professional consultants recommended going the custom route. This allowed for the racking assembly to be perfectly  fitted to the space. This was indeed a good decision since you can see how seamless the layout is. This elevated that old-country vibe to one that has a luxe appeal as well.

This last photo really captures the beauty of the Rustic Pine wood choice. Note that the racks are unstained which means you’re seeing the natural colors of the wood. Rustic Pine’s beast feature is its soft creamy color combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. That is why this wood is sought after when a rustic architectural appearance is desired. It offers the best value by price per bottle space among all our wood options. This is because the supply is huge all throughout North America. But aesthetic is not the only thing Rustic Pine can offer. It is also highly durable and resistant to rot, mold and mildew. Plus, while it is attractive unstained, the wood also absorbs almost all types of stains and finishes extremely well. *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #538: Display Your Goodies With Vino Pins

August 24th, 2021

There are lots of creative ways to display your wine goodies. It’s not always about building a wine cellar, especially if you’re not ready for it. Our clients are giving us some real eye-candy in this Tech Tuesday project. See how they showcase their collection with the help of Vino Pins:

Project #295226
Series:Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: N/A

Display your wine goodies with Vino Pins!The Vino Pins are part of the Vintage View series, one of the pioneers of our metal wine racks catalog. These wall-mount units certainly deserve more love because they have so much to offer. Let’s go over the amazing features of these wine rack pegs. First off, the Vino Rails are able to mount directly to any wall surface. There are proprietary anchor systems needed per the assembly manual. But installation is easy and doesn’t require any DIY experience at all. Note that this is the only metal wine rack peg system that can mount direct to drywall, masonry or wood. You don’t even need a backer board! Second, let’s talk about the design aspect. The Vino Pins offer a stylish and minimalist approach to wine storage. You can utilize them for both private and commercial collections of any size. As for finishes, there are five beautiful ones to choose from. Take your pick from Milled Aluminum, Anodized Black, Golden Bronze, Gloss Black, and Gunmetal.

Elegant glass-enclosed displayLast but definitely not the least, there’s the space-efficiency factor. Keep in mind that you can install them anywhere in your home. You certainly don’t need a wine room to display your goodies. Need more bottle storage? The optional Vino Pins Extensions (VP-X) allow for transformation (now or later) to two- and three-deep bottle configurations. That simply means you can grow your storage space with your wine collection. Also note that our clients wisely chose to display their collection in glass-enclosed layout. This amplified the elegance of the display and made it seem more spacious. It is a visual treat that is affordable to boot! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #537: Lovely & Luxe With Midnight Black Stain

August 17th, 2021

Bold colors are usually associated with luxury. But can they make wine cellars look lovely as well? Well, this Tech Tuesday might have the answer to that. The rich hues on the wine racks certainly don’t intimidate. In fact, they make the wine room very appealing. Let’s check out the finer details and what WCI products were utilized to achieve this result:

Project #295226
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 775
Stain: Midnight Black 

Lovely & luxe in Midnight Black StainNow if you are a faithful follower of our blog, you’ll be able to tell straight away what stain was used on these racks. This is our Midnight Black Stain option. This stain has been growing in popularity, mostly with contemporary themed wine cellar projects. But it also being gradually incorporated into more traditional styles. The contrast between this jet black stain and subdued lines of classic racking arrangements works quite well. You can definitely see it in this Tech Tuesday project:

Midnight Black Stain on custom rackingThe racking units are all customized to fit the room and ensure maximum bottle capacity. You can see that there is good variety in racking styles. The cellar can accommodate individual and bulk bottles comfortably. We also love the addition of the archway with tabletop. The layout is pretty straightforward, sticking to clean, effortless silhouettes. This became the perfect canvass for a deep colored stain like Midnight Black. But notice that this does not overpower the lighter hues of the flooring and ceiling. It does the opposite, enhancing them and making the different colored bottle caps pop out. A good balance between form and function is present here. You can also see how the “traditional” charm is still prominent in this wine room. This is something that really resonated with the clients. They wanted a classic design, but also craved for bolder colors. Our design professionals worked with clients to bring about the desired result. This lovely and luxe wine cellar delivered just that! *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #536: Elegance Personified With Premium Redwood

