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Accents To Jazz Up Your Wine Cellar Project

August 27th, 2020

The racking assembly is not the “end-all and be-all” in a wine cellar project. There are other elements that can jazz up the look of your wine storage. Our clients incorporated some special touches in their wine cellar and we love the final product. What’s more, you can easily shop for these accents straight off our website. So let’s go ahead and check out these eye-catching details:

Clients jazz up their wine cellar with awesome accents!You can tell by their happy expressions that the clients are totally loving their completed wine room. The wine racks look really classy and you can see that there are no awkward gaps anywhere. Props to the crown and base moldings and center seam trim for making everything come together so seamlessly. Moldings, center seam trim, and base platforms are some of the best ways you can achieve a clean and very professional looking layout. Here are at WCI, we offer custom moldings, as well as molding packages with our wine rack kits.

Jazz it up with glass etchings  Now let’s move on to this beautiful wine cellar door. Our clients purchased the Saxony Etch from our standard wine cellar door collection. The Saxony Etch shows off an elegant flowering grape design that trails in the top right corner and bottom left corner. It is sandblasted on to the thermopane glass. This lends itself to seeing the wine cellar through the middle of the glass. The addition of glass etchings adds more character to the wine cellar entryway.

Molding and center seam trim Speaking of character, clients really did their homework with this project. In order to jazz up their wine room, they also took to adding some lighting accessories. It gave the wine cellar a fancy touch without overwhelming the “elegant” theme. Note that you can achieve something like this with the use of LED lighting accessories. You can also opt to utilize fluorescent slimlites. These are perfect for highlighting wine bottles in display shelves.

Jazz it up with lighting accessories

Last but not the least, check out the unique piece of wine cellar art clients put in the archway. WCI has a bevy of wine cellar art collections you can select from. But what’s even better is that you can have one entirely custom made as well. We even do on-site paintings/murals in accordance with public health guidelines. You can get in touch with us today to know more about your options! ^_^

“I just finished the wine cellar and began stocking it. I love it!!!”

~Sean W.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Celebrating Red Wine Day

August 26th, 2020

Every day is a good time for red wine, don’t you agree? But this weekend, it will be an even better time to pour your reds.  August 28 is National Red Wine Day and we’re down for the celebrations! Of course, we’re going to do it in a safe way but without compromising on the fun. So let’s talk about how we can enjoy our favorite reds even more. Forget about the stuffy rules about how and when to drink that Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Pinot Noir. Grab your nicest wineglass and let’s start pouring!

Celebrate National Red Wine Day!

What temperature is the best temperature?

We’ve heard tons of opinions being thrown left and right by experts, winos, and even those who are new to the wine tasting game on the “best temperature” for reds. When you talk of red wines, that would include Merlot, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, and blends like shiraz. They actually don’t always have to rest at a  temperature of between 65-70 degrees before you can enjoy a glass.  Some experts opine that it’s perfectly acceptable to refrigerate red wines and drink them cold. This definitely works especially during summer months. With the scorching hot weather, it’s ok to bend the rules a little. Celebrate National Red Wine Day with that literally cool glass of red!

Fill your plate & please your palate!

Make National Red Wine Day an event to remember by filling your plate and pleasing your palate. Don’t be bound by “rules” because you CAN be adventurous with your wine and good pairings. But also make sure that you still have that gastronomic balance.  Light red wines can go nicely with poultry. Heavier and bolder reds taste better with beef or cured meats. But you can also try pairing rich seafood such as crab with a light red wine! The same goes for pasta. But we recommend avoiding green beans, brussels sprouts, and asparagus as these don’t really go down well with reds.

Incorporate red wine into your cooking!

Who says you need to drink red wine straight from the glass to celebrate National Red Wine Day? There are other ways to enjoy like incorporating this delightful taste teaser into your cooking. Meat & steaks taste amazing when seasoned with red wine. You should also try making some red wine bruschetta pasta. The bottom line here is to experience the different flavors red wine can bring. So what better way to do this than getting creative and having fun! ^_^








Technical Tuesday Episode #489: Graywash x Rustic Pine Pairing

August 25th, 2020

Graywash has been really gaining traction as a finish option for wine cellar projects. It certainly ranks in our top faves as well. Graywash stain can give your wood that old country, shabby chic vibe that is just very attractive. But keep in mind that different varieties of wood will yield different results, appearance-wise. Some woods can bring out that “weathered” look better than others. Some can also bring out those gray and white monotones more prominently compared to others. So it’s important to do a swatch review first so you’ll get a visual sample of the end result. For today’s Tech Tuesday, we bring you a Graywash x Rustic Pine pairing:

Project # 320340
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 939
Where: Atlanta, GA

Graywash x Rustic Pine pairingClean and functional best describe this wine cellar. The racking units are all custom made. This definitely shows in how they fit seamlessly in the space while offering plenty of bottle storage. As earlier mentioned, Rustic Pine is the wood of choice for this project. In its unstained state, the wood sports a beautiful  soft and creamy color. But what makes Rustic Pine stand out are the subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. This is why it is sought after when a rustic architectural appearance is desired.

