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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Ceilings For Classy Wine Cellars

May 9th, 2018

Wine cellar ceilings play more than just an aesthetic role in a wine cellar project. They can contribute a lot in maintaining the ideal storage conditions for your wine bottles. That’s why it pays to consider the choice of structural design for your ceilings. They will also make a significant difference in the overall “wow” factor of your wine room. Here are some of our recommended custom ceilings for really classy wine cellars:

The Light Box Ceiling

The Light Box Ceiling

This is definitely a heavy favorite of ours. The Light Box Ceiling is very attractive and gives so much character to any wine cellar project. One of the most popular versions of this is the Etched Light Box Ceiling. Here at WCI, we carry this in All-Heart Redwood and top quality glass. There are standard designs available for the etching, but the client can fully personalize it to their taste. So basically, the client can have a ceiling that is 100% unique. Another version of this is the Raised Panel with Light Boxes. The standard Raised Panel design is taken up a notch with the addition of these light boxes. However, just take note in this case, the light boxes protrude more than the usual. It’s recommended to utilize this style in a project with higher ceilings and relatively larger spaces.

The Tongue and Groove Ceiling

The Tongue And Groove Ceiling

The Tongue and Groove ceiling has quite a number of variations. This makes it a sought-after ceiling style as well because of its versatility. This type of ceiling can give your wine room a warm and open feel. You can choose to have the Large Tongue and Groove with its thicker and wider panelings. Or, you can go with the Small Tongue and Groove with its tighter lines that provide for a more seamless and natural flow of the material. Another option would be the Tongue and Groove Radius Ceiling which can make a wine room appear even more spacious. This style is usually seen in commercial wine establishments, but can work with residential applications as well.

The Coffered Ceiling

The Coffered Ceiling

This is one wine cellar design that really reeks of class. For those of you who prefer a fancy touch without sacrificing the “elegance” factor, this is what you should go for. It will certainly work well with wine cellars that love to display wine cellar art pieces and such . The Coffered Ceiling features visible “boxes” that are illuminated by strategically installed recessed lighting. There is a lot of character and flair with this style that can go with almost any type of wine cellar. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Favorite Finishes For Stylish Wine Cellars

May 2nd, 2018

A wine cellar oozing in style is definitely a must-have. And guess what? You can have exactly that without too much of a hassle. All it takes is the right stain and finish option to get the look you want. We’re not pulling your leg here! By coating your wine racks and other wine cellar furniture with a specific stain or finish, the results can be pretty amazing. So without further ado, allow us to showcase to you our favorite finishes for stylish wine cellars:

The Lacquer Finish

The Lacquer Finish

First up is one of the most popular, if not the most popular finish for custom wine cellar projects. Dressing wine racks up with lacquer is certainly not anything new. We’ve seen this being done with wine cellars over the years. But whether you should go for this finish option or not is an entirely different perspective. Note that lacquer will give your racks a smooth, gleaming finish. They will appear shiny and elegant, like a polished diamond in the rough. If you’re the type to go for the sophisticated and timeless look, then lacquer will give you just that.

The Dusty Weathered Finish

Now if you’re the type who goes ga-ga over vintage, then you’d most likely appreciate a timeworn appearance to your wine cellar. Wine racks and furniture that take on a weathered image make you swoon. If that’s the case, the Dusty Weathered Finish is your magic potion. The process for this finish option is quite complex. The wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain. This is basically the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. Lastly, a custom topcoat is applied and the color plays on the grayish-brown hues of the wood. The result is a perfect, weathered appearance that exudes that old-country charm. If you want a more solid and darker color, however, try the Dark Weathered Finish instead.

The Distressed Finish 

The Distressed Finish

Taking vintage to the next level is something that this finish option can accomplish. It’s perhaps one of the most intricate ones to achieve owing to its unique properties. Nonetheless, the results are usually simply stunning. Essentially, the wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. Then dark coats are applied to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches in order to highlight them. Last but not the least, a medium dark background coat is applied, finished off with a lacquer layer.

