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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Finishes You’ll Love On Your Wine Racks

March 27th, 2019

If you guys can recall last week’s wine cellar inspirations blog, we talked about our favorite wood and stain combos. Today, is like the Part 2: this time, with finishes you’ll love on your wine racks.  Just like stains, these finishes can bring varied looks to your racks and wine cellar as a whole. That’s why they’re such a great investment! Here are our top picks:

Lacquer Finish Option

This is most likely the most popular finish with wine cellar projects. And it’s not such a big wonder why. A coat of lacquer on the wood really gives it more character. It accentuates the natural beauty of almost any wood type. Lots of our clients choose this finish option because it makes their wine cellar exude a luxurious appearance. Here at WCI, we apply multiple applications of a clear coat sealant. This is coupled with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. The lacquer gives the racks a smooth, gleaming finish and an elegant ambience. You can check out our photo galleries for more samples of projects using this finish.

Dark Weathered Finish Option

We call this the more intense version of the Dusty Weathered Finish. The latter works to make your wood achieve a timeworn look. The way we do it is firstly, the wood is run through a proprietary process. This serves to strip intergrain material down below the grain. This works in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. The process is no different with the Dark Weathered Finish. However, a darker, more solid color, of topcoat is applied for a more dramatic effect. This finish option goes particularly well with Pine, Redwood and Oak. The much deeper shades are bold and eye-catching. It’s the perfect choice when you want to go traditional but with a contemporary touch.

Distressed Finish Option

We do not see this type of finish in as many wine cellar projects as we would have wanted to. That’s why there is a need to highlight it more! The Distressed Finish deserves more love because it is just gorgeous. It takes quite a bit of work to achieve this kind of finish, owing to its unique properties. The wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. After that, a dark coat is wiped on to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches. The purpose is to highlight them. Lastly, a medium dark background coat is applied then finished off with a lacquer finish. The final effect is very classic, very “antique” and reminiscent of “old-country.”

Exploring Glass And Metal Combos For Wine Cellar Entryways

February 18th, 2019

We are a big fan of glass-enclosed wine cellars. Just take a peek at our photo gallery and you’ll see a whole section devoted to these types of projects. It’s not such a mystery why though. A glass-enclosed wine cellar is one of the most, if not the most elegant way to showcase one’s collection. There are so many creative ways to design it, whether you’d want to stick to a traditional style or something modern and fresh. And of course, that’s what Wine Cellar Innovations is here for! Let’s go exploring for some unique glass and metal combos for your wine cellar entryways:

Glass x Black Metal Trim for your entryways

Adding trim to the edges is one way to really add character to a wine cellar design. With the growing popularity of contemporary wine cellars, one of the latest trends is the use of black metal trim. We have been seeing more and more projects utilizing metal in combination with glass elements. But to make a more eye-catching statement, black metal is the key. Black is the color of elegance. It is bold, striking, and can be worked into any design theme. By using it in contrast with glass, it enhances the latter and delivers class with a modern vibe. When it comes to wine cellars, there are so many ways to incorporate this glass x black metal trim combo. Here are some of our top picks:

French Doors and sidelights

  • French Doors and Sidelights 

French Doors are highly popular with both residential and commercial projects. As far as wine cellars are concerned, they are a heavy favorite because they allow for maximum visibility of the collection. But instead of the standard French Doors, we recommend adding a twist with the use of black metal trim. This accentuate the silhouettes of the glass panels and make your entryway stand out.

Metal and Glass with Transoms

  • Metal and Glass with Transoms

Not everyone is familiar with the term “transom.” WCI actually offers this as a custom door option. A transom is that beautiful horizontal window over a bar separating out the windows or doors below it. It is a timeless design that will go with any theme or match any existing decor. Combining black metal trim to the edges of the transoms will give it so much character.

Metal and Glass with Door and Sidelights

  • Metal and Glass with Door and Sidelights

This is a slightly different style from the French Doors, but just as classy. The modern metal and glass doors with sidelights use long panels of glass surrounded by metal to break up the space. Check out this example and see how beautiful and elegant it looks with a mixture of metal racking and dark wood diamond bins. ^_^

Wine Themed Decor: Deck The Halls With Wine-Inspired Decor!

