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Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradles

May 6th, 2020

Let’s get up close and personal with the Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradle and Pull-Out Wood Case. The elegant, cabinet-profile of this rack makes it a must-have for any formal wine cellar, be it residential or commercial. Any wine lover will definitely find this rack essential simply because of its “extended” functionality. The cradle can hold not only your standard-sized bottles and the usual Bordeaux and Burgundys, but also split-sized bottles and large champagne.

Vintner Pull Out Wine Storage

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Moreover, as far as assembly and installation goes, we’ve made sure (as always!) that our customers will be able to put together the cradle with little to no fuss. Basically, all that needs to be done is to screw the sides together (12 screws total), then attach the back panels, top, and bottom trim. The slides are already pre-installed so they will slide the shelf directly onto the slide and the two halves of the drawer slide will lock together at that point.

Vintner Wine Case Storage Up next is the Pull-Out Wood Case. The configurations as well as the assembly and installation process similar, except that the finished product is a cabinet that can store your wine cases and boxes in a neat and classy fashion. Note that both the cradle and case are available in 3- and 4-feet height options, allowing you even more flexibility when it comes to putting together a functional, space-efficient, and unique racking set-up for your wine cellar.

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10 responses to “Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradles”

  1. Richards writes:

    I’d like to get a detailed design on your wine racks for me to recreate the same

  2. Kristi writes:

    Sounds great, Richards! We will contact you.

  3. Marcos Paulo Ascenção writes:

    Hello, I live in Brazil, and would be very happy to recreate your cellar in my house. Could it be that you shared the project with me, too? Thank you very much.

  4. Randell writes:

    Love the pull out wine shelves. Any way to get the plans so I can make one as I would stain mine

  5. Nikolaos writes:

    I am from Greece and I’d like to recreate your design for my house, so could I get a detailed design on your wine racks. Thank you Very much. Hope to hear from you soon

  6. Kristi writes:

    Hi guys,
    I’m sorry we don’t send plans out. We are happy to ship anywhere in the world though. Good luck and contact us through the form on our site if we can help any further!

  7. Don writes:

    Please send me more photos of the wine rack with drawers holding individual bottles of wine. I would be interested in pricing, size and material options.

  8. Kristi writes:

    Will do, thanks Don! Sorry for the slow response, any future inquires can go through our Contact Form above. Thanks so much!

  9. Gina Miles writes:

    How much is this innovative wine rack? Just love it

  10. Wine Cellar Innovations writes:

    Hi Gina! Thanks for commenting. Here’s the link to view our pull-out wine bottle cradles:

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