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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Different Wine Bottle Coolers To Check Out

July 28th, 2021

How do you store your wine? When talking about wine storage, there are two situations that we must look at. The first is when unopened bottles of wine are involved. These are the ones that are kept either for immediate consumption or to age at a graceful pace. The second involves opened bottles that are not finished in one sitting. Today, we’ll talk about the second scenario and the different wine coolers to check out:

Credits by: Newair


The energy-efficient wine cooler

First up is energy-efficient wine cooling units. Conserving energy should be a priority in our homes   and we do that by making eco-friendly choices. The NewAir Freestanding Compressor wine fridge is right up the alley on this one.  There’s a healthy selection of units to choose from, in different sizes and prices. They are perfect for small wine cellars or for those without formal wine rooms. The collection offers single- and dual-temperature-zone refrigerators with very low noise.

Credits by: Eurocave

The large capacity wine cooler

Now what about for those with large collections? If you’re going to be opening several bottles and leaving them unfinished, you’ll need a large capacity wine cooler. Eurocave is one of the top recommended products for this purpose. They even have 500 wine cooler and 600 bottle wine cooler units available. The sleek, modern design and economical energy efficiency are one of their selling points. For those who have bottles that are not intended to be for long-term storage, the Eurocave is also a terrific solution.

Credits by: Ivation

The cost-efficient wine cooler

Lastly, let’s explore the cost-efficient options for these wine coolers. Not everyone will have the budget for a so-called “top rated” wine refrigeration unit. But that shouldn’t be such a big concern. There are actually wine coolers that combine both quality and affordability in one great package. The Ivation series is one of these. The units are  quiet, compact, and super easy to set up. It can reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit within 20 minutes of plugging it in. That means your unfinished bottles will still remain fresh for that next round. ^_^