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Technical Tuesday Episode #408: Standout Elegance In Dark Walnut Stain

November 13th, 2018

We’ve always been a fan of clean and crisp lines and solid hues in wine cellar projects. That’s why today’s Tech Tuesday is right up our alley. This beautiful custom wine cellar exhibits standout elegance and certainly worth sharing. Let’s take a visual tour to properly appreciate it:

Project # 310359
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1410
Where: Canton, GA

At first glance, you can immediately see that this wine cellar is professionally made. The racking assembly covers the entire perimeter of the room in a very smooth manner. As the expression goes, there’s “not a hair out of place” in this project. We can attribute the smooth transition of the racks to their top-notch manufacturing quality. But there are also a few gems that were instrumental in making this all come together. The first one would be the custom crown and base moldings. We cannot emphasize enough how essential they are in making the racking arrangement look really polished. These moldings help close those awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and flooring. Plus, since they can be customized, they can work with the curved corner racking units as well:

The second accessory that helped creating this elegant assembly is the stain option used on the racks. Unstained Premium Redwood sports a naturally attractive color. But stains and finishes are key in order to achieve a specific type of look or theme for your wine cellar. In this case, the client wanted a simple but bold silhouette. So our design team wisely chose a Dark Walnut Stain for the racks. Since Premium Redwood has beautiful grain patterns, these show up very well against darker colored stains. Dark Walnut is a deep golden-brown stain that deepens almost all shades of wood. You can check out more swatches for this stain option, as well as for other finishes with our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer.

Another accessory that can contribute to a flawless layout is the Center Seam Trim. This a custom amenity that has been incorporated into some of our wine rack kits. The Vintner Series is one of these. With the Center Seam Trim, your racking assembly will look even more perfect. That’s because this accessory helps in removing gaps between racking units when you stack them. It’s especially useful when you’re utilizing racks from different series, or a combination of custom and “kits.” This project doesn’t use any center seam trim, but check out our photo galleries for those that do! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #407: Elegance Unrivaled With Vintage View X Rustic Pine

November 6th, 2018

Hey there, November! Only one month more to go before the Christmas holidays are here. That’s why now is the best time to really get going on that holiday shopping list. Now is also one of the best times to start planning out your wine cellar project. Keep in mind that the Christmas holidays come with awesome sales and deep discounts. And that certainly includes wine racks, wine decor, accessories, and more. So how about we get that motivation going with this stunning Tech Tuesday feature. It’s elegance unrivaled with the help of our Vintage View Series:

Project # 302175
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 752
Where: Centennial, CO

Stain: Midnight Black

It’s not a secret that we are obsessed with glass-enclosed wine cellar concepts. There are just so many ways to design unique wine storage with the help of glass wall entryways. Glass in itself is a highly attractive material to work with. It can work with other materials and enhance their inherent beauty like no other. That’s why when you mix and match wood, metal, stone, or other materials with glass, the design combinations are almost limitless. This is also one of the primary reasons why a glass-enclosed wine cellar is very popular. It’s timeless appeal can satisfy any discerning wine collector. Moreover, you can construct it anywhere in your living space and it immediately becomes the focal point. For these reasons and perhaps a little bit more, our client was all for this glass-enclosed project:

While it is not a novel combination, the Vintage View Series x glass entryways is certainly an infallible one. One cannot go wrong utilizing this combo because it checks off all the boxes. First off, it is  space-efficient as you can see from the photos of this completed wine storage. Vintage View racking units are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But you can also adjust the configurations by mounting them 5.5 inches apart to accommodate split-sized bottles. Moreover, while the racks are designed to be wall-mounted, there’s another way of installing them. For the client’s wine cellar, most of the racks were assembled in a floor-to-ceiling fashion. This was accomplished with the assistance of a Floor to Ceiling Frame (which you can purchase separately).