August 10th, 2021

You don’t need to do anything unusual to bring elegance to your wine cellar. In fact, this is best achieved when you stick to the “basics.” If you are unsure of what these basics are, this Tech is what today’s Tech Tuesday will show you. This project is elegance personified, thanks to Premium Redwood:

Project # 331455
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 775
Where: Sandy Springs, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Elegance personified in Premium RedwoodOne of the most important things to keep in mind is that quality materials are really a worthwhile investment. We cannot emphasize this enough, particularly when it comes to your wine racks. Longevity is key because you want your wine cellar to age gracefully together with your collection. That’s why you should choose your wood with care. There are wood options that can strike the right balance between quality and affordability. This is what our clients discovered when they went with Premium Redwood.

Great use of racking styles!There are several good reasons why Premium Redwood is one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellars. It is a clear grade of wood, meaning it has no knots. It is also no slouch when it comes to durability and resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking. Moreover, it includes wood from all part of the log. Thus, Premium Redwood colors range in beautiful shades from pinkish white to reddish brown.

Dark Walnut stain on racks is elegance personifiedThis brings us to the next pro tip in achieving that classy profile for your wine cellar. It’s also all about the choice of stains and finishes. This Tech Tuesday in particular shows us how its done. Since Premium Redwood is a light colored wood, it was dressed up in Dark Walnut stain. This stain is highly popular because it lends a rich, luxe appearance to the wood. It deepens almost all shades of wood, even more so with those of lighter hues. Some prefer to add lacquer finish on top of the stain. This is also a great option. Lacquer will give the racks a glossy finish that is indeed elegance personified.

Compact but spacious wine room!Here is a peek at the wine room from the outside. See how it is actually not that large? But because of the seamless transition of the racking assembly, it looks and feels spacious. This is another basic tip to enhance that elegance factor. Give your wine racks that clean, seamless silhouette. Utilize accessories that can make a difference, such as center seam trim and crown and base moldings.. *Cheers*

Clients Delight In Their Old World Wine Cellar Design

August 5th, 2021

A wine room that celebrates old world elements is definitely a project worth undertaking. Our client Phillip is very much on board with this. He sent us some marvelous photos of their completed wine cellar. It showcases beautiful traditional details with the help of custom WCI racking units:

Old world charm detailsSo a bit of a history lesson is in order here. As wine cellar enthusiasts, let’s keep in mind that wine storage began in the underground caves of Europe. The caves provided ideal conditions for wines to age at a graceful pace. Over time, these conditions became the standard for modern wine cellars. The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. That’s why basement wine cellars still come highly recommended. This is because you don’t need to invest on a heavy duty wine cellar cooling unit. It is more convenient to achieve ideal wine storage conditions at subterranean levels.

Lovely stone arches in the wine roomNow when it comes to design, you don’t need to build in the basement to achieve old world wine cellar charm. A “wine cave” can very well be realized  anywhere in your home. All it takes is knowing what materials to use. In this case, natural elements like stone, wood and arches are key. You will notice how arches were built all throughout the wine room. They served to frame the custom wine racks. Going custom was a really smart decision on clients’ part. See how the racking assemblies fit seamlessly into the arches. Bottle storage capacity is also maximized in the process. Here is a pro tip in case you are working with a limited budget though: check out WCI wine rack kits. Our kits are what you may call the “affordable route.” But some kits like the Vintner and WineMaker Series are very flexible to work with. The configurations can be manipulated to an extent to also achieve a “built-in” look. Accessories like moldings and trim are also available to get a seamless silhouette.

Arched glass French Door

This last photo of the cellar entryway also deserves attention. We like that they chose an arched French Door for the wine room. It is so elegant and ties up really well with the old world theme clients wanted. ^_^

“Everything turned out great!”

~ Phillip S.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #535: Revisiting Classics W/ Premium Redwood x Dark Walnut

August 3rd, 2021

The classics never die and very much so with wine cellars. While modern wine cellar designs have been increasingly popular, the traditional look has never been cancelled. The reason is simple. You can’t go wrong when sticking to this kind of style. So here’s us revisiting the classics with today’s wine cellar spotlight:

Project # 326893
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1188
Where: Acworth, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Revisiting the classics with Premium RedwoodFrom the racking assembly down to the flooring, this wine room reeks of elegance. The wine racks are assembled in a seamless layout, really putting the space to good use. We applaud the decision of clients to go with the glass panel doors. They definitely add to the graceful lines of the project.

