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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Building Wine Storage For Apartment Spaces

July 29th, 2020

Apartments tend to be on the small side, space-wise.  It’s especially so if you live in busy cities. As a wine collector, how do you get over this hurdle to find enough space for your collection? Actually, you don’t! There are lots of wine storage solutions you can explore. In fact, building bottle storage for your apartment space is a no-brainer. Here are some products we’d love for you to check out:

Urban Living Series for your apartment

The Urban Living Series

This series was specifically designed for compact living spaces such as apartments and condos. Our Urban Living Series was created to put together the perfect wine racking solution for you without waiting for a design. The series comes in various packages that you can choose from to suit both your space and storage needs. Moreover, the packages are offered in multiple heights. And here’s the best part! You actually have the option to ship the entire package fully assembled. All you have to do is pull the racks out of the box and attach to your walls.

Ultra Metal Series for your apartment

Wall-Mount Wine Racks

What better way to save space in your apartment while maximizing bottle storage capacity than with wall wine racks? There are lots of products to choose from these days. Make sure to go over the various features and select the one that can really meet your needs. One of our top favorites is the Ultra Metal Wine Racks. The series offers wine pegs and rails that are so easy to install and get creative with. They can be mounted anywhere and especially in areas where you can showcase your wine bottles prominently. It also helps that they are super stylish. There are a bunch of finish options to choose from to easily match your apartment decor or theme.

Mini Stack Series for your apartment

The Mini Stack Series

The Mini Stack Series offers small, quality racking units that you can work into any space. Choose from a variety of styles: Individual Wine Rack, Bin Wine Rack, Diamond Slat Wine Rack, Open Bin Wine Rack, and even a Glass Rack unit. True to its name, the Mini Stack Series can be stacked to accommodate your desired racking height. Moreover, the simple but elegant design makes it easy to mix and match the racks with existing racking units or other furniture. Crafted from beautiful Premium Redwood, you can also select from four different stain options to really make the racks work with your desired wine cellar theme. ^_^



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