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Technical Tuesday Episode #424: Glass-Enclosed Beauty In Dark Walnut

March 19th, 2019

Much warmer Tech Tuesday greetings to our fellow wine cellar fans out there! Finally, the season of Spring will officially begin tomorrow. Since Spring is the season of beginnings, it’s also the best time to get inspired with wine cellar design concepts. This is one of the best times of the year to tackle a wine cellar construction project. So we hope that today’s Tech Tuesday feature will tickle your fancy:

Project #307757
Wood/Series: All-Heart Redwood/Custom
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Honolulu, HI

Glass-enclosed beauty

Our team completed this gorgeous wine room for a client in the state of Hawaii. It is quite a generous sized project and has so many design aspects that need to be highlighted. The first one would definitely be the racking arrangement. The client went for fully customized racking units. Thanks to that, they were able to get exactly what they want in terms of the wine room’s style. You can see that there is an impressive variety in bottle storage options. Apart from individual bottle racks, there are also shelves to accommodate wine boxes and crates. Custom cabinetry was also integrated into the racking assembly. This is coupled with crown and base moldings, as well as center seam trim for the racks. As a result, the wine cellar exudes a very polished and professional appearance.

Amazing custom racking Glass panels section off the wine cellarNow let’s talk about the design for this wine room. The detailing is certainly worthy of mention. The actual cellar is separated by glass panels from the tasting area. However, all the wood elements in the room showcase uniformity in terms of the colors and textures. There is great symmetry, even though the actual wine cellar was sectioned off. Talking about the wood, the clients went for All-Heart Redwood in Classic Mahogany stain option. The rich, reddish-brown stain enhanced the natural hues of All-Heart Redwood. The overall effect is a traditional feel that reeks of elegance from every angle. The wonderful thing about this stain option is that it also showcases the grain patterns of the wood. All-Heart Redwood is a top-notch choice for custom wine cellar projects. One of its admirable features is its ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well. Dark finishes, in particular, accentuate the wood’s natural grain patterns. This is why Classic Mahogany was the right choice for this project. Did this glass-enclosed beauty win your heart today as well? Let us know what you think in the comment section below! *Cheers*

Quality craftsmanship and design

Technical Tuesday Episode #423: Unstained Racks With Wrought Iron Entryway

March 12th, 2019

Happy Tech Tuesday, wine cellar fans! We are absolutely loving this wine cellar project we’re featuring today. It’s a terrific example of how the right accents can do so much in giving your wine cellar that “wow” factor. Let’s check out this simple but stunning creation and see why it deserves this appreciation post:

Project #253489
Wood/Series: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity:477

Beautiful Wrought Iron entryway

The very first thing you’ll encounter with this wine room is this beautiful wrought iron entryway. It instantly adds a dramatic touch to the entire layout. This project is actually just a compact-sized one, with a storage capacity of a little under 500 bottles. But the custom wine cellar door makes it feel a lot more open and spacious. Take note that here at WCI, we carry an extensive selection of wine cellar doors for any type of wine cellar project. Apart from standard wooden doors, we also have elegant glass panels, French Doors, and of course, wrought iron gates. We have great variety in our available stock doors. But you can request one made completely to your design specifications. It’s an accent worth splurging on! You can really see the difference in the aesthetic appeal of the wine cellar with these customized entryways.

Unstained Premium Redwood racks

Now let’s step inside this elegant wine room. Don’t you just love how Curved Corners were utilized in the racking arrangement? It gives the wine storage a seamless look while giving the room a softer silhouette. The racks are all crafted from unstained Premium Redwood. We felt that this was a very good choice since the wood’s natural colors went really well with the room’s interior. Premium Redwood is one of the top favorite wood options for custom projects. It’s not hard to see why. The clear grade of wood boasts of beautiful hues that range from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Moreover, it also absorbs stains and finishes extremely well. So if you’re going for another kind of look for your wine cellar, this can easily be achieved by selecting the right stain or finish.  It’s also important to note that Premium Redwood is an eco-friendly option. Here at WCI, all of our Redwood products, including Premium Redwood, are SFI-certified. SFI stands for Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  SFI Certification provides customers with assurance that the Redwood has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. *Cheers*

