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Clients Love The Warm & Welcoming Ambiance Of Their Wine Cellar

August 20th, 2020

A home wine cellar should be exactly what it is – giving off the feeling of being “at home.” That translates to a warm and welcoming ambiance. This is what clients envisioned for their wine cellar project and that’s what they got:

We are very much into the wonderfully pleasant atmosphere of this wine cellar. It has everything you can possibly want: generous bottle storage, clean layout, and attractive design. The clients decided to go full-on custom and this decision certainly did not disappoint. The custom racks and shelving units are a beautiful and flawless fit. Not only is the bottle storage capacity maximized, but there’s even tons of counter space. Imagine how fun it is for clients when prepping their favorite wine and food pairings!

Now let’s talk about the design of this wine cellar. Apart from the seamless racking assembly, we also love the color scheme used on this project. The entire room was done in golden and creamy tones, giving it a warm and welcoming appeal. Even if this is a custom project, it’s not intimidating at all. But don’t underestimate the quality of the materials! All the racks were crafted from Grand Mahogany. This is one of our higher end wood options.

Grand Mahogany is actually a favorite of furniture craftsmen. That goes to show how top-notch the quality of this wood is. It is a plantation grown hardwood that is second to none when it comes to visual appeal. It sports a generally uniform color, with a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. While it is eye-catching in its unstained state, it also adapts extremely well to stains and finishes. Our clients chose a beautiful Light Stain for the racks, enhancing the warmth of the wood’s natural colors.

Grand Mahogany has a moderately coarse grain pattern. For the most part, the grain pattern is straight but can be slightly interlocked in some cases. With the Light Stain option, you can easily see that straight grain pattern. It gives the wine cellar a tidy appearance which is really quite classy. Our clients did an awesome job adding some quirky decor to balance out the clean and crisp silhouettes. This wine cellar is indeed warm and welcoming, but also with its own brand of uniqueness. ^_^