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The Many Ways You Can Create Small Wine Storage

November 26th, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving, wine cellar fans! Despite the difficult times we’ve all had this year, there are always still things to be grateful for. For us here at WCI, the fact that we can still help you guys your wine cellar goals is something we will never take for granted. We are able to provide a safe for clients to access our products and services. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is another proof of that! Taking a cue from Paul’s beautiful cellar, let’s explore the many ways you can create small wine storage:

Small wine storage done in creative ways!It goes without saying that custom wine racking can fill up your space exactly the way you want. That’s why if you have the budget for it, we highly recommend going the custom route. But we also understand that it’s not for everyone. That’s also why WCI offers options – a lot of other racking alternatives you can explore. One of those options is our wine rack kits. You can build something like our client’s racking arrangement here with either our Vintner or WineMaker Series. Vintner, of course, offers the most selections, from wine racks to accessories. But WineMaker was crafted with compact spaces in mind with its collection of shorter-depth units.

Another racking alternative to consider for tight or challenging spaces are smaller racks. They are aptly named because you can maximize bottle storage capacity thanks to their configurations. Some of our popular collections include the Mini Stacks which can be shipped fully assembled to your doorstep. Our highly popular Curvy Cubes is also something to check out. Contemporary and easy to assemble, these cubes are unique and super space-efficient.

Our last recommendation for compact wine storage assembly is WCI’s extensive collection of Wall Wine Racks. These include stunning metal racking products like the Revue and Ultra Wine Racks series. It also encompasses our older yet heavily popular collections such as Vintage View and WineZone. ^_^

There are many ways to create small wine storage!“We are very happy with our wine room design and purchase. Guillermo was great to work with and helped us come up with a very good design for the small space we had allocated in our new house. Thanks again for all of your help.”

~Paul E.~

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