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Proud Client Shares Her Adorable WineMaker Wine Cellar

September 10th, 2020

A wine cellar that is spacious, stylish, and affordable? That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But guess what – wine cellar dreams DO come true! Our client can vouch for this and gave solid proof to boot. Check out these snaps as our proud client shares with us her adorable wine cellar, all thanks to the WineMaker Series:

Proud client and her WineMaker racksThe bottle storage capacity of this compact wine storage is really quite impressive. See how our client has managed to store a few hundred bottles with some wiggle room left for more. Space-efficiency is indeed one of the best features of our WineMaker Series. The racking units from this collection are all manufactured with shallow-depth configurations. What does this mean? It simply means that less material is used to create the wine racks. You will notice in the photos that unlike the standard racking, the necks of the bottles are sticking out. This allows the racks to fit snugly into smaller and uneven spaces. But even with the narrow depth, the security of the wine bottles are not compromised at all. They are nestled safely and comfortably on the square-cut rails. Moreover, the necks of the bottles popping out make for an eye-catching display!

Small but spacious wine roomThe addition of the glass door is a smart move, given the compact size of the cellar. It makes it look much more spacious. So here we can see our client admiring the finished product – with her collection tucked into the racks. Notice that there is even enough space for a small tasting center. The client also has bulk bottle storage courtesy of the Open Diamond Bins.

Note that the WineMaker Series provides a pretty healthy selection of racking styles. That includes diamonds and cases for bulk bottles and the newest addition called WineMaker “stacks.” These “stacks” allow you to combine individual and bulk bottle storage in one racking arrangement. Naturally, as the term implies, you can easily stack the units to the desired height. Last but definitely not the least, WineMaker also offers a variety of stain and finish options. That includes WCI’s newest products like Graywash, Whitewash, Mocha, and lacquer. This wine rack kit is doing us proud and we highly recommend it, especially for entry-level projects. ^_^