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Knockout Details On Client’s Fully Custom Wine Cellar

July 23rd, 2020

Our custom wine cellars can be designed in any size, with any budget. Finding the perfect place to store your wine can be anywhere from a small wine cellar closet design to the largest wine room design. When you decide to go custom all the way with your wine cellar project, there will definitely be no regrets. It’s especially so if you work with highly experienced design professionals, like our WCI team. And just to show you guys that we’re not all talk, check out the knockout details on this custom number:

Knockout details on the wine racksThis wine cellar is an absolute stunner from any angle. The racking assembly really stands out owing to the unique configurations. Instead of the standard individual bottle columns, these units sport a curvy profile. They lend a truly dramatic touch to the layout, softening the sharp corners of the otherwise very square and basic room.

Gorgeous concave profileHere’s a closet look at those racks. See how they fit perfectly, leaving no awkward gaps anywhere. With custom units, it doesn’t matter how large or small your wine cellar space is. We will be able to maximize bottle storage capacity while ensuring that the racking layout flows seamlessly. Moreover, we can bring whatever theme you want to life as the proverbial cherry on top!

Individual bottle columns plus shelvingJust look at how massive the storage capacity of this wine cellar is. Since custom wine racks were utilized, a lot of thought was put into variety and style. You will notice that the concave racks also have displays, as well as additional shelving at the bottom. See how wine boxes and crates can also be comfortably accommodated by this layout:

Knockout details on flooring and ceiling Now let’s check out the other details on this project. We are loving the Classic Mahogany stain option on the wine racks. It lends a really luxe feel and accentuated the concave silhouette quite nicely. We also like how the ceiling and flooring were done up in the same material. It ties up the design together and gives this wine cellar a truly traditional charm.
Luxurious results with custom wine racksFor those interested in this kind of racking style but can’t go the custom route, don’t fret. We understand that budget can at times be an issue in wine cellar projects. That’s why here at WCI, we keep coming up with more and more wine storage solutions to fulfill all your needs. So hop on over to our Vintner Series wine racks kit! You’ll find that the series carries stunning Concave Individual racking units. These can be easily stacked one on top of the other or arranged side by side, in usual versatile Vintner fashion. You can enjoy the knockout details on your wine cellar without having to go beyond what you can afford. ^_^

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