November 28th, 2018

Heads up, wine lovers! The Christmas holidays are literally here so it’s time to get cracking on that holiday decor. Of course, it has to be wine theme decor inspired. So here are some fun ideas you might want to check out. Deck the halls with these wine-themed, DIY concepts:

Cork Bottle Stopper Decor

Cork Bottle Stopper Christmas Decor

Cork bottle stoppers are one of the more popular materials used for DIY home accents. They are super fun to work with and eco-friendly to boot. So for this year’s Christmas tree theme, why not make use of these stoppers? There are many ways to dress them up! You can choose the simple route and paint them with different colors. But to give it that Christmassy bling, brush them with paste or glue and roll them in various colored glitter. Then just attach hooks and strings and voila! You get a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree “cork balls.” Or, you can assemble the corks and create an absolutely unique and fab wine cork wreath.

Ugly Christmas Sweater wineglasses

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Wine Glasses

Let’s face it – what’s a holiday party without an ugly Christmas sweater? But this time, you don’t need to be the one wearing it. Let’s give it a little twist this year and make it an ugly Christmas sweater wine glass party. That’s right! You’ll dress up your old wineglasses, ugly Christmas sweater-style. Then put them on display in your fireplace mantle or use them as candy dishes on the coffee table. All you need are sweater-looking tissue paper or paper napkins, fur trim, ribbons, and colored thread. Decorate just the base and stem of your wineglass if you still plan on using it. Otherwise, you can go all out!  They will make terrific conversation pieces. They will also most likely inspire some friends and acquaintances to do the same thing next year. This fantastic wine-inspired decor is all thanks to Oh My! Creative.

Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

Swap out the same Christmas candles and lights this year for something different. Or, you can also mix and match it up with this awesome wine-inspired decor: wine bottle Christmas lights. They are pretty easy to make and very attractive. Total Wine has put together these simple steps for us! You’ll just need empty wine bottles (the most transparent ones you have). You’ll also need a string of lights, 5/8-inch diamond hole saw, and some good old duct tape. Remove the labels from the bottles and wash them thoroughly. With the diamond hole saw, cut into the glass at the center of the tape at a 45-degree angle before switching to 90 degrees to finish drilling the hole. Remove the tape insert the string of lights through the hole until only the power plug remains.


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Custom Ceilings For Classy Wine Cellars

May 9th, 2018

Wine cellar ceilings play more than just an aesthetic role in a wine cellar project. They can contribute a lot in maintaining the ideal storage conditions for your wine bottles. That’s why it pays to consider the choice of structural design for your ceilings. They will also make a significant difference in the overall “wow” factor of your wine room. Here are some of our recommended custom ceilings for really classy wine cellars:

The Light Box Ceiling

The Light Box Ceiling

This is definitely a heavy favorite of ours. The Light Box Ceiling is very attractive and gives so much character to any wine cellar project. One of the most popular versions of this is the Etched Light Box Ceiling. Here at WCI, we carry this in All-Heart Redwood and top quality glass. There are standard designs available for the etching, but the client can fully personalize it to their taste. So basically, the client can have a ceiling that is 100% unique. Another version of this is the Raised Panel with Light Boxes. The standard Raised Panel design is taken up a notch with the addition of these light boxes. However, just take note in this case, the light boxes protrude more than the usual. It’s recommended to utilize this style in a project with higher ceilings and relatively larger spaces.

The Tongue and Groove Ceiling

The Tongue And Groove Ceiling

The Tongue and Groove ceiling has quite a number of variations. This makes it a sought-after ceiling style as well because of its versatility. This type of ceiling can give your wine room a warm and open feel. You can choose to have the Large Tongue and Groove with its thicker and wider panelings. Or, you can go with the Small Tongue and Groove with its tighter lines that provide for a more seamless and natural flow of the material. Another option would be the Tongue and Groove Radius Ceiling which can make a wine room appear even more spacious. This style is usually seen in commercial wine establishments, but can work with residential applications as well.

The Coffered Ceiling

The Coffered Ceiling

This is one wine cellar design that really reeks of class. For those of you who prefer a fancy touch without sacrificing the “elegance” factor, this is what you should go for. It will certainly work well with wine cellars that love to display wine cellar art pieces and such . The Coffered Ceiling features visible “boxes” that are illuminated by strategically installed recessed lighting. There is a lot of character and flair with this style that can go with almost any type of wine cellar. ^_^