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Technical Tuesday Episode #527: Glass Enclosed Commercial Wine Storage

June 1st, 2021

Joyful June greetings, wine cellar pals! This is the month where fun in the sun will really start to kick off. Can you smell summer around the corner? We sure can! Best thing about it this year is that things are slowly but surely starting to get better. We can enjoy our wine both indoors and outdoors while still keeping safe. Wine establishments, bars, and restaurants are also getting busier, like today’s Tech Tuesday client. They invested in this stunning glass enclosed wine storage and we’re here to give you guys all the deets:

Project # 316640
Wood: Custom / Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 3144

Glass enclosed wine storageThere’s nothing like wining and dining while being able to ogle what else? More wine! This is exactly our client’s goal when they commissioned for this glass enclosed creation. The attractive display of their collection will whet their wine-loving patrons’ appetite. At the same time, it will also augment the establishment’s aesthetic appeal.

Stunning glass enclosed wine displayThe clients worked with the WCI professional design team to come up with this classic glass x metal wine storage combo. Metal racking units were indeed a smart choice as they really complement the glass elements. In particular, the Vintage View metal wine racks were chosen for this project. Vintage View has been features countless times in the WCI blog. But the versatility of the product is just incredible. Browse through our photo galleries and you will definitely see what we mean. Each project is wonderfully unique, particularly with the way the Vintage View racks are utilized. Naturally, the telltale features are always present. One, the bottles are securely stored in a label-forward fashion. Two, the racks are either wall-mounted or displayed in a floor-to-ceiling layout. Three, the racks have generous bottle storage capacity as they come in single, double, and triple deep options.

Our clients’ happy patrons!Now as far as the glass enclosed design is concerned, clients went for the classic, frameless style. This certainly suits the vibe of the restaurant and allows for the wines to be put on full display. But keep in mind that you can also play around with other design concepts. That is the great thing with a glass enclosed wine storage. It is very flexible and you can have fun experimenting with it. One of our favorites is adding black metal trim to the glass. This lends it a more modern feel. Another would be to accentuate it with bold LED lighting accessories. *Cheers*

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