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Our Technical Tuesday Wrap Up For 2021 (Part 2)

December 28th, 2021

Onto Part 2 of our Tech Tuesday year-end wrap up! If the project you’re rooting for didn’t make the cut last week, then it might have made it here. Here is the final batch of our favorite Tech Tuesdays:

Part 2 of our year-end Tech Tuesday wrap up!

Tech Tues Ep #530: Wine Storage Console W/ Revue Racks

No doubt about it, the Revue Series was a huge hit this year. We’ve had tons of Tech Tuesdays and DIY wine storage using these elegant metal wine racks. But this one tops our books! You can see from this photo how the bottles are displayed in a beautiful “floating” fashion. This is thanks to the floor-to-ceiling configuration of the Revue Wall Series. The racks are designed to be wall-mounted, but you can assemble them this way for a more dramatic flair.

Tech Tues Ep #537: Lovely & Luxe With Midnight Black Stain

Bold, dark hues still rank high in our books. And that’s why we just had to include this lovely and luxe wine room on our list. The layout is pretty straightforward, sticking to clean, effortless silhouettes. It’s the perfect canvass for a deep colored stain like Midnight Black. See how the stain does not overpower the lighter hues of the flooring and ceiling. It does the opposite, enhancing them and making the different colored bottle caps pop out.

Tech Tues Ep #543: Exquisite Custom Cabinets In Grand Mahogany

Custom cabinets are very versatile and deserve more love. That’s why we’re doing it here! Everything was done according to the clients’ specifications, from the racking units down to the stain option. The racks were customized to ensure a perfect fit and maximize bottle storage capacity. Just like wine cellars, you can do anything you want with custom cabinets. You can select the wood, racking styles, moldings, stains and finishes and more.

Tech Tues Ep #548: Edgy Knotty Alder Racking Assembly

Last but certainly not the least, we pay tribute to this edgy Knotty Adler project. It’s a compact wine cellar which is moving up the popularity ladder each year. You can see from the photo how the racks are fitted to the compact area. The transition is seamless and the racking assembly is clean and professional. One of the major reasons why Knotty Alder is sought after is because of its natural colors. Unstained, the wood is composed of light brown shades. However, you will also see some variations, from pale yellows to reddish-brown.

That concludes our 2021 Tech Tuesday wrap up! We can’t wait to roll out new and more awesome projects in the New Year. We hope you guys will join us in our 2022 wine cellar journey as well. *Cheers*




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