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Client Reaps The Amazing Benefits Of The WCI Advantage

September 2nd, 2021

If you follow our blogs often enough, you’ll certainly recognize the phrase “WCI experience.” This encompasses the wine cellar journey with our clients, including their take on our products and services. But what is the “WCI advantage”? This is actually the phrase used to describe the benefits of choosing WCI products. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is a prime example:

Benefits of the WCI advantage!

As can be seen from the photo above, our wine racks are truly world-class. Even DIY projects can look this spiffy when you are working with quality materials. This is the first benefit you get from our wine racks. We pay attention to the tiniest details to ensure excellent results. That being said, all of our premium and custom collections are manufactured with radiused, smooth edges. That way, wine labels will be protected from tearing when removing or replacing bottles. Moreover, clients are assured that there are no gaps in the corners of our rack rail construction.

For those who have undergone the WCI experience, you guys know that giving options is one of our biggest campaigns. This also forms part of the WCI advantage. So apart from the standard wood, stain and finish options, we have so many others. Molding packages, center seam trim, casters, and base platforms are just some of them. But another optional part that we send out with most of our racks are the back support braces. These help make the racking sturdier. It will prevent the unit from rocking or swaying when you lift it to mount to the wall. Also take note that once mounted, our racks will not shift from side to side with or without the brace.

Lastly, let’s talk about the solid wood paneling material for our racking units. We are very proud to declare that our paneling material is made from 100% wood. We value quality and durability which is why our racks are built to last. We utilize solid wood, edge glued construction, and not MDF with strip edging and paper thin veneer. When MDF veneer materials receive unfortunate dings and nicks,  it can flake over. But with solid wood, the stain will be preserved for years to come. In addition, you can easily sand and refinish solid wood. All these form part of that WCI advantage that our client Kevin definitely reaped in his project. ^_^

All is great! The communication was good, and it came together pretty quickly once I started.” 

~Kevin J.~