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Vintner Racks Provide Clients With Excellent Experience

January 21st, 2021

Nothing makes us happier than clients sharing their  enjoyable experience with our products and services. But with today’s Testimonial Thursday, it even goes beyond that. Our clients reveal an excellent experience that had them wanting to recommend WCI to friends. These photos they sent of their wine cellar made us really proud that we are a huge part of the process:

Excellent experience with the Vintner racksOur clients chose the Vintner Series to outfit this compact wine room. We’ve always been confident of the quality and variety offered by Vintner. But it’s always so reassuring to hear glowing feedback, especially from first-time customers. As show by the photos, our clients purchased several Individual Columns, Curved Corner units and a Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bin. They got their wine racks in unstained Rustic Pine that worked so well with the room’s walls and flooring.

Unstained Rustic PineOne standout feature of the racking arrangement is how it looks so put together, with no gaps anywhere. Notice that there are no awkward gaps between the racks, ceiling and flooring. Vintner’s super flexible configurations contribute a great deal to achieve that. But the other significant factor is the use of the right accents. Clients also purchased molding packages and center seam trim along with the racks. Vintner provides crown and base molding packages that lets you “complete” your racking assembly. The center seam trim is instrumental in letting you transition between racking styles sans the awkward gaps. These are just some of the amenities Vintner offers. You also have the ability to choose from several wood options and the full selection of WCI’s stains and finishes. It’s like being able to customize your wine racks without having to go the custom route. In other words, you don’t need to pay a custom price. This excellent experience is a Vintner trademark. ^_^

A very happy client with excellent WCI experience! “Overall, we had an excellent experience. I will definitely be recommending the company to my friends, and have already received many friends asking where we got them.”

~Michael G.~

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