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Technical Tuesday Episode #552: Cottage Style Them With Graywash Stain

November 30th, 2021

Last Tech Tuesday for the month of November, wine cellar fans! How crazy is that? Only one more month to go and we will be saying goodbye to 2021. But there’s still more than enough time to showcase a few more wine cellar projects. We’re hoping these will inspire you guys to get started on yours. For today’s episode, let’s check out this cottage theme racking arrangement:

Project # 329898
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 560
Where: Smyrna, GA
Stain: Graywash

Cottage theme for wine cellarLast week, we featured a beautiful wine room with a farmhouse chic motif. Today’s Tech Tuesday exudes an almost similar vibe. The common denominator is the stain option chosen for the racking units. This goes to show just how much an impact stains and finishes can make on a wine cellar project. It’s relatively easy to get the look you want by finding the right wood and stain combination. In clients’ case here, it’s the union between Rustic Pine and Graywash Stain. Note that Graywash was instrumental in helping create that farmhouse chic look. So it only stands to reason that it’s the ideal choice for a cottage theme. The cottage style also has several variations. Some are very rustic, some are very modern, and others are somewhere in between. But in general, it has a romantic appeal. If you don’t want to go full-on with this aesthetic, then you can balance it out with minimalistic silhouettes. That’s exactly what our clients did here:

Rustic feel with Graywash StainYou can see how racking units come together in a seamless manner. To keep it subdued, the lines are kept clean. See how there are no curved corner racks or Quarter Round Shelves used. Moreover, Rustic Pine is the wood option to make the wine cellar have a more comfortable appeal. The wood has natural creamy colors punctuated by subtle, structurally sound knots. These are accentuated by the Graywash Stain. The result is a comfy, casual appearance, perfect for a home wine cellar. *Cheers*


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