Secondly, these metal racks come in different height and depth variations. That means they can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes, as well as ceiling heights. Lastly, the minimalist design of the racks will work with any wine cellar theme. They come in four different finish options – Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome. So whether you want a traditional or contemporary theme, or a combination of both, Vintage View in a glass-enclosed entryway can bring it. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #406: Glenville Wine Cellars Debuts Steel & Wood Series

October 30th, 2018

This may be the last Tech Tuesday episode for October, but we daresay it’s one of our best ones. A couple of months ago, we launched a new addition to our modern wine cellars collection: the Steel Rod and Wood series. Today, we’re fortunate enough to have this Tech Tuesday project showcasing the series:

Project # 294873
Wood: Custom/Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1205
Where: Glenville Wine Cellars, NC

The Steel Rod and Wood Series

Our client Glenville Wine Cellars wanted a clean and minimalist design for their wine storage. But they also wanted the wine cellar to retain some traditional touches. The Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series provided for the perfect solution to this design request. As you can see from the pictures of the completed arrangement, the racking units combine wood and steel elements. This combination is the latest trend in modern wine cellars. The stainless steel rods are the epitome of understated elegance. Paired with the wood frames, the racking assembly still exudes a traditional appeal.

Cork-forward and label-forward storage

As far as bottle storage is concerned, this series is definitely one of our most space-efficient ones. Check out the generous capacity this project has. It can store up to a little 1200 bottles and in a number of ways to boot. You can see that the racking units allow for the standard cork-forward storage. But just by adjusting the configurations, the racks can accommodate label-forward storage as well. You can actually see it in the very first picture above. Moreover, you can also choose to showcase your collection by making the racks act as display rows.

Stunning unstained Grand Mahogany

Apart from the fantastic flexibility of the Steel Rod and Wood series, it also comes loaded with custom options. You can select from any of the four top wood choices for the wood frames: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, or Grand Mahogany. Our client went for Grand Mahogany which sports a beautiful, uniformed color. You can see here from a closer look at the racks the consistency in the pinkish brown hues. This is the wood’s natural color, the client going for the unstained version. Nonetheless, you can choose to have your racks stained and finished to suit your style preference. WCI offers a bevy of stain and finish options, as well as lacquer, for this series. You can easily match your own racking assembly with other racking accessories, or with the room’s existing decor. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #405: Savvy Storage With Commercial Wine Racks

October 23rd, 2018

With the holidays fast approaching, wine establishments should be prepared for those big holiday rushes. It’s not just about the wine merchandise, but one should also be ready to accommodate additional stocks. Moreover, you should also take into account  That means making sure that your racking arrangement will allow for convenient wine shopping for your customers. Now if you’re looking for inspiration, today’s Tech Tuesday might be able to spark that! This savvy storage set-up with WCI’s commercial wine racks is definitely on-point:

Project # 211063
Wood: Custom / CDR 
Bottle Capacity: 3864
Where: Florence, SC

Wine Display Islands

As you can see from these snaps, the store has really maximized on its available space. The racks were chosen with great care so as to accommodate a wide range of wine merchandise. The Island Display Racks and Wine Merchandisers were strategically located in the center of the store. This allows for the display of the store’s most popular, as well as newest labels. Customers will find it easier to locate the labels they want to purchase. This makes perfect sense when the holidays draw near since everyone will be in a mad rush to complete their shopping. These display rows on the island displays and merchandisers were incorporated specifically for that purpose – visibility. That’s why placing them in high traffic areas is highly recommended to stimulate wine sales.

Wine Merchandisers

Both island and displays and merchandisers can also be equipped with sign caddies. You can choose from the standard sign caddy or one with glass insert. Price tracks are also available and can be purchased separately. These accessories will greatly help in organizing the store’s merchandise. Naturally, it will also make shopping less stressful for customers, particularly those who are rushing to make a purchase. For this reason, we also highly recommend adding a Vinyl Base to your commercial racking units. Our client here was smart enough to do so! The vinyl covered base platform raises the racking unit off the ground by a good 4 inches. It will keep the merchandise safe from accidental kicking or other injury, especially during peak store hours. Moreover, it will also make for an easy clean-up.

Dark Walnut Stain option

Talking about custom commercial racking, note that custom options extend to the stain and finish options as well. Our four top wood options are available for all these units: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. As for the stains and finishes, this also includes lacquer. Our client chose Dark Walnut Stain for these islands and merchandisers. It certainly complemented the wine store’s flooring and existing decor. *Cheers*