Find your perfect wood x stain pairing!

Rustic Pine lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes. That’s why it’s so easy to work with it to match any existing decor in your home and of course, your wine cellar. It is particularly suited for weather finishes. This is where intergrain matter is stripped down to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades. The timeworn look is elegant and goes well with just about anything. For this reason, the Graywash x Rustic Pine pairing was chosen for this project.

Beautiful custom rackingOur popular Graywash stain brings a vibe that is both traditional and modern. It is actually a semi-transparent stain, quite similar to Whitewash. You will notice that there is no texture that comes through after application. The final product is a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. For a knotty grain of wood like Rustic Pine, the grain pattern is a bit subdued with Graywash. The colors are also still light, bordering on soft olive tones. We encourage you to request samples to see if this is the color scheme you’d want for your wine cellar. Our Interactive Swatch Viewer is a fantastic tool that can help you decide. Naturally, you can also chat with our experienced design consultants so you get the results you want! *Cheers*

Clients Love The Warm & Welcoming Ambiance Of Their Wine Cellar

August 20th, 2020

A home wine cellar should be exactly what it is – giving off the feeling of being “at home.” That translates to a warm and welcoming ambiance. This is what clients envisioned for their wine cellar project and that’s what they got:

We are very much into the wonderfully pleasant atmosphere of this wine cellar. It has everything you can possibly want: generous bottle storage, clean layout, and attractive design. The clients decided to go full-on custom and this decision certainly did not disappoint. The custom racks and shelving units are a beautiful and flawless fit. Not only is the bottle storage capacity maximized, but there’s even tons of counter space. Imagine how fun it is for clients when prepping their favorite wine and food pairings!

Now let’s talk about the design of this wine cellar. Apart from the seamless racking assembly, we also love the color scheme used on this project. The entire room was done in golden and creamy tones, giving it a warm and welcoming appeal. Even if this is a custom project, it’s not intimidating at all. But don’t underestimate the quality of the materials! All the racks were crafted from Grand Mahogany. This is one of our higher end wood options.

Grand Mahogany is actually a favorite of furniture craftsmen. That goes to show how top-notch the quality of this wood is. It is a plantation grown hardwood that is second to none when it comes to visual appeal. It sports a generally uniform color, with a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. While it is eye-catching in its unstained state, it also adapts extremely well to stains and finishes. Our clients chose a beautiful Light Stain for the racks, enhancing the warmth of the wood’s natural colors.

Grand Mahogany has a moderately coarse grain pattern. For the most part, the grain pattern is straight but can be slightly interlocked in some cases. With the Light Stain option, you can easily see that straight grain pattern. It gives the wine cellar a tidy appearance which is really quite classy. Our clients did an awesome job adding some quirky decor to balance out the clean and crisp silhouettes. This wine cellar is indeed warm and welcoming, but also with its own brand of uniqueness. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Projects On A Budget

August 19th, 2020

Don’t be afraid to pursue your wine cellar dream just because you’re on a budget. There are lots of ways to create the wine storage you need and want. It’s all about careful planning, choosing the right products, and taking advantage of professional wine cellar services. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Stunning wine cellars on a budget

The initial consultation is key…

This is the very first step to realizing your wine cellar goals. Even if you are in a 50/50 situation as to whether you’d want to push through the project or not, the initial consultation is vital. Talking to a professional will help you iron out the essential details. Also, note that some companies offer free initial design consultation, like us here at WCI. We can provide you with a free 2D design of your future wine cellar. This gives you a much clearer vision of the things that need to be done to get the results you want. More importantly, it will help you anticipate the expenses and really work within your budget.

We can make it work when you’re on a budget!

Explore all your options beforehand…

These days, there are tons of racking products and other wine cellar accessories available in the market. Even with wine racks, you get so many options in terms of the type of wood, stains, and finishes. This is definitely good news if you are working with a less generous budget. Roll up your sleeves and dive into that sea of information. Check the materials and products being offered and compare them. For example, would metal wine racks cost less? Or should you do a combination of wood and metal units? What flooring is the least expensive yet durable? What wine cellar cooling system is the most cost-efficient? You have to exercise diligence and patience in exploring your options. When in doubt, never hesitate to ask for professional guidance. It will save you tons of money in the process!

