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Creating Retro Vibes In Your Wine Cellar

February 3rd, 2020

It’s definitely a fine first week of February for wine cellar fans! We have lots in store for you guys – new racking products, wine cellar accessories, and other goodies. We’re also going to be showcasing more unique wine cellar designs – starting with today’s blog. It’s all about the retro vibes that you can bring to your wine cellar projects. It actually doesn’t take much, especially when it comes to the budget. So we’re pretty sure you will love these unconventional yet tasteful concepts:

Setting the mood with the right accents

When it comes to creating a retro mood, it is really all about choosing the right accents. We were quite lucky to have these terrific photos from a client who decided to go the retro route. The first thing you will immediately notice are the lighting elements. Lighting is indeed a clever way of setting up the ambiance that want in a certain space. That’s why restaurants and bars really invest in good lighting accessories. The concept is not that any different with wine cellars. As you can see here, vibrant lighting colors turned the room into something reminiscent of the air of a 1960’s diner. So go ahead and try stringing some colorful LED lights in your own wine cellar!

Another great accessory that can bring about these nostalgic touches would be choice pieces of wine cellar art and photographs. Artworks that depict scenes and other mementos of the past are one of the easiest ways to creat some retro vibes. The same is true with framed photographs. We suggest selecting artwork or photos of old vineyards, pubs, and the like. And if you want something customized, don’t forget that you can commission custom wine cellar art with us here at WCI.

Last but not the least, put up some old-fashioned decor! It’s time to scour those basements or attics for your parents (and grandparents!) well-kept treasures. Clean that turntable and put up those Beatles records! Bring out the bumper stickers, the  kitchen canisters, the beat-up suitcases and more. There might even be an old wall clock or bar stools somewhere. And don’t forget those funky photo frames and posters. There’s no need to spend those extra dollars to bring the retro vibes to your wine cellar. ^_^





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