Elegant Dark Walnut stainNow let’s talk about the wine racks and how they stand out in this wine cellar. Premium Redwood is the wood of choice, dressed in Dark Walnut Stain. We couldn’t have asked for a better combination. Premium Redwood is a light-colored hardwood and adapts to stains and finishes extremely well. The wood is clear – with no knots in place. Since it includes wood from all part of the log, the natural colors are softer. These range from white to pink to red and reddish brown. In fact, some people prefer Premium over All-Heart Redwood owing to the variety in colors.

Loving the tasting center!As earlier mentioned, the racks are stained in Dark Walnut. This lends a much bolder hue to the units, but the overall effect is more traditional. Note that Dark Walnut is a deep, golden-brown stain. It serves to deepen almost all shades of wood, particularly light colored ones. See how the racking assembly sports a luxe appeal without being intimidating:

Revisiting the classics with traditional racking layoutOf course, there is little to complain about the types of wine racks in this project. There is a very satisfactory mix of individual and bulk bottle storage. We also like the addition of the custom coutnertops and cabinets. This wine cellar has all the elements down pat, including revisiting that traditional charm. If you are unsure which direction to go with your wine cellar design, go the classic route. You can never go wrong with it! *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #534: Designer X Revue Series Collaboration

July 27th, 2021

Wood and metal wine rack combinations are gaining so much popularity as time goes by. That’s why WCI strives to provide as many options as we can to our clients. Today’s Tech Tuesday project is a showcase of two of our best products. Let’s check out this wonderful collaboration between the Designer and Revue Series:

Project # 331483
Wood: Designer / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 392
Where: Franklin, OH
Stain: Midnight Black

Collaboration between Designer and Revue SeriesThis glass-enclosed wine storage is a fine example of “simplicity is beauty.” The right elements came to play in this project, especially with the racking assembly. The focal point is the tasting center from the Designer Series with a double row of case storage. This allows for bulk storage, particularly for wine bins, crates and boxes. Note that even if these are wine rack “kits,” you are still afforded a variety of wood and stain options. Clients went with Premium Redwood in Midnight Black Stain for their tasting center. This is a great wood x stain collaboration as the bold hues really stand out:

Beautiful glass-enclosed designAccompanying the Designer Series are metal wine racks from the Revue Series. The wall-mount units are instrumental in increasing the bottle storage capacity of this compact room. And this is accomplished without taking up any floor space. That is certainly one of the goals you aim for when working with small wine storage. You don’t want it to feel cramped while providing maximum bottle capacity. It definitely helps that these metal wine racks come in single, double and triple deep options. A Revue wall-mount unit holds 12 bottles in the single depth format. Purchasing in double, or triple depth will expand your bottle storage considerably.

As far as wine cellar design goes, this project also checks off all the boxes. The layout is clean and the choice of materials is responsible for the classy appeal. The Satin Black finish on the metal racks complement the bold Midnight Black Stain on the tasting center. All in all, this is a Tech Tuesday done just the way we like it. Did it make the cut with you guys as well? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below! *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #532: Cutest Wine Storage In Opaque White Stain

July 13th, 2021

Hurray for small wine storage projects! We’ve been getting a ton of them this summer and we are simply thrilled. That means our products are catering to even the most minimum of wine storage needs. Today’s Tech Tuesday is a lovely example. Check out the cutest racking assembly we’ve had for this season:

Project #332774
Wood: WineMaker / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Stain: Opaque White

Like they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” That applies to wine storage projects as well. Clients did not see the need for a formal wine room in their home. But they did see the need for proper storage for their bottles. They certainly love their wine, even if they are not big into collecting yet. But as consumers, they do accumulate a fair number of bottles. So they latched onto the perfect solution with WCI’s WineMaker Series:
Cutest wine storage in Opaque White StainThe WineMaker Series is comprised of narrow depth wine racks. That makes this series one of the most affordable in the WCI catalog. Manufacturing cost is kept at bay because less material is being used. But quality is not compromised at all. You will find that WineMaker racks are created with excellent craftsmanship involved. Square cut rails keep the bottles secure. The selection of woods include the top choices for custom wine cellars. In other words, these racks are tailor made for compact spaces and/or entry-level wine cellars.

