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Custom Wine Lockers Deliver Exactly What Clients Envisioned

January 17th, 2019

When a client wants a “custom” project done, it can only mean one thing. They want something truly unique – a wine cellar designed to their specifications. As a company campaigning to provide such services, we have one primary goal. This is to address those “wants” of the client and ultimately deliver the product to their 100% satisfaction. We have to admit, things get pretty challenging every now and then. But whenever we meet the customer’s expectations, it’s all worth it!

Custom wine shelves

Today’s feature is a nice reminder of that wonderful feeling when a client is truly happy with the results. This particular wine cellar project consisted of all custom racking units. The clients wanted wine racks that would securely store their collection. For this purpose, our team designed these individual bottle lockers to their specifications.  Wine lockers have become quite a popular racking option as of late. They are especially in-demand with country clubs, wine stores, restaurants, bars, and public storage areas. More and more restaurants have been investing in these “restaurant wine lockers.” They present a very practical storage solution, particularly for one’s best vintages.

Customized wine lockers

WCI has designed these lockers to keep your collection under lock and key 24/7. The units come in flexible rack-and-stack configurations. This allows you to add more lockers as the need arises. The lockers come in by the column to match the existing height of other commercial racking units. Basically, each column sports metal lattice panels for open air circulation. It also has 5 locker compartments with locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one, single key.

Custom blended stain on the lockers

But take note that these lockers are also fully customizable. In the client’s case, we utilized glass instead of the metal lattice panels. You can also have solid panel sides and solid back panels for a more seamless look. The inside racking can also be styled according to one’s preference. That includes having wine rack pegs put inside the lockers as well! ^_^Beautiful and secure wine storage

“From my perspective, we are very pleased with the quality of work, expedition of delivery, and the installation experience. The lockers are exactly what we had envisioned. The product is very high quality. Your installers were a pleasure to have on site and were extremely professional. Our contractor is still working on balancing the air in the units, but that should be worked out in the coming days. A+ – Thank you very much!”

~Chris C.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Designing A Contemporary Wine Cellar

January 16th, 2019

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (and again!) – contemporary wine cellars are the way to go. Last year was a particularly eventful one. We’ve featured a good number of wine cellar projects embracing a modern theme. Plus, we also launched several racking products geared towards creating modern, high-end looks. It will be no surprise that the trend will continue to rise from here. So if you’re one of those planning your wine cellar construction this year, read on! We put together some concepts on designing your contemporary wine cellar.

Wine racks in a unique layout

Choose wine racks with unique finishes…

Obviously, one of the focal points of your wine cellar will be your wine racks. In order to bring out an authentic modern vibe, the kind of finish for your racks will seal the deal. Wood wine racks are pretty much the standard fare. Some woods look lovely even when unstained. But they do not exude a contemporary appeal. With the help of stains and finishes, you can make this happen. Deep and dark shades, such as Midnight Black Stain, are a popular option. One example is black and granite with glass walls. This spells sleek and is the very definition of modern.  Also consider a clean, Whitewash stain option. Whitewash is a versatile finish that works well with open themes of modern decor.

Whitewash Stain on racks

Consider materials other than just wood…

Most people gravitate towards wood racking units. But for a contemporary wine cellar, other materials should be considered. Metal is definitely among them. We recommend trying out aluminum for this purpose. WCI carries  Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels that are perfect for the job. The finished panels give the supports a nice, sleek, and definitely modern touch. Glass is another material that should be on the list. Glass can give off both traditional and contemporary vibes, depending on how you use it. Pairing it with metal wine racks is one of the top choices. However, you can combine it with other elements, like acrylic, stone, and mirrors. And speaking of acrylic, this is another material worth trying out. It has the transparency of glass and the modern appeal of metal.

