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Technical Tuesday Episode #508: Cottagecore Charm w/ Unstained Premium Redwood

January 19th, 2021

Are you guys familiar with the term “cottagecore”? Nope, were not talking about Animal Crossing here, folks. Cottagecore is actually an aesthetic inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. Some also refer to it as “farmcore” or “countrycore”. The style takes its roots on ideas focusing on simplistic lifestyle with a lot of natural elements involved. In other words, it is very centered on nature and the environment. The concept flourished greatly in social media circles such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It also brought design inspirations not only for the home, but for wine cellars as well:

Project # 307706
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1561
Where: Malvern, PA
Stain: Unstained

Cottagecore charm on this wine cellarThe natural vibe of this Tech Tuesday project definitely speaks cottagecore to us. We love that the clients went with unstained Premium Redwood on their wine racks. This lends an old country charm to the wine cellar. Note that in its unstained state, Premium Redwood boasts of beautiful pinkish white to reddish brown hues. This light colored wood makes the racking arrangement look so fresh and clean, just like the air from the countryside. Obviously, this worked very well with the rough-hewn stone flooring and ceiling. See how the colors of the floors and ceilings and wine racks complement each other:

Unstained Premium Redwood racksNow let’s talk about the racking options for this wine room. The bottle storage capacity is pretty generous, easily accommodating a little over 1500 bottles. Our team filled the room with lots of individual bottle columns combined with high reveal displays. The space is actually a tad narrow, but the custom racking units really made a difference. There is even room for an archway with countertop and Open Diamond Bins at the bottom. The diamond bins will allow for bulk bottle storage. Here’s a pro tip: Open Diamond Bins or Cubes will considerably boost your bottle storage capacity! We recommend mixing them with some rectangular shelves. WCI offers shelves in either fixed or adjustable configurations. You’ll be able to store crates and boxes as well! So is the cottagecore aesthetic a “yes” or “no” for you? Let us know what you think! *Cheers*

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