Curved Corner racks and Archway

Technical Tuesday Episode #422: Contemporary Cool With Modern Wine Cellar Series

March 5th, 2019

Heralding in the marvelous month of March is this must-see wine cellar project. We’re slowly but surely heading into warmer weather and you guys know what that means. Pretty soon, it will be time for lovely garden and backyard parties – with wine! So what better way to inspire us to get started on our wine cellar projects than this lovely confection:

Project #293762
Wood/Series: Modern Wine Cellar Series
Bottle Capacity:n/a
Where: Napa Valley, CA

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

This completed wine cellar features our elegant Modern Wine Cellar Series. We have been having more requests for this racking style since the ushering of the New Year. It’s refreshing to see more clients embracing this contemporary cool design. As one of our newer offerings, this was created to appeal to even the most discerning wine collector. You can see from the photos how organized the bottles are. You can also see how eye-catching the racking units are, especially with the glass-enclosed set-up. The metal supports ensure that the wood platforms are held securely in place. The bottles are safely tucked into the platforms and look like they’re floating on air.

Our Modern Wine Cellar Series is offered in multiple woods and stains. You can choose from our standard Pine, Premium Redwood, All-heart Redwood, or Grand Mahogany. But you can also go for the non-stock wood options. These are custom commercial options such as Black Walnut, Clear Alder, and more. The same applies to the stains and finishes. Select from a wide variety of stains and finishes, including lacquer, to match your theme. We recommend checking out our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer for this purpose. For this project, our clients chose a gorgeous Midnight Black Stain for their wine racks. We love the bold hues and how they work so well with the walls and other wine cellar decor:

Beautiful Midnight Black Stain on the platforms

Now if you want to have a more ethereal appearance for your racks, you can also switch to Acrylic Bottle Supports. You can have this option instead of the wood platforms. Acrylic is a beautiful material that’s as transparent as glass. It will give your wine cellar a magical feel to it! Learn more about our Acrylic Invisible Wine Racks and how to incorporate this material into your wine cellar. *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #421: Country Chic With The Designer Series

February 26th, 2019

With a wine cellar design consultant, you can achieve any look you want for your wine cellar project. These Tech Tuesday features are living proof of that! Today, we’re showcasing this beautiful wine room for a client in Delaware. Naturally, our DE design consultant was instrumental in making everything come together:

Project # 309831
Wood/Series: Designer Series/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity:n/a
Where: DE

The country chic feel!

This particular client wanted a country chic theme for their wine cellar. So that translated to clean lines, a spacious feel, and of course, lots of wooden textures. Our professional design consultant chose to work with the Designer Series for this project. The Designer Series offers 6-foot and 8-foot height racking options in full depth configurations. These racking units also come with a full selection of woods, stains and finishes. The series is an affordable alternative to Vintner, and it doesn’t disappoint at all!

Designer Series Individual Bottle Columns

Here we can see the Individual Bottle Columns with Display Rows and Curved Corner Racks. See how they flow seamlessly all across the room. The available floor area is nicely utilized, while keeping the center space free. This lends a roomy feel to the wine cellar which is exactly the atmosphere we’re going for. Now as for the racking units, these were all done in unstained Premium Redwood. Since Premium Redwood is a clear grade of wood, its natural colors are exhibited to maximum advantage. The colors vary from white to pink to red and reddish brown. Leaving the wine racks unstained exuded that old country charm the client wanted. The racks went very well with the stone wall in warm, earthy palettes. And, the addition of a custom bar area completed the country chic theme:

Fresh and clean layout

Before we wrap up this Tech Tuesday feature, here are some essential tips in working with the Designer Series. This kit is popularly known for it’s full depth racking. It allows for the storage of the entire body of the wine bottle, along with the 6-foot tall height. The new and improved add-ons now allows you to purchase extra individual racking to stack on top of a standard unit. This will enable your rack to reach another 20 inches high. This is even available to the Curved Corner Racks as well. Plus, you can mix and match your racking with the new extensions. For example, our Diamond Bin with Front Trim and Solid Diamond Cube is built with the same width. This will match up with our five-column add-on extension rack. *Cheers*

Built your Designer Series wine racks