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Elegance Done Right With Vintage View’s Vino Pins

February 18th, 2021

The beauty and practicality of metal wine racks should really be explored more. We’re glad that more and more clients are gradually discovering this. Today’s DIY feature is a wonderful illustration of the outstanding features of metal racking. Check out this wall-mounted work of art, courtesy of the Vino Pins:

Elegant Vino PinsSo what exactly are Vino Pins? They are part of the Vintage View collection. Vintage View is one of our oldest metal wine rack series. It’s very popular, even with the advent of newer metal racking designs. Vino Pins fall under the “wine rack pegs” category. They are super space efficient since you can mount them just about anywhere in your home. Wherever you have an empty wall space, you can fill that with the pins. They are so easy to assemble and can be mounted to just about any surface. In this project, you can see the pins being mounted in custom marble-type material:

Label-forward storage with Vino Pins

Let’s go a bit more into the details of these metal racking units. As earlier mentioned, they go into almost any surface. In particular, you can mount then into drywall, masonry, and wood with the help of mounting hardware. The units usually come with collars. A collar is a small circular piece of hardware that will slide over the stud that comes out from the wall. It finish off your pin nicely. Just take note that the no collar option is not applicable for drywall application. Also keep in mind that wood/solid backing is required for no collar option.

Mount your Vino Pins on any surfaceNow what about in terms of aesthetics? How do these metal babies fare? Just look at how sleek and elegant the wine bottles look while on display. Note that the bottles are showcased in a label-forward fashion. This makes it easy to see the labels and organize your collection. Also, the pins come in two beautiful finishes: Anodized Black and Milled Aluminum. These will work with just about any design or theme in your wine cellars, dining areas, or kitchens. The minimalist style is perfect for even the most discerning wine enthusiast. Here’s an awesome add-on you’d want to keep in mind! The optional Vino Pins Extensions (VP-X) allow for transformation to two- and three-deep bottle configurations. That means you can easily grow your wine pegs together with your collection. ^_^


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