Cable racking system spells "modern"

Go for a minimalist design and layout…

A contemporary style is often characterized by stark lines, neutral elements, and bold colors. It focuses mostly on the basics of line, shape and form. Each element should work together and create balance. Nothing should stand out too much or overpower other elements. In a wine cellar, this translates to straightforward racking arrangements. Seamless transitions from the racks to the floor and/or ceiling are in order. The space should be utilized in such a way that it doesn’t appear cramped or busy. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #415: Spacious Storage With Commercial Wine Racks

January 15th, 2019

It’s only mid-January, but our first commercial wine cellar project is already up and running. That’s how we can tell that this is going to be a really productive year. This wonderful Tech Tuesday features Batesville Liquor Co., a shopping and retail store in Batesville, Indiana:

Project # 282119
Wood/Series: CDR/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Batesville, IN

Commercial wine racks

This client is actually one of the larger liquor establishments in town. They have a pretty extensive selection of wine, beer, and other beverages. The floor area in the store is very spacious. There was more than enough room to accommodate the growing merchandise. The only question is on how to maximize it. This is where WCI’s commercial wine racks come into play. These photos show some of the great choices the client chose for their wine store.

The Circular Merchandiser, in particular, is a real eye-catcher. This rack offers up high wine storage capacity in a compact format. It is recommended to station the merchandiser in high-traffic areas in a wine establishment. The attractive yet practical design allows 360 degrees of visibility. You also have the display row which pops out the wine bottle label. And here’s a bonus: the solid table top is now included with the unit, even in the Vintner Commercial racking series. Circular Wine Merchandiser

Below is another photo showcasing the other commercial racking styles. The rows of Wine Display Islands with Individual Wine Bottle Storage are particularly noteworthy. See how the merchandise is neatly organized for easy identification and access? These islands allow one to display popular labels on top and stock up on them below. This makes for convenient shopping, especially during sales or rush hours. This kind of set-up will make wine selection a pleasant experience for any customer.

Now lining the walls of the store are several variations of WCI’s commercial Display Bins. You can see the Diamond Bins and Fixed Shelves with the display trays jutting out. This helps boost wine sales by capturing customers’ attention to check out popular and/or new labels. Take note that both our Vintner Commercial and Classic Commercial lines carry these racking styles. The Vintner line itself includes a very extensive selection of state-of-the-art commercial racking units. Plus, there is a lot of customization options for the wood, stains and finishes. You can basically get high-quality racks for your store at in a more affordable price range. Our Classic line is hand built to order. This translates to a higher price – but with customization down to the finest detail. *Cheers*

Wine Display Islands

Knowing The Right Assembly Tools For Your DIY Wine Cellar

January 14th, 2019

Anything DIY is such a hit these days – and that certainly includes wine cellars. That’s why we devote our Testimonial Thursday blogs to these projects. It’s quite amazing to witness the creativity of clients using our products. We are also impressed at how they work with the assembly and installation process. In the end, it really boils down to knowing the right assembly tools. So if you’re a newbie to wine cellar construction, we highly recommend getting thoroughly informed first.

We’re pretty lucky that a client of ours decided to document their DIY wine cellar journey and share it with everyone. They called this the 2015 Wine Room Project. So a few years back, the purchased some WineMaker Series racking units from WCI. In particular, they got an open vertical display, 4 column, 10 column, and curved corner racks. All the units were in the 3 foot high configuration and crafted from Premium Redwood. The racks were stained in beautiful Dark Walnut that matched the flooring of the wine room:

Awesome DIY with our WineMaker Series

Now as far as the assembly and installation process went, the client document it in detail. They utilized a nail gun which made things go in a more convenient fashion. Per the client’s testimony, assembling the racks was a fairly straightforward task. The use of the brad nailer allowed them to complete everything in a couple hours. Take note that there are actually three popular ways to assemble these wine racks. You can use the traditional hammer-and-nail method. There’s also the use of screws with the help of a drill. You have to pre-drill the holes first so you won’t damage the wood. Then, of course, you have the last method which is the nail gun. The latter has been proven time and again to be the most efficient one. We have a detailed comparison of these three methods on our learning videos. Now check out our client’s video on how they utilized this method to put together their racking assembly. See how they managed to make racks fit into the frames, as well as adding a countertop:

“They are pretty sturdy, and I’d recommend them to anyone. I also liked that the cuts and milled out areas were all uniform, and fit together well.”

~Paul M.~

Have you embarked on any WCI wine cellar projects and documented your experience as well? If you did, we’d love for you to share it with us as well! Shoot as an e-mail of your assembly and installation process. ^_^