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Technical Tuesday Episode #491: Exploring Bulk Bottle Storage Options

September 8th, 2020

Smooth sailing September is indeed inspiring! Week number two for our September Tech Tuesdays and we have lots to share with you wine cellar fans. It’s all thanks to our project team who completed this cellar for our clients in Atlanta, GA. Check out the bulk bottle storage showcased in the gorgeous wine cellar below:

Project # 317656
Wood: Custom / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 2326
Where: Atlanta, GA

Custom bulk bottle storageFirst up is this solid masterpiece of custom shelving units. Yes, you read that right: custom. The clients had generous space for their wine cellar and wanted to go all out on it. Our design team worked to ensure that the bottle storage capacity was fully maximized while capturing a timeless aesthetic. So Grand Mahogany was the wood of choice for the wine racking units:

Beautiful bulk bottle storage unitsAs earlier mentioned, this project is a shining example of options for bulk bottle storage. You will notice that the shelves here are designed to store wine boxes, crates, and of course, loose bottles. But these shelves are multi-functional as well! They can also be utilized for storage of other items, such as boxes of wine cellar accessories. You can even use them to display your glassware and other decor.

Here at WCI, we have a very healthy selection of bulk bottle storage options. If you prefer something fancier, we invite you to check out our Rotating Wine and Pull Out Wine cradles. These units will provide a stylish spot for you to display your collection in.

Bulk bottle storage shelving unitsAdjustable shelves are one of the best wine storage solutions you can have. In fact, we highly recommend getting them, especially if you’re quite the collector. They are suited for residential wine cellar owners as well, not just for commercial ones. For example, you purchase some wine boxes and they arrive in a totally different size from what you expected. It might also happen that they are much smaller than anticipated. The ability to move around your shelves will then give you the space you need at any given time. We have so much to offer so go ahead and explore more bulk bottle storage options at the WCI website! *Cheers*

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