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Technical Tuesday Episode #544: Vintage View Cases, Crate Bins & Lockers

October 5th, 2021

Are you guys FALLing in love with fall? We hope so, because we are just so enamored with this beautiful season. If you have your fall wine shopping list all sorted out, here’s a project you should check out. This Tech Tuesday really pulls out at all the stops in the bulk bottle storage department. Vintage View gives us a lesson on how bulk storage should be done with its cases, crate bins and lockers:

Project # 318659
Series: Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 1620
Where: Cincinnati, OH

The Vintage View Series is best known for its wall-mount metal racking units. But that’s not all that it can offer. It’s one of our most versatile collections with an extensive selection of metal wine racks. This project is a great example some of those products: the Vintage View crates, bins, and lockers:

So you can see from these photos that this is a commercial wine cellar project. The clients want room not just for current merchandise, but for future acquisitions as well. They invested in wall-mount metal wine racks, but wanted a floor-to-ceiling layout. This will allow them to showcase the wine bottles in a most attractive manner. It will also enable customers to easily locate what they want thanks to the label-forward system. Note that to achieve this, a Floor to Ceiling Frame is needed. This can be purchased separately, along with bottle retention straps for better security. And here’s a bonus: when the bottles are stored, they will have that “floating” appearance that is quite magical.

Now let’s talk about the cases, crate bins, and lockers. These units were specifically designed for bulk bottle storage. They come in a variety of configurations, starting from the single column units. They also come in short and tall height options, as well as add-on extensions. That means you can grow your storage along with your merchandise.

As far as the lockers are concerned, one of the best advantages is the safety feature. You can keep the more expensive bottles in there to prevent accidental injury. The keyed locks will also keep the bottles from being stolen. There’s even a lock and label package to help you make your store’s merchandise more organized. There are heaps of options with Vintage View – so go ahead and start exploring! *Cheers*


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