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We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

January 21st, 2015

Urban Wine Series

We seem to have lately been flooded with requests and queries for starter wine cellars or racking arrangements that would work best in compact spaces. It only means one thing. At the very start of the year, more and more people are already seriously considering proper storage spaces for their bottles, even if it may not necessarily be a formal wine room.

Wine Storage

Now we know we’ve introduced this latest addition to our wine racks kit line last year and did a couple of posts on it as well. But it’s time to shine the spotlight on it again and get old clients reacquainted with it, too – the WCI Urban Living Series. This series was launched for a specific purpose and that is to provide modular wine storage packages for apartment wine storage and condo living.

Cozy, stylish, and totally space-efficient!

Wine Storage

It’s ironic how in the past, wine storage solutions were hardly considered for wine enthusiasts living in apartments, condos, and other similar compact residences. Urban living had become quite the trend decades ago so it’s only fair that there should be proper wine storage solutions for it as well. Hence, the Urban Living Series!

Apartment Wine Cellars

The Series comes in 6-, 7-, and 8-feet package options with 4 wood types and 5 stain and finish options to boot. In addition, the packages are comprised of 85% Vintner racking elements, 10% Designer, and 5% custom-designed racks to suit any and all storage needs of the client as well as the style preference. You’ll also be pleased to find out that thanks to variety in layout and design options, there are packages that are perfect for spanning stubborn, uneven corners in one’s apartment or condo. Check out a few of these winning combos:

Since these belong to our “kits” line, these cozy, stylish, and space-efficient packages are also amazingly affordable. And don’t forget that we also offer an option to ship the components of the package you pick fully assembled! Yes, siree! You can get your wine tasting center all set-up and ready to be filled out the moment the racks reach your doorstep.

Urban Wine Storage

When you wish for us to make wine storage solutions happen, we do our darndest to make them happen! So get in touch with us and grab an Urban Living Series package for your apartment or condo today. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #69 – Stand-out Elegance in Lightly Stained All-Heart Redwood

January 24th, 2012

We live for beautiful wine cellars, so how about you? Tech Tuesdays are always something to look forward to, especially if you are looking for some of the most inspiring wine cellar transformation stories. We don’t just build custom wine cellars – we CREATE them and live to tell the tale ^_^.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 212462
Wood: All-Heart Redwood, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity:  2691 bottles
Where: Athens, GA

All heart-wood Residential Wine Cellar

Handsomely-crafted wine racks make for divine-looking wine cellars.  Who says you can’t be simple and stand out as well? Cast your peepers on this gorgeous All-Heart Redwood wine cellar room decked out in WCI’s personal best – the Platinum Series.

What we have here is image upon image of wine racking options, from individual to bulk, single or double deep, including spacing for half-bottles. As a testament to the most flexible series in our wine rack collection, Platinum can really maximize limited spaces and allow for storage of hundreds and thousands of wine bottles.

All heart-wood Platinum SeriesHere is a great shot of the entire racking system up close. Note how the various storage options are mixed and matched to create a very organized and versatile racking arrangement. There is more than enough space for individual loose bottles, champagne bottles, larger-sized magnums, boxes, bins, and even ingenious places to display your wine accessories and glassware. We give two thumbs-up to the amazing combination done with the racks, shelves, and displays!

Moreover, the multiple wine display rows allow for easy storage and access to your best wines by letting you view the wine labels easily. And since we’re talking about the Platinum Series, this means that those beautifully crafted individual bottle racks all come in beveled rails and eased edges. Each bottle is cradled on two rails with beveled ends for safe and uber comfy storage. No worries about torn labels thanks to this clever feature!

Red Oak LadderThis Tech Tuesday’s featured client also purchased a Red Oak Ladder with hook top which was accordingly lightly stained to match the racks. If you haven’t checked out our wine cellar ladders yet, it’s about time you should. We also manufacture custom rolling ladders and even custom-designed step stools in various wood choices for super stylish access to your collection.

Custom Led Lighting Package

And of course, the entire wine cellar room is equipped with our custom LED lighting package to properly highlight essential places and spaces. What we have here today is a wine cellar transformation that comes complete with all the necessary “do’s” in a custom wine cellar, from racking to wood choice, to stain options, and accessories. So if you want wine cellars that are simple, tidy, and tasteful from any angle, don’t waste any more time. Wine Cellar Innovations is just a mouse click away. See you again next Tech Tuesday!

