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Clients Find Solace In Their Wonderful, Cozy Wine Corner

October 7th, 2021

The “ber” months are usually the start of a season’s worth of festivities. But these months are also the busiest. So you’ll definitely need to book in some much needed downtime ( or “me time!). Then again, you’d have to go through the whole stressful process of planning a short and getaway. Our clients didn’t want to take that route and invested in something more enduring. They found solace in the completion of their cozy wine cellar:

Clients find solace in their cozy wine cellarHaving a quiet and comfortable space to enjoy a glass of wine is a one of life’s small luxuries. Clients decided there’s no reason why they couldn’t have that. It didn’t entail a great amount of space or a huge budget on their end. They transformed a seemingly tight corner of their home into their little shangri-la. As the space was quite uneven, they decided to go for wall-mount metal wine racks. This was certainly a very smart move. In particular, they selected some wall-mount units from the Revue Series. To maximize bottle storage, clients chose a combination of single-deep and double-deep wine racks. They did their homework quite well because as you can see from these photos, the storage is pretty generous for such a compact room:

A cozy corner where clients can find solaceOnce again, the Revue Series has shown why it has steadily become more popular with wine lovers. The flexible units come in 3-Ft and 4-Ft height configurations that make them convenient to utilize. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a small or large wine storage project. These wall-mount babies will fit right in! Moreover, you can even expand your bottle capacity thanks to the different depth variations. As show in the photos, clients incorporated some double-deep units into this project. Note that there are triple-deep racks available as well, in case future expansion will prove possible.

The design is also another factor why the Revue Series became such a hit in such a short span of time. See how the racks look so simple yet sleek. The collection is inspired by the definition of French style as the word “revue” is French in origin. Thus, the racks are simple yet chic. Nothing is overdone, yet the end result is never underwhelming. No doubt, this wine cellar is clients’ place of solace. So why not start building yours as well? We are here to help! ^_^