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Technical Tuesday Episode #460: Natural Beauty Of Rustic Pine

February 4th, 2020

First Tech Tuesday for the month of love is up! Yep, we are getting into high gear for one of our favorite months of the year. February is the love season, as we are all quite aware of. We also expect a lot of fine dining and, of course, wine tasting all this month. That also means wine establishments everywhere are bound to get busier. So today’s Tech Tuesday will definitely provide some useful inspiration. Let’s check out the amazing racking arrangements on this commercial project:

Project # 319527
Wood: CDR / Vintner / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Coral Springs, FL

Natural beauty of Rustic Pine wine racksThe star of the show, so to speak, is the wood option utilized for the wine racks. All the units were crafted from unstained Rustic Pine. As you can very well see, the natural beauty of the wood is really enhanced in this set-up. We especially love how the soft, creamy colors of the wood stand out. Note that Rustic Pine is characterized by this really light color of the wood. It is combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots, giving the wood a rustic architectural appearance.

Custom commercial racksNow let’s talk about the various racking styles used in this project. Since it’s for commercial purposes, the client wanted to maximize on the bottle storage capacity. WCI’s extensive selection of commercial racking units made all of this possible. We made a huge improvement on our commercial wine racks by creating two main categories for the products. We have the Classic Commercial line that allows clients to have their racking units completely customized. But for those on a budget, fret not! We also launched our Vintner Commercial series just a a few years back. This line combines the flexibility of our Vintner racking with the high volume storage capacity of commercial wine racks. And of course, since it’s Vintner, it is absolutely affordable!

Merchandisers and Island DisplaysHere are more snaps of the variety of racking styles in this commercial project. Apart from the standard island displays and merchandisers, our team also installed some individual columns with display bins. This style is quite popular with wine stores because it can easily call attention to popular or new labels. Also, you can see from the photos below how the racks pop out against the flooring and ceiling. The moment those racks are filled, the wine bottles will definitely be the center of attention. Indeed, the natural beauty of Rustic Pine really shines through in this simple layout without overpowering other elements. *Cheers*

Natural beauty of Rustic Pine display bins

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