So tell us which finish option would you go for? We’d love to hear your thoughts! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Finishes For Your Wine Room

August 30th, 2017

A wine room won’t be completely finished until you’ve thrown in some frills and fancies. They don’t need to be extravagant and they certainly should not overpower your racking arrangement. On the contrary, their role is to enhance your wine racks to make your collection shine. Here our some of our choice recommendations for custom wine room finishes you should try out:

LED lighting elements

Lighting elements and/or fixtures

There’s no better way to highlight your wine bottles than with the right lighting elements. A LED Display Lighting system is perhaps the most popular option, but it’s not the only one. LED Downlights are also another alternative you can look into. This recessed lighting system is perfect for ceilings and/or archways. The you also have Fluorescent Slimlites which can do wonders for your stained glass applications. This type of lighting is usually utilized to backlight stained glass art on archways or etched lightbox ceilings.

Wine Tasting Tables and Peninsulas

Wine Tasting Tables and/or Peninsulas

Wine Tasting Tables serve more than just an aesthetic purpose in a wine room. These days, you will encounter so many styles and designs to these tasting tables, it’ll make your head spin. But in a good way! That’s because the trend these days is towards making these tables more functional. So instead of just your standard table, you get so much more such as extra storage for your bottles, glassware, and other wine accessories. If you have a relatively spacious wine room, a peninsula is even better. Just imagine how gorgeous your racking arrangement would look like with Wine Bottle Waterfall racks cascading into a peninsula. Moreover, you can also incorporate shelving into both the tables and peninsulas to accommodate wine boxes or crates.

Decorative moldings

Custom crown, base, and center seam moldings

We always mention custom moldings in most of our blog posts, especially our Tech Tuesdays. But what you guys may not be fully aware of is that there’s more to these moldings as well. You can actually have them customized to make them fancier. Decorative moldings are one of the best ways you can make your racking assembly come together and give it a dramatic finish. Note that these moldings help blend in those awkward gaps between the racks, walls, and flooring. They also help create consistency between and among different racking styles. With custom ones, you can make your racking assembly look even more built-in.

Wine Cellar Inspirations: A Parisienne Flavor To Your Wine Cellars

June 7th, 2017

Ahhh, Paris! Who doesn’t dream of going there? It’s one of those cities that’s a constant on the bucket list of almost anyone (except when you’re living there, of course!). People love the aura and charm of this city that you get it has inspired us in so many ways, from fashion to interior design and so much more. So why not bring a taste of Paris to your wine cellars as well? Here are some great style tips you can try out:

Dress your wine racks in rich stains and/or finishes

Rich, luxurious stained racks and glass-stained art

Deep, luxurious hues definitely exude a Parisienne vibe to them. Rich-colored stains such as Classic Mahogany and Dark Walnut are sure to be tres impressionnant! Add in some custom LED downlights to accentuate your bottles and create that quiet, romantic atmosphere. If you’re looking into purchasing new racking units, we recommend choosing a wood that has a variety of grain patterns and is receptive to staining and finishing, such as Redwood or Rustic Pine. The latter will be a very good option since the structurally sound knots of the wood will really give off a vintage appeal that says “Paris” with a capital “P.”

Incorporate more glass elements into your decor

Glass elements for that Parisienne flavor

Paris is a city that has been dubbed as the international capital of high fashion since the 19th century. It is home to a lot of famous fashion houses, Dior and Chanel, to name a few. Intricacy, delicacy, and attention to detail are some of the inherent qualities of Parisienne haute couture. Bring some of these qualities into your wine cellar in the form of glass accents. Showcase some your best stemware in display shelves instead of tucking them away. Invest in an elegant lighting fixture or two, preferably with glass elements. If you have the budget for it, do an Etched Lightbox wine cellar ceiling or replace some solid wood cabinets with glass panels.

Put in artistic touches wherever you can

Artistic touches spell P-A-R-I-S!

For centuries, Paris has attracted artists from around the world, who arrive in the city to educate themselves and to seek inspiration from its vast pool of artistic resources and galleries. Art is a huge, indispensable part of the culture of the city. You can recreate this artistic flavor in your wine cellar by paying attention to the smaller details within. For example, replace those simple cabinet hardware and drawer pulls with custom ones that have more intricate details. We particularly love those knobs and pulls with vine and grape cluster designs. Incorporate decorative wood trim, like in your crown and base moldings and panelings. Of course, it’s also highly recommended to invest in a really good piece of wine cellar art, specifically those depicting French vineyards and such. Les grandes pensées viennent du coeur!