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Of Raised Panel Ceilings And Blended Stain Wine Racks

November 4th, 2021

How important are ceilings in a wine cellar project? You may or may not agree with us, but the reality is that they have a significant role to play. In terms of function, wine cellar ceilings actually help a lot on maintaining ideal storage conditions. Remember that it’s not just about installing a wine cellar cooling system. Other details in the structural make-up of your project need to be carefully considered as well. Cue in: wine cellar ceilings. They help with insulation and bringing maintenance costs down.

Obviously, they also have a lot to contribute in the style department. Without a doubt, the ceilings add aesthetic value to your wine cellar. Just check out today’s Testimonial Thursday feature. It’s a terrific illustration of how they can bring more character to your wine room. Our clients went with the Raised Panel option. The design at the outset is clean and pretty much seamless. This is why it’s quite popular as it works with just about any wine cellar theme. Notice how it opens up the room to give it a more spacious and airy feel. The panels are either simple square or rectangular shapes, accentuated by soffits. You can play around with the design by customizing either the panels or soffits both. For example, you can go for curved raised panels to match your curved corner racks. You can also choose to have decorative soffits for a fancier touch. There is also the “no soffit” option. The panels will then be more defined and showcase a lot more depth. The “no soffit” style works really well with recessed lighting elements.

Raised Panel CeilingsAs for the racking assembly, the clients also chose to have the same customized. They chose Premium Redwood for the racking units and a blended stain option to boot. Thanks to our blended stains, we are able to meet any and all design needs. We can blend any of our current stains to create something totally personalized for our clients. We can even take a custom match and match it up. So even if there are existing wine racks and/or furniture, it’s easy to give everything a uniform appearance. And yes, we can match up the shades on those ceilings, too! ^_^