WineMaker in Opaque White StainNow let’s talk about the feature that really stands out here: the stain option. Clients chose the cutest one from the vast selection offered by WCI. Opaque White Stain is a very attractive stain that is not transparent. Unlike Whitewash, you will not be able to see through the grain on the wood. The white color is a beautiful solid finish, as can be seen from the photos. The wine storage stands out, but also enhances the decor in the room. We also like how the bottles seem to pop out of the racks. This is the result of the shallow depth of the WineMaker units. But it’s also emphasized even more thanks to the Opaque White Stain. It may be small, but this racking assembly is definitely memorable! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #531: Smart Choices W/ Premium Redwood

July 6th, 2021

Here’s a classic question for you wine cellar fans out there: what kind of wood would you choose for your wine racks? It seems like a simple question, but it actually requires a lot of thought to arrive at a smart choice. After all, there are so many types of wood out there. What would be your foremost priorities? Would price be a big factor in your decision? Are you after a certain appearance for your wine racks? These are valid concerns and that’s why it’s important to look into the details. Today’s Tech Tuesday shows us a great example of how knowing your wood will yield the best results:

Project # 323940
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2094
Where: Walla Walla, WA
Stain: Unstained

Smart choices with Premium Redwood!Clients’ robust wine collection called tor a wine cellar that can accommodate a few thousand bottles. So they opted to go the custom route. Our design team equipped the room with wall to wall racking. See how the wine racks were installed from floor to ceiling, really maximizing the space. This layout frees up a of floor area so the room doesn’t look cramped even with clients’ large collection.

Now let’s talk about the wood option. After consultations with our team, clients went for Premium Redwood for their racks. Premium Redwood is indeed a smart move, whether it’s a small or large project. There is absolutely no question when it comes to quality. It is durable, highly resilient, and it is a clear grade of wood. That means it has no knots. But quality aside, there are also those who go for Premium Redwood because of the variety of colors. Note that it includes wood from all parts of the log. That means you get a range of beautiful hues, from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Let’s also not forget that Redwood in general is probably the most eco-friendly wood option out there. WCI Redwood, in particular, is SFI-certified. With SFI certification, customers are assured that the Redwood they buy has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. For its price, there is no doubt Premium Redwood gets you your money’s worth – and more! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #530: Wine Storage Console W/ Revue Racks

June 29th, 2021

A custom wine storage console is the absolute “in” thing this 2021! The appeal is very understandable. They can be made to suit any space in the home. But they can also be customized to accommodate larger collections in a commercial setup. Today’s Tech Tuesday features a metal x wood combination in a gorgeous glass-encased design:

Project #320049
Series: Custom/Revue Series
Bottle Capacity: 385
Where: N/A

Custom wine storage consoleWe can totally see why clients were so excited to unveil their wine storage console. It was tailored to fit perfectly in the dining area. You can see how seamless the assembly is, particularly between the floor and ceiling. There are no awkward gaps anywhere. Moreover, we like how it serves as a sort of divider, sectioning off the dining room. As can be gleaned from the photos, the bottles are displayed in a beautiful “floating” fashion. This is thanks to the Revue Wall Series:

Wine storage console with Revue SeriesThe Revue Wall Series is composed of wall-mounted wine racks that showcase your bottles in a label-forward manner. The units come in 3-foot and 4-foot options which can be stacked to expand your wine storage. They also come in different depth variations: single, double, and triple deep. This makes it possible to maximize bottle capacity even in a compact space. But while the original design of the racks is for wall-mounting purposes, you can also opt for a floor-to-ceiling layout. This is the configuration that allows for that dramatic, “floating” appearance. This is also the layout that clients chose for their wine storage console:

Beautiful wine storage consoleThere is no big secret to achieving this. All you need to do is purchase a Floor to Ceiling Frame. The frame will make your bottles look like their suspended midair while keeping them completely secure. Note that just like the metal wine racks, the frame also comes in two finishes. Choose from either Silver or Satin Black finish to complete your racking assembly. In clients’ case, they went for the sleek Satin Black Finish. It works well with the glass and wood elements, giving the wine console a bit of a modern touch. *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #529: A Plethora Of Racking Styles

