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Technical Tuesday Episode #400: Multi-Combo Racking In Premium Redwood

September 18th, 2018

What’s better than combining racks from two different series? A multi-combo racking, of course! And guess what, Tech Tuesday buddies? That’s exactly what we have in store for you today. Let’s get to know the deets on this elegant multi-combo project for a client in North Hollywood, CA:

Project # 307689
Series: Custom / Vintner / DKS
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 476
Where: North Hollywood, CA

Vintner and Designer Series with custom racking

We’ve featured projects that mix and match our wine racks lots of times on the blog. But today’s feature utilizes not just two, but three different racking series. Our design team put together this seamless racking assembly by combining units from our Vintner and Designer Series wine rack kits, as well as some custom pieces. It was a smart decision since as can be gleaned from the images, this is a pretty compact space they had to work with. The floor area is a tad narrow, but the ceiling height is quite good.

In order to maximize the limited space, the racks from WCI’s “kits” were augmented by custom units. So in the image below, you’ll notice that there is a nice variety in storage options to accommodate both individual and bulk bottle storage. There are standard Individual Bottle Columns, Solid Diamond Cubes with Face Trim, and Rectangular Bins for wine boxes and/or loose bottles. Also, take note that there are actually two Individual Tasting Centers incorporated in this assembly. That means there’s also glass racks to accommodate the client’s stemware. All in all, this wine cellar has covered all the bases, storage-wise.

Two Individual Tasting Centers

Now let’s talk about the add-ons that served to give this project a really completed look. The wood choice for all the racks is Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut stain. By keeping the wood and stain option uniform, symmetry and balance are maintained in this racking arrangement. Various racking series may have been used, but everything fit together perfectly. We also have the crown and base moldings to thank for that. As we have emphasized in a number of projects, these moldings help remove gaps between the racks and flooring, as well as the ceilings. And along with the Center Seam Trim, they create a seamless and professional appearance for your wine cellar.

Last but definitely not the least, by using multi-combo racking, it helps bring the cost down. That’s because a good number of the racks used are from the “kits” and not custom-made. We highly recommend checking out our Racking Comparison to get a good grasp on the cost per bottle of kits as against custom units. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save by going the multi-combo racking route! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #399: Rediscovering The Natural Beauty Of Rustic Pine Racks

September 11th, 2018

Happy Tech Tuesday, everyone! It has cooled down significantly these last few days – so we know what that means. Summer is coming to an end and the gorgeous Fall season is fast approaching. Fall is all about appreciating the beauty of Nature as it enters into another transformation. And in line with this theme of appreciation of natural beauty, we bring you today’s Tech Tuesday feature:

Project # 310322
Wood: Vintner / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Madeira, OH

Rustic Pine wine racks

Today, we rediscover the natural beauty of Rustic Pine in these racking units for our client in Madeira, OH. The Diamond Bin wine racks with Face Trim are from our Vintner Series wine rack kits. Take note that with Vintner, you get the greatest variety of designs, along with extensive wood, stain and finish options. This allows the client a good amount of leg room to work within a desired budget. In this particular project, the cost was kept within budget, without compromising on quality. Hence, the wood choice: Rustic Pine.

Rustic Pine has consistently made the list of the top four wood options for custom wine cellar projects. It is a beautiful specie of hardwood, characterized by soft, creamy colors. But what really distinguishes the wood is its subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. These give the wood that rustic architectural appearance, sought after by a lot of wine cellar enthusiasts. But Rustic Pine is more than just a pretty face. It’s strongest feature is actually its affordability. This wood offers the best value by price per bottle space, owing to the fact that the supply is huge. Pine grows throughout North America and represents a huge quantity of the overall wood produced. Because Rustic Pine is a grade that includes knots, it can give a bigger yield at lower cost compared to a clear grade of wood.
And the list of impressive features doesn’t end there. You will find that this wood also lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes. It is particularly suited for weather finishes. This is where the intergrain matter is stripped down to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades. In general, Rustic Pine absorbs and retains all types of finishes very well. But the gorgeous grain patterns of the wood become more enhanced with darker colored stains and finishes. However, if you want to showcase the natural, creamy colors of the wood, the unstained version is the way to go. Our client went for this one and the racking units look crisp, clean, and elegant. *Cheers*

Unstained Rustic Pine Diamond Bins

Technical Tuesday Episode #398: The Right Fit With Premium Redwood Wine Racks

September 4th, 2018

We always love showcasing wine cellar projects that make good use of empty spaces. Today’s Tech Tuesday is a classic example of that. It’s an inspiring illustration of how custom racking can really maximize any available space in the home. See how our team achieved the right fit with the help of custom wine racks.