Consider “second-hand” wine racks…

When we say “second-hand,” we don’t mean used wine racks or lesser quality ones. Here at WCI, we actually offer what we call “factory seconds.” What happens is that occasionally, a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood or was stained the wrong color. It may also happen than the order was canceled halfway through production. Some products also get discontinued due to a lack of popularity. These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage which are practically brand-new. They are very significantly marked down to move out at a quicker rate. Factory seconds can do wonders for your budget and even more for your wine cellar goals! ^_^



Technical Tuesday Episode #488: Get Bold & Beautiful With Midnight Black Stain

August 18th, 2020

What is your wine cellar style? Are you the traditional type who prefers timeless elegance? Or do you enjoy the modern look with sleek lines and minimalist charm? Whatever your preference may be, rest assured that WCI can deliver. Thanks to the variety of products and professional services, WCI is able to meet both the client’s needs and wants. In today’s Tech Tuesday, our clients wanted to get bold and beautiful in their wine cellar:

Project # 315440
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 587
Where: Atlanta, GA

Bold & beautiful with Midnight Black StainOur clients had this sweet little space which was perfect for a small wine storage. They went full-on custom with their racking units.  As a result, this compact closet was maximized down to the last square inch of space. There was even enough room to put in a variety of racking styles. See how the layout includes Individual Bottle Columns, High Reveal Displays, and Open Diamond Cubes. It doesn’t even look like a small space at all! This wine storage can proudly host to just a little under 600 bottles. There’s even some storage for magnums and larger-format bottles:

Compact yet spaciousHere we have photos of the wine racks in all their bold and beautiful glory. The wood option for this project is Premium Redwood. The clients wanted the racks to make a statement without taking away the “elegance” factor. So both the clients and our design team decided on dressing up the racks i Midnight Black Stain. The result was truly satisfying! Premium Redwood is a light-colored wood when unstained and adapts to stains and finishes very well. With a dark-colored option like Midnight Black Stain, the racking units look more structured. You can really see the seamless lines on the racks that illustrate the fine craftsmanship.

Bold & beautiful colors on the racksNow how would you know which stain or finish option would give you the results you want? It can indeed be a bit of a dilemma, especially if you’re a total newbie to wine cellar construction. That’s why we highly recommend a consultation with our experienced wine cellar design professionals. But that’s not all that we have to offer! We also have an Interactive Swatch Viewer that can provide you with previews on different wood x stain/finish combos. *Cheers*

Turn Your Closet Space Into A Wine Cellar With The Vintner Series

August 13th, 2020

Struggling to find a space in your home for storing your wine? See how easy it is to turn your closet into proper wine storage with the help of our Vintner Series. Our client’s closet wine cellar is compact yet packs quite a punch. Let’s dive into the details:
Turn your closet space into wine storage with VintnerAs you can see here, this is quite a narrow space that was cleverly utilized for client’s wine storage. Vintner’s extensive selection of racking units allows for meeting almost any bottle storage needs. Notice how the racking arrangement can accommodate both individual and bulk bottles even with the small space. One of the most impressive features of Vintner is its stackable qualities. It allows you to buy 3- or 4-foot racks and stack them to any height you desire. That’s why it’s absolutely possible to work even with narrow and even irregular spaces. You don’t need to force the budget to go custom when you’re not financially ready for it. Wine rack “kits” like Vintner  can give you what you need without compromising on both quality and style:

Vintner makes it easy to outfit small spacesSo how exactly do you work with Vintner? We are now making it much easier for you to purchase the exact racks and stacking equipment you need. You can now easily select a 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot foot wine rack at the purchase page. If you want to mix and match different racking styles, you can certainly do that as well. Vintner has a plethora of bottle storage options, including the Elite Cabinetry line and Concave Individual Racks. When combining racking styles, we recommend getting two of the three-foot wine rack option. Just make sure their widths match on where you will be stacking them together.

Now just because it’s a smaller project, it doesn’t mean you’ll skip on those details that can complete the look of your wine storage. Did you know that Vintner also comes with extra options to turn your wine storage into a really seamless arrangement? Check out the stylish molding packages, such as the base molding and base platforms. We also recommend adding a Center Seam Trim to hide the point where your two wine racks meet. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: What Makes A Good Wine Cellar

August 12th, 2020

A wine cellar project is certainly not a cheap one. If you’re looking into having a formal wine room, you need to work on the right budget for it. That’s not to say that you should rob a bank. It’s not all about how much money you’re going to put into it. There are other essential elements that need to be factored in. So what makes a good wine cellar anyway? Read on and find out!

