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It’s Time To Check Out WCI’s Upgraded Commercial Racking Line!

June 18th, 2018

We’ve been launching new wine cellar products since the beginning of the year. Our Vintner Series has been the most aggressive one so far. But it’s not just our wine rack kits that have undergone some upgrades. Today, we’re going to check out the latest updates to WCI’s commercial racking line. We did a bit of work on our product pages as well to make online shopping more convenient and enjoyable. So here’s the latest scoop in the commercial wine racks section:

Our expanded Commercial Racking line

The Vintner Line vs. Classic Wine Displays

WCI’s commercial wood wine displays have now been grouped into two main categories. These are our Vintner wine displays and the “Classic” display racks. The latter is essentially comprised of our original selection of wood wine displays.  This now makes it easier for clients to decide which direction they’d want to go. Should they go with the classic racking units which are hand-built to order? Or are they leaning towards more affordable options without compromising on quality?

If they choose to go with the Classic commercial series, a longer lead time is involved. But they can have the units fully customized to suit the needs and style of their wine establishment. Moreover, half-height racks can also be purchased under this series. With Vintner, you get 3-feet and 4-feet stackable wine racks. These can be easily mixed and matched and stacked on top of each other to accommodate almost any ceiling height. There is a shorter lead time as well, making it convenient to complete rush projects. Note that both series include the following:

  • Industry exclusive vinyl base and caster options
  • Complimentary auto cad designs
  • Commercial financing options

Wood Wine Merchandisers and Islands

Introduction of Multi-Use Storage Racks

We have also exerted more effort to make our commercial racking collection more versatile. While we cater mostly to wine storage, our products are not exclusive to that purpose. We fully understand that in a commercial wine establishment, other types of liquor will also be in the line-up. That’s why we recently launched these multi-use storage racks, as well as accessory storage units. These racks can hold almost any type of liquor, including beer and soda. In fact, Vintner has its very own Beer Storage Rack for displaying beer cans and bottles.

Sales-Counter Desk Checkout Components

Sales Counter – Checkout Desk Components

Last but certainly not the least, we’ve come up with an entirely separate section for our sales counter and checkout desk components. These add-ons will help complete your store’s set-up while providing extra storage for other items as well. All sections for these components come standard with durable Cork Tabletops:

Now go ahead and whip your wine store into shape and shop our upgraded commercial wine cellar products! ^_^




The Finer Details On Our Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves

April 23rd, 2018

As the proprietor of a commercial wine establishment, investing in “point-of-purchase” wine racks is a must. The reasons are fairly obvious. One, the main target of the business is to make a profit. That’s why the merchandise has to be properly showcased. Two, the merchandise should be readily accessible to potential customers. This means they should be displayed in locations in the store where customer traffic is at its peak. Our Commercial Wine Gondola Shelves will certainly answer to these needs. It’s time to check out the finer details on these wine racking units:

Wine Display Islands

Wine Display Islands

Wine Display Islands are one of the best commercial wine storage solutions. Why so? First off, these islands are a popular choice for a stand alone, or free standing, wine rack. In terms of bottle storage capacity, these units can really give you your money’s worth. The WineZone Wine Shelf Island is a terrific example. Second, you can install them anywhere in your store, Adjustable Wine Shelf Cabinetespecially in high traffic areas. Take the case of the Circular Wine Merchandiser that can go right in the middle of the store’s floor. This will enable customers to easily notice special wine sales.

Adjustable Shelf Wine Cabinet

In a wine store, you will certainly need storage that can stock a wide variety of products. This is something that the Adjustable Shelf Wine Cabinet can accomplish – with great style to boot. This adaptable, full-height commercial wine display cabinet can allow you to store wine, liquor, beer, soft drinks, and other products. Note that the middle shelves are adjustable to meet all your needs. Moreover, additional ones can also be ordered. This unit is designed with 1 7/16″ solid redwood shelves that will hold up to 200 lbs. It also comes with optional Drop-In-Bins and Vinyl Bases. The vinyl covered base platform raises the wine racking off the ground by 4″. This will help prevent injuries and other accidents to the merchandise. Full Height Wine Display MerchandiserIt also makes for convenient clean-up!

Full Height Wine Display Merchandisers

WCI has a healthy selection of full height Wine Display Merchandisers.  There are so many options that can cater to a store’s storage needs as well as style preference. These units can also be mixed and matched quite easily to create really unique racking arrangements. Here are a few of the popular picks:

Want to see more? Explore our entire commercial racking collection and gear up your wine stores today!