Project # 301849
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1334
Where: New York, NY

Premium Redwood wine racks

The separate racking assemblies that were installed in this wine room gave tons of bottle storage to the client. This project can actually hold a total of over 1300 bottles. That makes it a generous, medium-sized cellar. Custom units were used to achieve this much storage capacity. That’s why it is highly recommended to choose custom racks when you want to have clean lines and achieve the style you want.

The variety in racking designs is another great feature of this project. There is a nice combination of indvidual and bulk bottle storage, including shelving for wine boxes and bins. Accessories such as the standard archway, countertop, & lighting complete the set-up.
Dark Walnut Stain option

Here we can see in the second snap the racking units up close. They are dressed up in rich Dark Walnut Stain with lacquer. The effect is a glossy finish that is really quite elegant and eye-catching. Of course, this is all thanks to the wood option as well.

Premium Redwood was chosen for this project and we definitely approve. Not only is it an eco-friendly choice, but it is also very durable and resilient. It’s hailed as one of the top wood options for custom wine cellar projects beacuse of its impressive characteristics. Moreover, the almos uniform grain patterns of the wood show up beautifully against dark colored stains and finishes.

Almost all the racking collections here at WCI are available in this wood option. Clients are usually pleased to learn that Premium Redwood is actually a reasonably priced product compared to other popular hardwoods. For a clear grade of wood, it offers pretty good value. That’s why there are so many WCI Tech Tuesdays and DIYs that utilize it. Explore our photo gallery for a bevy of wine cellar creations using Premium Redwood racks. You will love the design concepts and creativity on each one! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #397: Classy Contemporary Charm With Vintage View

August 28th, 2018

There are no two ways about it – our metal wine racks are certainly dominating the wine cellar scene this month. August is coming to a close and it’s saying adieu with yet another eye-catching project using metal racking units. Check out the classy contemporary charm of this wine room outfitted with our Vintage View Series:

Project # 292874
Wood: Vintage View / Metal
Bottle Capacity: 315
Where: Loveland, OH

Vintage View in Chrome Plated finish

Understated elegance is always a thing of beauty. You can never go wrong with clean, crisp lines and a sleek, finished look. Fortunately, these are the things that our Vintage View Series metal wine racks can deliver without fail. The appeal of this series is not just in its easy-to-navigate, wall-mount configuration. The display systems also exude a modern vibe that is quite refreshing. You don’t need to do much to achieve a professional look for your wine cellar project. All you actually have to do is install the racks!

As you can see from the photos, the racks occupy most of the wall space. But everything also looks so generously spaced out. When the bottles are stored, it will certainly look well-organized and not cramped. It’s all thanks to the flexibility of these metal racking units. Take note that they are originally designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. However, with a little tweaking, the racks can also hold split-sized bottles by mounting them 5.5 inches apart. Also, since this is a label-forward storage system, it will make for easy organization of the client’s collection.

Label-forward storage system

This second picture shows a great capture of the racks up close. We love the chrome plated finish that shows up exceedingly well against the dark hues of the walls. Vintage View offers four different finish options – Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome. So it’s really quite effortless to work the racks into your home’s existing decor. And if you want to go for a more dramatic arrangement, you can display the racks in a floor-to-ceiling fashion. That’s right! The Vintage View Series are wall-mounted racks, but a floor-to-ceiling frame will allow them to be installed floor-to-ceiling. This will give your bottles a “floating” appearance which is quite unique and attractive. Indeed, there’s more to this series than meets the eye. That’s why you guys should check out our photo galleries for more! *Cheers*