June 22nd, 2021

Versatility is the name of the game here at WCI. Our products were created with the purpose of answering to any and all wine storage needs. That’s why there is a plethora of racking styles offered to clients. But that’s not all that our “versatility” stands for. It’s also about how our wine racks and accessories can be mixed and matched to form endless design possibilities:

Project # 311880
Wood: Premium Redwood

Series: Vintage View / Vintner /Custom
Bottle Capacity: 384
Where: Chicago, IL
Stain: Midnight Black

A plethora of wine racking stylesToday’s Tech Tuesday is a lesson in simplicity and functionality. We definitely need more of these kinds of projects, to be honest! Clients’ compact but well laid out wine cellar is really worth showcasing. It’s a terrific example of how you can combine various racking styles in a small space. You can see the clever use of wall-mount metal units to maximize on bottle storage. The Vintage View Series was the racking of choice here. But take note that there are also other collections you can try out. We recommend checking out the Revue and Ultra Wall collections.

Metal x Wood wine racking combosAs earlier mentioned, WCI is home to a plethora of racking designs. So while this wine cellar is quite simple, it actually boasts of several racking combinations. The wood wine racks are a mix of our custom creations and wine rack kits. In particular, our team went with the Vintner Series for the kits and tied the units up with some customized ones. This would explain why the wood wine storage console is a perfect fit in the space. Notice as well how standard Individual Bottle Columns were prioritized in the racking arrangement. This makes for a pretty generous bottle storage capacity despite the compact space. To complement the Satin Black finish of the metal racks, the wood ones are stained in Midnight Black Stain. The bold hues are in stark contrast with the white walls and make the racks really stand out. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #528: Your Wine Room’s “Wow” Moment

June 15th, 2021

Want to give your wine room that much needed “wow” moment? Today’s Tech Tuesday feature can show you how it’s done. We are blown away by how eye-candy this wine cellar project is. There’s no big secret to it. It’s just all about balancing out the design elements and using quality materials:

Project # 321250
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 3144
Where: N/A

Your wine room’s “wow” moment!So let’s go ahead and check the details of this project. What is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at these photos? For us, it’s definitely the wine tasting island smack at the center of the room. This is actually a customized creation, just like the rest of the racking assembly. Notice how there are individual and bulk bottle storage units incorporated into the island. Apart from the Open Diamond Cubes with Solid Face Trim, there are also individual bottle racks on both ends:

Custom wine tasting islandThis gives us a terrific tip when it comes to giving that “wow” moment. A wine tasting table – or island in clients’ case, can elevate the aesthetic appeal of a wine room. It goes without saying that it also adds more functionality to the cellar. You get a generous space for wine and food prep and lots of extra bottle storage. If you have the space for it, this is an accessory you really should consider. It will never be a wasted investment, especially if you choose the right materials. In clients’ case, they went with Premium Redwood which is a two thumbs-up. Premium Redwood is not only top notch in quality, it is also a frontrunner when it comes to appearance. In fact, some prefer it over All-Heart Redwood because of its lighter pinkish gold to reddish gold hues.

“Wow” moment with this wine tasting islandNow here’s the thing with these tasting tables and islands – you don’t need to go custom if you don’t have the budget for it. WCI’s wine rack kits also carry them, notably Vintner and Designer. They are affordably priced and you still have the ability to customize your wood and stain options. *Cheers*

Clients Find Their Happiness In WCI Custom Racking

June 3rd, 2021

Finding our little pockets of happiness is truly important, especially since the world is still taking baby steps toward pandemic recovery. Fortunately, for wine lovers, they can find joy in small and simple things. Take the case of our clients who found their happiness in this custom wine storage:

Clients find happiness in custom wine storageProjects like this stunning racking assembly consistently show why small spaces are not a hindrance to providing proper storage for your wines. We can see from these photos that clients were working with a quite narrow room. They were able to transform it and even found a place to house their collection. They cleverly chose to go with custom wine racks in order to create the right fit for their space. We love how the setup also allowed for a countertop and extra storage at the bottom. The “sliding barn door” inspired shelving is definitely an eye-catching feature:

