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Parisian Undertones Make For Elegant Wine Cellars

December 3rd, 2021

We’ve always had a thing for French-inspired decor in wine cellars. From the entryways down to the ceiling, flooring, and lighting, having that classy touch is chef’s kiss. So when we saw our clients’ completed wine room, we were totally thrilled. The Parisian undertones incorporated here are right up our alley:ParisianThis project is one of the best examples of how accents can level up the look of your wine cellar. The clients decided to enclose theirs with glass walls. But instead of seamless panels, they opted for something a bit different. First, they went with a geometric pattern instead of regular, uniformly cut glass panels. Second, they enhanced the outlines with trim. Note that decorative trim can turn plain silhouettes into statement pieces. Usually, black metal trim for glass windows is the preferred style. A lot of our clients love the slightly industrial touch it adds to a wine room. It lends a contemporary atmosphere to it. But in clients’ case here, they wanted to stick with the old country charm. So instead of black metal trim, they utilized a solid white one. Combined with the geometric patterns on the glass panels, it gives us lovely Parisian undertones. Keep in mind that French style in general is effortlessly chic. This is achieved by clean lines and choice accessories. Elegance is still the bottom line and nothing is overdone.

Now let’s take a peek inside the cellar. The racking assembly is also understated. However, a bit of flair was added with the Curved Corners and Waterfall Wine Bottle units. It’s also a clever combination of several racking styles, including Open Diamond Bins. This racking setup can easily hold a few hundred bottles. But look at how there is still lots of space to expand the clients’ wine storage. That is the beauty of keeping things simple. To make the racks and flooring stand out, clients went with a Light Danish stain option. We like the contrast of the caramel hues with the white walls and trim. The result is a warm and cozy atmosphere. You cannot deny that there is indeed a certain je ne sais quoi about this project! ^_^



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