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Technical Tuesday Episode #433: Small Wine Cellar Concepts With Vintner

July 14th, 2020

Some happy Tuesday vibes to start the week, wine cellar buddies! We’re going to be talking about small wine cellar concepts today, thanks to this project from our client. You’ll see just how much bottle storage a compact space can actually hold. Naturally, we have the Vintner Series to thank for this. Let’s check it out:

Project # 317111
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 565
Where: Statham, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Small wine cellar conceptsFrom these photos, you can’t even tell that this wine cellar is considered a “small” one. But it has a pretty impressive bottle storage capacity of over 500 bottles. You can also see that the racking assembly is cleverly laid out so as not to appear cramped. The best part of all is that these units are all from the Vintner Series wine rack kits. That means they are not custom-made but still able to sufficiently deliver that custom feel.

Vintner wine tasting centerLook at how seamless the racking arrangement is. With Vintner, you get so many options that you can work with virtually any space. Even if it’s a compact one, you can still maximize on bottle storage, while creating a stunning layout for your wine cellar. In this project, you can see a good variety of racking styles: standard Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Bins, and Magnum Wine Bottle racks. Our team also incorporated an Individual Tasting Center with Displays and Case Storage. To trim those sharp corners and edges, Vintner provides us with Curved Corner racking, center seam trim, and crown and base molding packages.

Dark Walnut Stain on racksAs far as these small wine cellar concepts go, WCI has tons to offer you. Our daily blog is, of course, the top resource. But we also have a healthy collection of designs in our photo gallery, from under stairwell transformations to closet wine storage and more. Keep in mind that nowadays, you can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. It’s not just the basement or the garage! You will be surprised at how much bottle storage space you can have once you convert some of that “wasted” space in your kitchen. It’s also so satisfying to transform lonely sections of the home, like an empty coat closet, to an amazing wine storage. There are lots of fun and unique ways to do it and our experienced team is here to help. ^_^


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