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A Luxurious Little Retreat With Grand Mahogany Racks

October 21st, 2021

Do you want to have a luxurious little retreat at the heart of your home? As a wine lover, it’s actually not that difficult. Our clients were able to achieve that with the help of our wine rack kits. Let’s check it out:

Luxurious little retreat with Grand Mahogany racks!Comfy and spacious, clients managed to really transform this room into their own. They wanted not just a place to store their collection. They also wanted a place where they could relax and enjoy a glass of wine at their leisure. While working on a budget, clients also agreed that they did not want to overspend. Quality is important, but it also has to be balanced with affordability. They found their answer in the Vintner Series.

Wine room is classy and luxe!With clients going the wine rack “kits” route, the Vintner Series was certainly the best choice. There is an extensive selection of racking styles available for both individual and bulk bottle storage. There are even unique products like the Elite Cabinetry and Concave Racking collections. While these units are available as “kits,” there was also plenty of room for customization. Clients had the freedom to choose wood, stain and finish options from the full WCI inventory. That includes latest offerings such as Mocha, Graywash, and Whitewash stains. Other “custom” amenities were also available, such as molding packages. Base platforms, center seam trim, and even Lacquer finish were offered as well. These are accessories that can actually spell the difference between an ordinary racking assembly and “professional” looking one. That’s why the little details should never be overlooked!

Little details like moldings and trim matter!As earlier mentioned, clients also wanted to prioritize quality in their wine cellar project. When they went for the “kits” instead of custom racking, that goal was not lost. They were able to select top-of-the-line wood for their racks. They went with Grand Mahogany in unstained version. The natural,  uniform colors of the wood are just very attractive. These range from medium browns to pale pinks. Of course, there is no question about the quality. Grand Mahogany is easily comparable to Sapele and Cherry in terms of hardness, density, and grain texture. It also matches up to them in durability and stability . ^_^