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Technical Tuesday Episode #513: Customized Knotty Alder Wine Racks

February 23rd, 2021

What is your wood of choice for your wine cellar project? Would you go the “safe” route and pick from the most common options? Or are you willing to be a bit adventurous and try out something different? If it’s the latter, then this Tech Tuesday should be a great inspiration. Our clients proudly showcase their adorable under stairwell wine storage. Check out their customized Knotty Alder wine racks:

Project # 329595
Wood: Custom / Knotty Alder
Bottle Capacity: 460
Where: Cumming, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Under stairwell storage with Knotty Alder racksUnder stairwell transformations are so unique and a  clever use of wasted space. We really enjoy seeing wine storage projects come to life in this type of layout. This one in particular is done so seamlessly! That’s because the wine racks have been customized to fit the space perfectly.

Black metal trim on glass panelsHere are some nice shots showcasing the range of racking styles. See how bulk bottle storage was taken into consideration with the Open Diamond Bins. We’d also like to point out a cool detail with the glass panels. Notice the black metal trim, including on the door? They really add character to the otherwise simple design of this project.

Knotty Alder in Dark Walnut stainNow let’s move on to the wood option. As earlier mentioned, these units were crafted from Knotty Alder. As far as appearance is concerned, Knotty Alder is quite attractive even when unstained. It is primarily light brown in color. But the wood may also vary from pale yellow to reddish-brown. In short, it is a light-colored wood. It also often features a variety of different-sized knots. But some pieces will have no knots at all. When compared to the more popular wood options, you can say it is closest to Rustic Pine.

Tons of bottle storage in a small spaceKnotty Alder is durable and possesses satisfactory resiliency. Moreover, it adapts to stains and finishes very well, including lacquer. Lacquer can be added to any stain or to the unstained wood for a glossy finish. In this project, clients chose a Dark Walnut stain option that really brought out the wood’s grain pattern. As you can see from the images, the wood and stain combo offered a rustic feel to the wine cellar. We are loving the minimalist yet elegant appeal of this Tech Tuesday. How does it rate with you? *Cheers*


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