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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Building Your Under Stairwell Wine Storage

September 9th, 2020

There are plenty of reasons why building a wine storage under the stairs is a good idea. Scratch that – it’s a fantastic idea! Allow us to walk you guys through some helpful tips for that stunning under stairwell transformation.

Appreciating curved corner racks…

That space beneath the stairwell is definitely not your straightforward four-walled room that can accommodate wine storage. So the trick is to see beyond those awkward curves and angles. Using the right racking units can do wonders. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much bottle storage that irregular space can hold. This is where you’ll appreciate the existence of curved corner wine racks. The racks can ease into those tricky spaces and help create a smooth transition your racking assembly. We offer curved corner racks both as a custom product and in our wine rack kits. That means you have the option to work with what suits your budget!

Building your under stairwell wine storage

Discovering the Wine Bottle Waterfall…

What better racking to accommodate uneven spaces than the Wine Bottle Waterfall? It is configured in such a way that the individual bottle storage goes down in a cascading fashion. When you stack the units together, this allows you to have your racking assembly in variable height configurations. It’s a terrific solution for wine storage beneath the stairs. In addition, you get to display your wine bottles in an eye-catching fashion. The Wine Bottle Waterfall is available with WCI’s wine rack kits, like the Vintner and Designer Series.

Metal wine racks for building storage under the stairs

Small wine racks, wine pegs and rails…

Lack of adequate space is almost always one of the main issues with under stairwell transformations. But this is actually where the fun is! Getting creating with your racking arrangement will lead to fulfilling results. So it’s time to expand your racking options and dig deeper into the details. Small wine racks come highly recommended for this kind of wine cellar project. Wall-mount metal racking is also a popular choice since it is very space-efficient. But another favorite of ours are the wine pegs and wine rails. They can be easily mounted anywhere and can really help maximize bottle storage capacity. ^_^