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Technical Tuesday Episode #457: Commercial Wine Racks Collection

January 14th, 2020

We’ve got something up our sleeve today for all the commercial wine cellar proprietors out there! Today’s Tech Tuesday episode features a collection of WCI’s commercial racking units. Our team designed this racking arrangement for a client in Birmingham, AL and it certainly delivered. This wine room can host just a little under 1500 bottles in a really space-efficient layout:

Project # 319183
Wood: CDR / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1464
Where: Birmingham, AL

Collection of Island DisplaysFirst up we have snaps of these beautiful Wine Island Display with Countertop. The counter is 8″ deep and can be used to market related items and accessories for more impulse buys. This makes it perfect for displaying popular or new wine merchandise. Plus, there’s tons of bottle storage since the standard Island Display can accommodate about 240 bottles. Wine stores with large volume sales will definitely appreciate having this commercial racking unit. In client’s case, they ordered the island in All-Heart Redwood with an elegant Dark Walnut stain option.

Collection of Wine Display BinsNext we have these Wine Display Bins which come in several height configurations. Like most of WCI’s commercial racking products, these display bins are stackable. They are generally sold in combinations of 2 or 3 columns and can be stacked side by side in 4, 5, or 6 column widths. However, you can also customize them further to suit your wine store’s specific bottle storage needs. These display bins were carefully designed to merchandise high volume wines. We are confident that the resulting sales will make this racking style stand out as one of the highest producing wine racks in your store. Note that the display trays hold up to two over sized wine bottles. Showcase your newest wine merchandise in this manner and watch your sales skyrocket!

 Now here’s one really great feature about all of our commercial racking products: they are actually categorized into two: the Classic line and the Vintner line. The Classic Commercial Series features racking units that are hand-built to order. That means they have a longer lead time due to the more customized details. Naturally, they also sport a higher price tag. The Vintner Commercial Series, on the other hand, is our “kits” version for our commercial racking catalog. The collection boasts of state of the art production with versatile 3 ft and 4 ft wine racks. You can easily stack, mix and match the units for your store’s storage needs. And of course, since this is Vintner, quality comes at a friendlier price point! *Cheers*

All-Heart Redwood x Dark Walnut Stain