Custom sliding barn door inspired shelvingWith the help of our professional design experts, clients were able to maximize bottle capacity. This racking assembly can easily host several dozen standard-sized bottles, as well as some larger-format ones. Notice that there is an Open Diamond Cube built below the countertop. This is perfect for keeping those loose bottles. There is even glassware storage as well. This just shows that when you go custom, the design possibilities are endless. But you might also be thinking about the price tag on this beautiful project. Don’t let that scare you! Keep in mind that here at WCI, our goal is to provide both products and services that will suit our client’s budget. That’s why we design from the smallest wine closet up to the largest wine room. We have a plethora of options for our custom series that we build your large or small wine cellar designs out of. Our priority will always be finding that balance between the client’s goals and their budget. That’s why we also carry products like our wine rack kits. You will find that our kits are top-notch in quality as well. So while there is a need to compromise on cost, there is absolutely no need to compromise on quality. ^_^

Happy clients loving their wine room


“Our wine racks are really great!”

~ Michelle L.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #527: Glass Enclosed Commercial Wine Storage

June 1st, 2021

Joyful June greetings, wine cellar pals! This is the month where fun in the sun will really start to kick off. Can you smell summer around the corner? We sure can! Best thing about it this year is that things are slowly but surely starting to get better. We can enjoy our wine both indoors and outdoors while still keeping safe. Wine establishments, bars, and restaurants are also getting busier, like today’s Tech Tuesday client. They invested in this stunning glass enclosed wine storage and we’re here to give you guys all the deets:

Project # 316640
Wood: Custom / Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 3144

Glass enclosed wine storageThere’s nothing like wining and dining while being able to ogle what else? More wine! This is exactly our client’s goal when they commissioned for this glass enclosed creation. The attractive display of their collection will whet their wine-loving patrons’ appetite. At the same time, it will also augment the establishment’s aesthetic appeal.

Stunning glass enclosed wine displayThe clients worked with the WCI professional design team to come up with this classic glass x metal wine storage combo. Metal racking units were indeed a smart choice as they really complement the glass elements. In particular, the Vintage View metal wine racks were chosen for this project. Vintage View has been features countless times in the WCI blog. But the versatility of the product is just incredible. Browse through our photo galleries and you will definitely see what we mean. Each project is wonderfully unique, particularly with the way the Vintage View racks are utilized. Naturally, the telltale features are always present. One, the bottles are securely stored in a label-forward fashion. Two, the racks are either wall-mounted or displayed in a floor-to-ceiling layout. Three, the racks have generous bottle storage capacity as they come in single, double, and triple deep options.

Our clients’ happy patrons!Now as far as the glass enclosed design is concerned, clients went for the classic, frameless style. This certainly suits the vibe of the restaurant and allows for the wines to be put on full display. But keep in mind that you can also play around with other design concepts. That is the great thing with a glass enclosed wine storage. It is very flexible and you can have fun experimenting with it. One of our favorites is adding black metal trim to the glass. This lends it a more modern feel. Another would be to accentuate it with bold LED lighting accessories. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #526: Designer Series Kits Make A Comeback

May 25th, 2021

It’s the last Tech Tuesday for the merry month of May, wine cellar folks! We’re halfway through 2021 and they days are getting warmer. The great outdoors has never been more inviting. Naturally, so are the wine tasting opportunities. We’re also finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic. So we can kick it back and relax with a glass of wine and just be patient for a little bit more. Thankfully, these Tech Tuesday projects are here to inspire us and help us envision our own wine cellar projects. Today, we’re seeing a Designer Series kits comeback in this charming wine room:

Project # 300247
Wood: DKS / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 679
Where: Evanston, IL
Stain: Dark Walnut

Designer wine rack kits make a comebackOur wine rack kits are indeed highly popular. But some collections, like the Designer Series, can be quite the underdog. So we’re only too happy to have this opportunity to shine the spotlight on it. All the units for this racking assembly are from the Designer Series. That means these are all full depth wine racks. Designer is best know for full depth wine racks in 6 and 8 feet height configurations. But the series also carries a few tricks up its sleeve to let you play around with it. With new and improved add-ons on the kits, the racks have become more flexible. Customers now have the ability to add extra individual racking to stack on top of the standard kits. This allows a generous height boost of about 20 inches to the racking arrangement.

