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Farmhouse Chic Vibes With Graywash Stained Racks

November 25th, 2021

Home renovation is no longer limited to the “common” areas. By that, we mean your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area. These days, there’s another section of the home that’s gaining more and more attention: the wine cellar. You can totally set a theme for your wine cellar design. It’s longer just putting up wine racks and installing a cooling unit. We’re loving the direction our clients took on theirs. This farmhouse chic vibe is right up our alley:

Farmhouse chic vibes w/ Graywash stainThe traditional country style is indeed a popular one with wine cellar projects. But there are those who feel like it’s a tad generic. Our clients took it to another level by modifying that style. Instead of just the usual country charm, they went the farmhouse chic route on their wine room. But before we go into the finer details, what exactly is “farmhouse chic”? It’s an emerging style trend wherein classic country and modern minimalism meet somewhere in the middle. The overall design is usually relaxed and rustic, but with modern touches scattered here and there. It’s all about the play of textures and tones in a mix of materials.

Loving the farmhouse chic feel!Our clients were able to achieve this look by focusing on specific elements in their wine cellar. These are the racking arrangement, flooring, and lighting. Note that a “weathered” appearance of the wood is key. Weathered wood exudes warmth and richness giving off a welcoming aura. So clients went with a Graywash stain option for their racking units. It’s a very attractive stain that is both traditional and modern. Graywash is actually semi-transparent, much like Whitewash. There is no texture that comes through. As you can see from these photos, the result is a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. It’s the perfect balance between old country charm and clean and contemporary.

Graywash stain on Grand Mahogany racksGrand Mahogany is the wood option for this project. It’s a high-end hardwood with moderately coarse grain pattern. As mentioned earlier, the play on textures and tones is essential to achieving the farmhouse chic style. That’s why Grand Mahogany is a solid choice. Also, statement accessories in various metal materials like steel, iron, and brass will tie up the look nicely. In clients’ case, they focused on the lighting elements. ^_^