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Technical Tuesday Episode #430: Investing In All-Heart Redwood Racks

June 23rd, 2020

One of the pro tips we always like to share when undergoing a wine cellar project is investing in quality materials. This is not to say that you should spend beyond your financial capacity to do so. But there is a lot to be said about putting your dollars in the right products. Today’s Tech Tuesday shows us how it’s done! This custom wine cellar is all about  quality and resiliency:

Project #: 320984
Wood: Custom / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1955
Where: Greensboro, GA

Stain: Dark Walnut

All-Heart Redwood racksThe craftsmanship of the wine racks in this project is really worth pointing out. Check out the details and how the entire racking assembly flows so seamlessly through the entire room. There are no awkward gaps anywhere. This is the mark of a top-notch custom wine cellar project. Nothing is taken for granted, especially how the pieces will “fit” into the entire layout.

Investing in custom wine racksThe wood choice for the racking units is All-Heart Redwood. Clear All-Heart Redwood is the most expensive part of the redwood tree. It comes exclusively from the center of the log and is consistently in the reddish hues. This is why it’s the most expensive part the redwood tree. It’s also the most in demand! However, investing those extra dollars in this wood option is definitely worth it. Of all North American woods, it is the most resistant to moisture, mildew and rot. It is also highly resistant to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. So even if you spend a little more, your money will actually go a long way. Your All-Heart Redwood racks will age beautifully in your wine cellar, just like your wine bottles.

Our Redwood is SFI-certified There is also another big reason why investing in All-Heart Redwood wine racks comes highly recommended. Did you know that if you go with this wood for your wine cellars, you are making an environmentally sound choice. How so? Note that here at WCI, our redwood is purchased under the guidelines of SFI, Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI Certification provides customers with assurance that the redwood they purchase has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. Not only are you building quality wine storage, you’re also doing it the eco-friendly way! *Cheers*

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