Full depth racks with the Designer kitsBut that’s not all. You also still have the option to put in crown and base moldings. We highly recommend this to remove any awkward gaps between your racks and the flooring and/or ceiling. This is actually the well-known “secret” to achieving that professional, seamless look for your wine cellar. Now take note that the Designer kits start from the 1-column units. You can extend your racking arrangement, from one to five columns, then add on the extensions. In case of uneven spaces, Curved Corner options are available to help navigate them. Lastly, we’ve incorporated high reveal display rows into the kits. These will enable you to fully showcase your favorite wine bottles. *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #525: Cable Racking Coolness

May 18th, 2021

Hey there, wine cellar fans! Are you guys ready for some cable racking coolness today? This Tech Tuesday is bringing us some awesome contemporary vibes and we’re all for it. Let’s swoop in for a better look on all the details:

Project # 321348
Wood: Custom / Metal
Bottle Capacity: 192
Where: Northville, MICable racking system coolnessSo here’s something we love to see more of: the wood x metal racking combinations. We like it when clients go outside of the “safe” zone when it comes to their wine cellar design. Indeed, you can’t go wrong when you take the “traditional” route. But mixing up design materials definitely has its perks. One of those is how it will elevate the uniqueness of your wine cellar. This Tech Tuesday is a terrific example of that. Our team wanted to maximize bottle storage capacity in this compact space, while giving it a contemporary appeal. The cable racking system certainly delivered in both aspects. So what is the cable wine system? This flexible and functional racking arrangement, as you can see from the photos, can work in any space. The wine bottles look like they’re “suspended”, securely held by stainless steel platforms. This makes it perfect for high humidity environments. But what’s fantastic about this system is that there is a lot of customization options as well. You can go with the default metal material or exchange it for wood. Naturally, you get a healthy range of wood options as well. If you’re up to something even fancier, we also offer acrylic platforms for that truly whimsical look.

Check out this cable racking coolness! In terms of flexibility, the cable racking system accommodate a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. That means you can store other types of liquor as well and not just wine. For someone who wants to grow a versatile collection, this racking arrangement is the solution you’re looking for. Plus, the space-efficiency feature bumps up the coolness factor even more. You can see from the photos how functional the layout is. And of course, keep in mind that this racking system is crafted from high end components. That means you get quality wine racks that will last for years and years to come! *Cheers*


Technical Tuesday Episode #524: Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar Glory

May 11th, 2021

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – you can never go wrong with a glass-enclosed wine cellar. We’ve seen wine storage projects in all shapes and sizes. The one thing we’ve always noticed that the glass element really amplifies the elegance factor in them. Today’s Tech Tuesday is living proof of that, in all its glass-enclosed glory:

Project # 322921
Wood: Custom / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2457
Where: Pilot Point, TX
Stain: Dark Walnut

Glass-enclosed wine cellar gloryOur clients from Pilot Point, TX commissioned us for this very sizeable project. Our team was only too happy to jump in and design the perfect wine cellar for them. They have this super spacious room in their home that they wanted us to transform into a wine cellar that can host their collection. Clients also intimated that they preferred a simple yet classy layout. So our team recommended one of the most timeless combinations: All-Heart Redwood x Dark Walnut.

Loving the spaciousness of this wine room!The racking assembly itself is quite impeccable seeing that everything is customized. You can see just how well the space has been utilized to maximize bottle storage capacity. There is a good variety of racking styles to accommodate both individual and bulk bottles. There are also racks and shelving specifically for larger format bottles, wine boxes and crates. As far racking goes, this wine cellar is truly versatile. But of course, that’s not all that it has to offer! Check out the generous countertops accompanying the archway. This will give the clients tons of space for drinks prep, as well as a place to put some munchies. Imagine how enjoyable some wine downtime would be in this room:

