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Technical Tuesday Episode #547: Why You Can’t Go Wrong W/ Black Accents

October 26th, 2021

Considering Halloween will be here in a few days, this Tech Tuesday is right on the money. Black and orange are the staples when it comes to Halloween hues. But this stunner shows us why you can’t go wrong with darker accents in your wine cellars, too:

Project # 323220
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2764
Where: Richardson, TX
Stain: Midnight Black

You can’t go wrong w/ black accents!Our clients from Richardson, TX didn’t spare any expense for their wine cellar project. They went for custom wine racks to outfit this spacious room. A lot of Solid Diamond Cubes were used in the layout, together with Curved Corner Racks. This was such an ingenious way of combining different racking styles. The outcome is really eye-catching, thanks to the seamless transition between the units.

Lovely black metal trim on glass panelsSpeaking of eye-catching, take note at how understated the design elements in this project are. Yet, the wine cellar exudes a bold and luxurious charm. The not-so-secret answer lies in the accents: specifically, the darker themed wine cellar decor. First up is the Midnight Black Stain option chosen for the wine racks. The jet black color is quite different from traditional woodworking finishes. It lends the wood a contemporary appeal – minimalistic, yet striking. Some are a bit hesitant to go with this stain option as it might take away the “old country charm” of a wine cellar. But that is clearly not the case. It’s all about knowing when and how to use these bolder colors. You can see from this project that the elegance factor is accentuated, not diminished.

Spacious and sleek wine roomNext up are the glass panels. Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a glass-enclosed layout. But in this case, our team went a step further. They designed the glass wall with black metal trim. The result is a gorgeous statement of separation and transparency. We love how it gives a sort of industrial touch to the wine cellar. The metal framing adds a fanciful touch to the otherwise plain glass entryway. You can also see how it works extremely well with the lighting accessories. Needless to say, we just adore today’s Tech Tuesday feature. How about you – is it a hit or a miss in your books? Comment below and share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*