A Gallery Of Wine Cellars

June 23rd, 2011

From the smallest nooks to the grandest collections, today’s wine storage comes in all shapes and sizes. ~Wine Spectator

We recently saw (again!) Wine Spectator’s old feature on some American wine collectors’ wine cellars and just like any other wine cellar, big or small, the gallery of wine cellars still takes our breath away. If you’ve been following our blog, you must know that wine cellars are our weakness – even when they’re not stocked yet! As you can see from our Technical Tuesday features, even without the wine bottles, we marvel at the wine racks, the accessories, the doors, the tasting tables, the floors, and yes even the wine cellar lighting!

Convex Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond InsertAn addiction? Maybe. But since wine cellars are now the new home fashion icon, it’s no wonder why we love designing them, building them and finding ways to improve wine storage options. Just recently, we rolled out our curvy wine cubes, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you must take a look at them. These sexy new wine racks are the newest addition to our wine rack collection!

Get inspired by our wine cellar photo gallery

Today we thought we’d remind you that if you’re looking for wine cellar design inspiration, you need not look further because we’ve got the wine cellar photo galleries to die for! If you’d like to marvel at wine cellars like us, why not take a tour of our photo gallery?

We have a stunning array of wine cellars of all sizes in our Residential Photo Gallery, a Commercial Photo Gallery and Restaurants and Bars Photo Gallery. We make it easy for you to look around by giving you options to filter your search according to wood type, finishing option, bottle capacity and cellar location! We also have 10 sample wine cellars to give you guidelines for selecting the racking style that is the best fit for your application.

Custom Wine RacksEach cellar in our photo gallery had been custom made in our factory in Ohio, and you too can have various elements of your wine cellar customized to make them extra special. You can make a statement by customizing your wine cellar ceiling, doors, archway murals/paintings, floor tiles and tabletops. These are just a few of the things you can have customized, and that does not even include custom wine racks! Also worth checking our are some popular wine cellar ideas where you can find some design favorites.

Whether you’re totally clueless as to the best design for your wine cellar or already have ideas but feel like you’re missing something, we hope our photo galleries give you inspiration. Once you’ve picked your design inspiration, we’ll be here ready to build it and make your dream wine cellar come true.

Follow Up Tech Tuesday Transformation: Evans Revealed

March 23rd, 2011

In yesterday’s Tech Tuesday episode, we brought you another fantastic wine cellar transformation with our client’s beautiful residential wine cellar. But if you can recall, that was just the raw version. We recently visited their cellar after they had loaded it up.  So let’s see the difference now that the wine cellar is all spruced up with their wine collection. Even better, we have a video walk through for you located below…

What you’re seeing here is a wine cellar worthy of a magazine feature, we kid you not! Making the most of Amber Blaze Mahogany as the primary wood choice and completing the look with Classic Mahongany stain finish was definitely a winning combo. Look at how the marble slab floorings set-off the deep, rich color of the wood. And the raised panel ceiling adds just the right touch, especially with the LED lighting. That lovely wine cellar art is displayed to its full potential, owing to all the elements coming into place. It really exudes a dreamy atmosphere, doesn’t it?

The newly installed Tech Tuesday episode didn’t show those adorable tasting tables as well. See how much more eye-catching this wine cellar is now that there’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place!

We mentioned in the previous blog post that this wine cellar is comprised of some of the best elements of our Platinum Series Collection and here you can see up close how the Quarter Round Displays mesh so well with the Solid Vertical Display Shelves and Solid Diamond Bins with interlock trim to provide roomy and versatile wine storage options. And does the color scheme catch your fancy? Our client did great in deciding to go with the green marble slabs for the floors with the help of our design specialist, Erik Kuehne, who also gave the vote to Amber Blaze Mahogany for the wood choice.  The green marble against the dark wood makes everything look so solid and elegant.

Glass on wood is always one of the best combinations, don’t you agree? Take this classic glass paneled doors, for example. With the wine cellar filled with those sparkling bottles, only glass upon wood could do the entire set-up justice.

Here’s a closer look at the green marble tabletop and matching flooring.  See how pronounced those bottles actually are at the corners? Your finest wine collection can easily be showcased with this ingenious racking system and further enhanced by the green marble.

Now could it be possible that these beautiful shots of the completed project still left you thirsting for more? Well, no need to fuss because we came prepared to satisfy you! Take a walk through the video that unveils more of Evans wine cellar transformation.