All-Heart Redwood x Dark Walnut gloryThis brings us now to the piece de resistance that ties up all the elements in this project: the glass panels. Clients opted for a simple glass wall which really enhanced the rich colors and lighting accents. The result is a wine room all its elegant glory. But if you want to add a little more drama to your room’s style, we also recommend incorporating metal trim. A glass wall with black metal trim will stand out in a unique way. If plain black won’t work with your theme, try brushed nickel, copper, or satin black. Now if you’re feeling even fancier, why not try painted or glass etchings. You can totally customize the design to your liking. Decorative applications, when tastefully done, can do wonders to even the simplest wine cellars. Take inspiration from our photo galleries and get as creative as you can! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #523: Must-Haves For A Classy Wine Room

May 4th, 2021

Who doesn’t want a classy wine room? If you have both the space and budget to blow, you’d definitely want a wine room that’s made of all the good stuff. And by that, we mean quality and aesthetically pleasing elements. So what are these must-haves to achieve that classy charm? Today’s Tech Tuesday will show us the ropes:

Project # 312838
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 579
Where: Delray Beach, FL
Stain: Dark Walnut

Must-haves for a classy wine roomNothing can beat clean and seamless silhouettes when you want your wine room to reek of class. Our clients were very much aware of that when they decided to go the custom route with their wine racks. Customizing their wine racks meant the space was fully utilized without making any compromises. You can see that the bottle storage capacity of the room is maximized. There is also a nice variety of racking styles. But the layout does not in any way looked cramped or messy. Props to the clever use of crown and base moldings and Center Seam Trim on the racking assembly! These tiny details spelled the difference between “plain” and classy.

Seamless and clean layoutOne of the other must-haves to exude that timeless look is the wood option. This project went with Premium Redwood for the racks and shelving. Premium Redwood is a superior hardwood both in terms of quality and appearance. Just like Clear All-Heart Redwood, it is highly resistant to shrinking, warping, and checking. It is a very durable, clear grade of wood. Unstained, it showcases eye-catching  colors ranging from white to pink to red and reddish brown. But the wood also absorbs stains and finishes beautifully. That brings us to the last must-have for your classy wine room!

Tasteful color palette is a must!A well thought-out color palette for your wine cellar project will bring character and elegance to it. This Tech Tuesday is living proof of that. The racks were stained with Dark Walnut stain option. The stain is composed of a beautiful golden-brown color. It deepens almost all shades of wood. But it becomes even more prominent with lighter hued woods like Premium Redwood. The result is a rich and luxurious palette that is the epitome of class. *Cheers*

Loving the stunning entryway!a

Technical Tuesday Episode #522: Reasons To Own Wine Lockers

April 27th, 2021

Last Tech Tuesday of the month of April, wine folks!  Let’s make this an educational post, courtesy of our clients from Suwanee, GA. Today we’ll be giving you some very solid reasons why you should own some WCI wine lockers:

Project # 322544
Wood: CDR / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 240
Where: Suwanee, GA
Stain: Midnight Black

Reasons to own wine lockers!We’ve talked about wine lockers lots of times on our blogs. They may not be as popular as some racking styles, but they are really worth shelling out for. Most people seem to view them as more suitable for commercial wine cellar applications. But that’s not the case at all. These wine lockers can be utilized in both commercial and residential wine cellar projects. It actually comes highly recommended particularly for those with larger collections.

A lot of WCI’s request for these wine lockers come from places such as wine stores, country clubs, restaurants, bars, and public storage areas. But over the years, a growing number of clients also wanted to own them for their homes. One of the biggest reasons why the lockers became essential is because of the level of security they offer. You can keep your prized labels under the safety of a lock and key. While this was obviously the case for public storage areas, such use was also later on appreciated for residential wine storage.

Second, the wine lockers offer a wonderful variety of options for customization. First up is with the locks themselves. You can have locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one single key. Note that the lockers come in different levels of storage. You can start from the one level wine locker that you can use anywhere or stack it to achieve the desired height configuration. We offer up to five levels of storage, as you can see from the clients’ photos of their assembled lockers. Then you also get to select from a number of door panel options. There’s the metal lattice for open air circulation. You can also have elegant, see-through glass panels. The final two choices are flat or raised wood panels.

Last but not the least, the wine lockers are simply amazing when it comes to organizing your wine. You can add label plates and customize these as well! Choose from an array of fonts and finishes to make the lockers truly your own. For mobility purposes, you can also choose to add casters. That makes convenient to move the lockers around if needed. *Cheers*