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Our Modern Wine Cellar Series: Beauty In Minimalism

September 24th, 2020

There is really something to be said about beauty in simple things. Life is full of complications after all, so why not seek a less complex route? The same can be said for wine cellar projects. You don’t need to be fancy to have a stunning set up. In fact, minimalism is the key to a unique wine storage, just like what a client from Pinecrest, FL shared with us:

Beauty in minimalism with Modern Wine Cellar Series

Modern Solutions

Our Modern Wine Cellar series really did us proud here. The client did not have space for a formal wine cellar, but was still able to come up with a stellar racking arrangement. This series offers customers a super space-efficient to organize their wine collection. But that’s not all. The simple yet sleek design of the Modern Wine Cellar series showcases beauty in minimalism. You can put together so many unique looks thanks to the variety of platforms to choose from. The wood racking units are installed within the platforms ranging from the ceiling to the floor. These are in turn held up by very sturdy metal supports. Thanks to this, you get that “floating” appearance to the wine bottles which is quite magical!

The series also offers opportunities for styling your racking arrangement while keeping things simple and classy. The units come in a variety of wood options, as well as stains and finishes to personalized the floating platforms. Our clients went for a Rustic Pine x Midnight Black stain combo. You can use our Interactive Swatch Viewer to help you decide on which wood and stain or finish pairing will work for you.

Now here’s a little surprise! If you really want that ethereal “floating” look, you can switch it up and go for our acrylic bottle supports. That’s right! The Modern Wine Cellar series also has the acrylic option making it look as if bottles are nestled on thin air. The effect is just magical, particularly when combined with glass elements. Check put the full Modern Wine Cellar series product line on our website today! ^_^