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Happy Client Uses WCI Services The Second Time Around!

October 22nd, 2020

One of the sure signs we’re doing things right is when first-time clients become returning ones. The sense of fulfillment that brings is unmatched! So imagine our reaction when our client Michael sought our services for the second time around. We were absolutely thrilled he chose WCI for another wine cellar project. But what’s even better was what he had to say about the results:

Client uses WCI services for the second time!This generous-sized residential wine cellar was designed by client working with the same WCI design consultant. It’s a full-on custom racking layout, with popping displays and wine bottle waterfalls. You can see how the chosen racking styles give a lot of character to the wine room. The bottles are not just being stored securely, but also showcased in tasteful manner.

One of the focal design points of this project is the addition of custom archway with tabletop. Notice that the wine room has two of them! They provide a touch of fancy to the racking assembly, especially with the presence of wine cellar artwork. The lovely pops of color from both the artwork and wine bottles are definitely refreshing. This was actually cleverly achieved thanks to the wood and stain option combination. Both client and designer agreed on a Rustic Pine x Light Stain combo for the wine racks:

Our second time designing for client’s custom wine room!Rustic Pine has a naturally soft, creamy color. The wood, though, is punctuated by structurally sound knots all throughout. This gives Rustic Pine a unique look – a rustic architectural vibe. The Light Stain option really brought out the grain patterns of the wood but still keeping that overall subdued effect. This made the racks the perfect canvass for the colorful wine bottles. The archways were done in the same wood and stain combo as well. This also accentuated the pieces of wine cellar artwork. Client satisfaction was achieved the second time around and that certainly made our month! ^_^

“I have used the service a second time, with the same designer, and couldn’t be happier!” 

~Michael B.~

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