45% Off Commercial Wine Racking: Featuring Sixty Four Wine Bar

October 19th, 2017

Our latest commercial wine cellar feature uses these beautiful Vintner Commercial racks and it is a stunner! We recently completed work on SixtyFour, an up-and-coming wine bar located on Waterstreet, Naperville, Illinois. This is actually the sister store of FortyEight Wine Bar in Seabrook Island. WCI was also responsible for outfitting FortyEight with beautiful and functional racking assemblies. Now they’ve asked us to do the same for SixtyFour and the results were nothing short of satisfying – both for us and for the client.

Sixty Four Wine Bar

In order to accommodate the wide variety of wines that SixtyFour houses, we trotted out our Vintner Commercial racking line in combination with other commercial units. Let’s get into the finer details! For the Vintner purchases, the client got the Commercial Island with Individual Bottle Rails Counter Top and 4 Display Shelves, Commercial Double Deep Island with Individual Bottle Rails and 3 Display Rows, Stackable Adjustable Shelf Cabinets in 3- and 4-feet height options, and five Commercial Triple Tier Maximizer Wine Displays. These units were all crafted from Premium Redwood and provided full wine bottle depth coverage at 13 1/2″ deep.

Vintner Commercial Wine Display Islands

Our Vintner commercial racking units can be easily mixed and matched with other components owing to their flexible configurations. You also get a nice variety of wood, stain and finish options to choose from in order to customize your racking assembly to your desired theme – just like SixtyFour.

Custom wine racking

In addition to these, the client also purchased our Locking Wine Display Cabinet and Cash Register Stand Storage Unit. The Locking Wine Display Cabinet is a must for establishments carrying expensive and rare labels. This simple but elegantly designed unit can securely display 50 bottles. Plus, there’s still lots of storage for other wines in the adjustable space below. You’ll also love how the top, glass-enclosed portion can be utilized for other accessories, wine glasses, cigars. The Cash Register Stand actually comes in three easy-to-assemble sections. You have the Cash Stand, Corner Display and Storage Unit – all sold separately. Made from durable 3/4 inch plywood with attractive veneer, they can be arranged into a pod, cash wrap or even multiple lanes for fast and efficient checkout. Note that the tops are made of cork for long life and stain resistance!

Complete racking assembly at Sixty Four

Here’s another awesome bonus for you to prepare for your holiday sales rush. Put your best foot forward with our new wine display options – with deep discounts to boot.  With an extra 5% off, get up to an incredible 45% off on our Vintner Commercial Wine Rack Series! Sale ends 10/23/17 so be sure to check it out.

SixtyFour Wine Bar will prove to be a unique experience for all wine lovers out there. The bar features 64 wines by the glass every day! Check them out at their beautiful Illinois wine store and reserve your seat – and bottle – today!

Display More, Sell More With Commercial Gondola Shelves!

March 13th, 2017

Boosting your store’s wine sales doesn’t always mean breaking the budget from one marketing strategy to another. Sometimes, you’d be surprised to learn that all it takes is choosing better racking units to literally rack in the profits. That’s why WCI has developed a line of commercial wine racks specifically for this purpose: to provide for the bottle storage needs of wine establishments AND help them sell more. The trick is, “display more, sell more,” with the help of our Commercial Gondola Shelves:

Wine Display Islands

Wine Display Islands

First up are our Wine Display Islands. These units are quite a popular choice for a stand-alone or free-standing, wine rack. Take the case of our Circular Wine Merchandiser. It can go right in the middle of your store’s floor and help draw your customers’ attention to your special sales on wine. We also carry other special items including our WineZone Wine Shelf Island which is made from both wood and commercial metal wine racks.

Adjustable Shelf Wine Cabinets

Adjustable Wine Shelf Cabinets

An adaptable full-height commercial wine display cabinet, the adjustable shelf cabinet allows you to stock a wide variety of products. This unit is perfect for storing and showcasing not just your wine bottles, but also other liquor such as beer, soft drinks, and any other similar merchandise. Note that the middle shelves are adjustable as well to meet all your needs. Plus, additional ones can be ordered!

Wine Display Merchandisers

Wine Display Merchandisers

Our Wine Display Merchandisers probably carry the most variety in terms of racking style. Choose from a wide array of bottle storage options and prominently display your wine products to boost the profits. Note that while we carry full-height units, half-height ones are also available, maximizing your storage capacity and display functionality to its highest potential.

Bin Displays

Bin Displays

Bin Displays are one of the most versatile and clever ways you can showcase your wine merchandise to potential customers. Apart from having more than enough space to store your bottles, there are actually display “trays” jutting out so you can literally put your best labels forward. A good example would be our Diamond Bin Wine Display and Horizontal Wine Display Bin. But you might also want to check out other options from this line that combine function and style into one very attractive package. Here are a few of our personal picks:

Display more, sell more today – with WCI’s Commercial Gondola Shelves!