A good wine cellar does not have to be very expensive!

Location is key…

Yes, you can actually build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. But if you want to be able to maintain it in the most cost-efficient way, location is absolutely key. The that you choose will have a future impact on the cost of maintaining your cellar.  A good wine cellar should be placed in the coolest and most humid place in your home. Note that the ideal wine storage conditions are at 55°-58° F temperature and 55-75% humidity. The closer you are to these conditions, the less expensive it will be. For one thing, a smaller size cooling unit will suffice for your wine storage needs. Think of how much you will be saving in terms of energy costs.

Get the right wine refrigeration unit...

Now let’s say you don’t have a basement to build your wine cellar in and the best location can’t come close to the ideal wine storage conditions. This happens in a lot of cases, especially homes with smaller spaces. You don’t need to go and buy the biggest or most expensive wine refrigeration unit to remedy is. What you need to is get the right one. That means taking into account key factors such as wine cellar size and bottle storage capacity, apart from location. There are lots of units being in sold in the market. Do not be hasty and consult a wine cellar design professional first.

Pay attention to minor details to build a good wine cellar

Mind the “small” details…

More often than not, people tend to forget the smaller details in a wine cellar project. This is a wrong move because these small details can make or break both the function and form of your wine cellar. Doors and entryways, flooring, and ceiling are some examples. A properly insulated wine cellar door can do wonders for maintaining ideal wine storage conditions. The same can be said for picking the most suitable material for the flooring. The ceilings, on the other hand, can really raise the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar to greater heights. That’s why these small details should never be overlooked! ^_^



Technical Tuesday Episode #487: Quaint “Cottage” Details On Wine Cellar

August 11th, 2020

Do you want to recreate that quaint “cottage like” feel on your wine cellar project? Then this Tech Tuesday can show you the ropes on how to achieve that. The old country details are pretty authentic on this one. We love how the traditional wine cellar look is given more character with the additional accents:

Project # 319071
Wood: Custom / Vintner / DKS / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1503
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Quaint cottage vibesThe racking assembly is actually a mix of custom units and pieces from our wine rack kits. But because of the excellent craftsmanship and finishing, everything is so uniform and seamless. You certainly can’t tell that there are “kits” mixed into the layout. One of the advantages of combining such pieces is that the overall cost will be more reasonable. If you’re working with a budget and you want to really stick to it, this is one of the recommended solutions. Note that with our wine rack kits, you are still afforded choices such as with your wood, stain and finish options. Vintner, in particular, offers such an extensive selection that it has been called “the next best thing to custom.”

Grand Mahogany in Dark Walnut Stain Now let’s move on to the design details! Grand Mahogany was chosen for this project with a Dark Walnut stain option. Grand Mahogany works with almost all types of stains of finishes. But it also handles darker ones exceptionally well. Dark Walnut is a deep golden-brown stain. When applied, the  stain deepens almost all shades of wood. You can see that result reflected on the wine racks. The beautiful golden-brown hues stand out quite prominently against the light colored walls, ceiling and flooring.

Cottage feel on flooringSpeaking of flooring, check out the design on this one. The geometric floral pattern really helps bring out that old country, cottage vibe. Here at WCI, we have an excellent selection of wine cellar flooring styles for you to choose from. Not only can you have any design you want, you also have the luxury of selecting from a bevy of different materials. You can have something like this one with from our Mosaic or Hand-Painted Tile flooring options. If you want something with an even more traditional charm, check out our Vintage Wine Barrel flooring. *Cheers*



Clients Are Thrilled With WCI’s Products & Services

August 6th, 2020

One hundred percent client satisfaction is the best kind of satisfaction there is. It’s the oil that keeps our engines running here at WCI. Even during these difficult times, we are proud to say we are able to provide quality and safe wine cellar products and services to everyone. Our client James really gave us an ego boost with his testimonial of his WCI experience. The clients are thrilled with the final product and enjoyed the whole wine cellar construction process:

Clients are thrilled with our products & services

This is the custom project that was completed for the client. It’s all custom racking in Premium Redwood with beautiful Midnight Black stain option. The client worker closely with one of our experienced design consultants to bring this stunner to life. Basically, the so-called “WCI experience” starts from the consultation stage. Did you know that WCI actually offers free initial design consultation services? You read that right! We provide both short and long design request forms in our webpage. Once you get that filled up, you will receive a free 2D design of your future wine cellar. Just imagine how much easier it is when you already have the design you visualized actually laid out for you. You will be able to pick the right racking products and other accessories without going through the stress of second-guessing everything.

