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Clients Are Loving Their Label-Forward Wine Storage

January 30th, 2020

This is indeed a week for celebrating metal wine racks! Both our professional and DIY wine cellar projects this week feature metal racking units, mostly from the Vintage View Series. For today’s Testimonial Thursday, we have this simple but incredibly efficient label-forward wine storage:

Label-forward wine storage
Deviating from the standard wine storage, this arrangement features a label-forward configuration. You will notice that the racks are neatly mounted on the wall, in a highly space-efficient manner. This is one of the major advantages that the Vintage View Series has to offer. The wall-mount units will allow for the creation of suitable bottle storage even in compact spaces. And that’s not all that these racks have to offer.

The label-forward units are designed to normally hold standard sized wine bottles by mounting them 7.5 inches apart. But take note that you can actually make adjustments and have the racks store split-sized bottles as well. You can easily achieve this by mounting them 5.5 inches apart. This incredible flexibility is what makes Vintage View such a highly recommended product. You don’t need to have a formal wine cellar in order to provide proper bottle storage for your collection. Moreover, you can create unique racking arrangements just about anywhere in your home with these racking units.

Now if you want to add a bit more drama to your wine storage, we suggest using the Vintage View racks with a floor-to-ceiling configuration. We invite you guys to check out last Monday’s blog for all the deets – which includes commercial racking options. You can have your prized collection displayed floor to ceiling, with that coveted “floating” look. All it takes is purchasing a Floor to Ceiling Frame separately for the racks.

Our clients opted for the normal wall-mount style for their wine storage. But they decided to go with a beautiful Satin Black finish to make the racks pop out against the light-colored walls. This was a smart move because the dark finish also helped to accentuate the wine bottles. Even with just a seemingly simple layout, their wine storage exudes elegance and style. ^_^

“We love them!”

~ Chris O.~