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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Stains And Finishes You Need To Try Out

February 5th, 2020

We are a big fan of stains and finishes on wine racks and wine cellar furniture. But we also understand that it’s not for everyone. Some prefer the natural look on their wine racks. However, if you want to create a unique appearance to your wine cellar, stains and finishes can definitely give you the results you want. Just keep in mind that there are tons of options for you to try out. So don’t be afraid to explore! Here are some stains and finishes you should try out:

Unique stains and finishes for you to try out!

The Dusty Weathered Finish

The Dusty Weathered Finish option is the best choice when you want a timeworn look for your wood. The process is quite complicated, but the results are absolutely satisfying. The wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain. This is basically the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. The process has been proven to work particularly well with certain types of wood: pine, redwood and oak. The next step involves the application of a  custom topcoat. This results in the grayish-brown hues to complete a beautiful, weathered appearance to the wood. If you want a darker, even more dramatic effect, you can also try out the Dark Weathered Finish option.

The Distressed Finish is one-of-a-kind

The Distressed Finish

If you desire that vintage feel to your wine cellar, the Distressed Finish is the way to go. This finish actually requires quite a bit of work because of its unique properties. The wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. Then a dark coats is wiped on to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches to highlight them. Last but not the least, a medium dark background coat is applied and finished off with a lacquer finish. The look reflected on the wood is very classic – definitely the “old-country” charm.

We absolutely love the Gray Wash stain

The Gray Wash Stain

Gray Wash stain is one of the newest additions to WCI’s stain offerings. This stain has been carefully tested over several months to bring you an attractive look that is both traditional and modern. It is quite similar to Whitewash in that it’s a semi-transparent stain. That means there is no texture that comes through. What you get is a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. We highly recommend this beautiful and modern color. You can request samples of wood swatches to see what works best for you! ^_^




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