After the initial planning is completed, you will now receive the Wine Cellar Design package which includes the following:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or email consultation.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required).
  • Quotation on all Custom Cellar Products.
  • Quotation on Custom Installation.
  • Wine Cellar construction guide.
  • Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request).
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized selection of optional cellar amenities.
  • All postage costs involved with the design of your custom wine cellar.

Naturally, you can also consult with our experts on the other racking products and accessories we offer. Our wine rack kits are the affordable alternatives to custom units. We can make it work with your desired budget and help you meet your wine cellar goals. ^_^

“The whole process was a breeze and we are thrilled with the final product. We’ve got a long ways to go, but we’ve been working on filling it!”

~James H.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Game Day Wine Pairings!

August 5th, 2020

Excited for game day? Like they say, what can be better than enjoying a good game of football? How about enjoying a good game of football with your favorite bottle of wine! We guarantee double the fun and it’s a win-win situation to boot. Here are some game day wine pairings you guys have to try out:

Game day wine pairings

credits by: Joseph O’Connell

Spice it up with Riesling and wings

What’s a football game without some spicy chicken wings? It’s certainly high on our list of finger food faves. The question is what wine can you pair it up with to soothe the spiciness. Our suggestion? A bottle of good old Riesling! Riesling can mellow the spicy sting with some juicy sweetness. The refreshing sweet tones will make you want to come back to the heat. The big problem is this: how to stop wanting more wings and topping up your glass!

Grilling with Cabernet Sauvignon

credits by: brett jordan

Grilling with Cabernet Sauvignon

Now if you’re thinking of firing up the grill and grilling up some ground chuck, you’ll need something “big” to wash that down as well. For burgers and steaks, full-bodied reds are the best companions. There are lots to choose from, obviously, so make sure you choose well. Black cherry, tobacco leaf, pepper and spice are some of the flavors you’d want to taste in your reds for game day. We assure you, you won’t be asking for beer the next grill and game day comes along.

Grazing boards and Labrusso for game day

credits by: DocteurCosmos

Grazing board and Lambrusco
Grazing boards are all the rage – but play it safe, of course. A small group with your family and close friends to cheer on (or fight over) your favorite teams is the way to go. Prep your grazing board with all the good stuff – cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, chocolate, cookies, and more. Worried if you can find the right wine to pair with the various taste teasers? Don’t fret because you can count on a bottle of Lambrusco to do the job. This sparkling red wine with its crisp, fruity flavors goes with just about any food choice you will put out.

Do you have more game day wine pairings to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below! ^_^




Technical Tuesday Episode #486: Rustic Pine In Dark Walnut Stain

August 4th, 2020

Awesome August greetings, wine cellar buddies! The summer heat is still on and that just keeps us even more motivated. Things may have been quite different this year, but we’re happy to still help clients achieve their wine cellar goals. Today’s Tech Tuesday is one that combines function with a reasonable price point:

Project # 327992
Wood: Vintner / DKS / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 538
Where: Blowing Rock, NC

Rustic Pine x Dark WalnutThis is another compact wine cellar that offers so much in terms of bottle storage. You can see from the above photo that the racking arrangement is quite versatile. There’s a pretty good variety of bottle storage options and the wall spaced is well utilized. This setup can actually accommodate over 500 bottles!

Versatile bottle storageHere are some close-up shots of the racking assembly. It looks so seamless and screams of good quality. Well, we’re not pulling the wool over your eyes because these are indeed excellent quality wine racks. But guess what – they came very well within client’s budget! WCI offers a plethora of product choices for our clients, including raw materials such as the wood option. This makes it easier to work within a designated budget without compromising on quality. In this project for example, we went with a mix of the Vintner and Designer Series wine rack kits. That’s right – there are no custom units in this wine cellar. It certainly kept the cost down but still brought in the desired results.

Structurally sound knots on Rustic PineNow even when you go with our wine rack kits, you are still presented with tons of choices. Let’s start with the wood option. We went with Rustic Pine for this project because it is one of the most cost-effective wood products out there. Rustic Pine is our best value by price per bottle space. This is owing to the huge supply of the wood. Pine grows throughout North America and represents a huge quantity of the overall wood produced. Rustic Pine is a grade that includes knots. That’s why it gives a bigger yield and lower cost than a clear grade of wood. However, the knotty appearance is not a downgrade at all!

Rustic Pine boasts of a soft, creamy color, accentuated with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. This wood is quite in demand when a rustic architectural appearance is desired. It is stunning enough unstained, but it also works with stains and finishes extremely well, particularly weather finishes. *Cheers*