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Clients Give High Recommendation For WCI Custom Creation

November 18th, 2021

When clients say they “like” our work, that really motivates us to do even better. But when they say they “love” our work, that’s on a totally different level. It makes us want to stay in this industry forever! So the high recommendation Sean gave us for this custom creation is just the fuel we need.

One of the things that our clients enjoy with our products and services is the range of options. In terms of racking products, the choices we offer are very robust. They extend to the smaller details. That means we are able to meet any and all wine cellar goals. That includes working out the kinks that can be potential deal-breakers – like the budget. Today’s Testimonial Thursday showcases a lot of that variety  in product options.

Let’s start with the wine racks themselves. Clients wanted an enclosed wine storage as opposed to a formal wine room. As the space is relatively smaller, their budget allowed for custom wine racks. But they decided to splurge a bit more. They wanted to go with a top-grade wood: Grand Mahogany. Note that WCI has an extensive selection of stock and non-stock wood options. We can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available.

The creative process doesn’t end there. Clients are given the opportunity to select from a bevy of stains and finishes. There are also other custom amenities to give racking arrangements a truly professional look. Take a good, long look at clients’ wine cellar. They went with Dark Walnut stain for their racks. They also added some center seam trim and moldings. Lastly, lighting accents were utilized to accentuate the displays in all the right places. The result is a polished layout that reeks of high quality and elegance.

Clients give high recommendation for WCI!

Now here’s where the range of options at WCI can really work their magic. If you want a simple yet “luxe” wine cellar theme on a lower budget, that is still possible. You can use wine rack “kits” instead of going custom. There are affordable choices for your wood, stains and finishes. There are decor and accessories you can swap out. And never forget: we have experienced design consultants who can help you get to where you want to be! ^_^

“We love our cellar! We were recommended to you, and I will recommend Wine Cellar Innovations.”

~Sean M.~