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Homey Basement Wine Cellar With Our Vintner Series

July 22nd, 2021

The basement is definitely the ideal location for a wine cellar. So when you have one in your home, take advantage of it. Our client Erica did made the best decision ever when they pushed through with their project. They are now the proud owner of this homey wine room, all decked in the Vintner Series:

Homey basement wine cellar!The clients were quite hands-on with the entire construction process. This made the project proceed at a smooth pace. They worked with one of WCI’s professional design consultants to design their racking assembly. They decided on our Vintner Series wine rack kits. The end results were highly satisfying, prompting clients to deliver rave reviews. We are thrilled to share their WCI experience, especially since they took awesome photos like this one:

3-foot & 4-foot Vintner racks

For the finer deets of this project, clients worked with the 3-foot and 4-foot Vintner units. Their design consultant helped them select from Vintner’s extensive product resumé. A combination of Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins gave clients the bottle storage they needed. Note the low ceilings on the photos. Since Vintner racks are super flexible, it wasn’t difficult to configure them to work with the ceiling height. See how the wine cellar doesn’t look cramped at all. Plus, with a little tinkering, future racks can still be stacked onto this assembly.

To embrace the homey feel of the room, clients went with Premium Redwood as their wood option. They also chose Dark Walnut Stain for the racks. This deepened the natural color of the wood and made the racks stand out. We like how the darker wood is being accentuated by the muted golden hues of the the room. Props to the lighting accents on this one! The rough-hewn stone walls also worked very well with the bold colors of the racks and other furniture. ^_^

“I wanted to send a positive review for Jennifer. My husband and I worked with her to design racks for our new wine cellar. She was responsive, helpful, and experienced, and I’d recommend her services to anyone.”

~Erica E.~