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Design Options For Your Custom Wine Cellar Ceilings

January 13th, 2020

Happy Monday greetings, wine cellar buddies! Let’s talk about one of the more overlooked sections of a wine cellar project: the ceilings. More often than not, wine cellars tend to sport plain or standard ceiling designs. There is nothing wrong with this at all. In fact, if you have so much going on in your wine cellar, style-wise, it’s good to tone down on other areas. But you should also keep in mind that ceilings can bring great aesthetic impact to your wine cellar project. It’s just a matter of choosing the most suitable style. So let’s go over some design options that can take things to the next level:

Raised Panel Ceilings

The Raised Panel Ceiling

This is probably the simplest ceiling design you can have for your wine cellar. The straightforward and clean style is perfect with any wine cellar theme. It is pretty popular since it can really open up a wine room to give it a more spacious and airy feel. We love how the square or rectangular panels bring an understated elegance to the wine cellar. In addition, the curved raised panels can also be customized, such as where the wine racking arrangement incorporates curved corner racks. Want to add a bit of drama to your panelled ceiling? Try using wood case ends to create a decorative and unique soffit!

Raised Panel with No Soffit

The Raised Panel With No Soffit

Now let’s check out another version of the Raised Panel Ceilings – the Raised Panel with No Soffit. If you want to give your ceilings a certain edgy appearance, this is the design option to go for. As you can see from the image, the panels are more defined. They also showcase a lot more depth. You’ll also find that this type of ceiling works well with recessed lighting elements. We like how it adds great character to a wine cellar project while maintaining that clean and classy look.

Wine cellar ceilings with Light Boxes

Raised Panel with Light Boxes

Need something fancier for your wine cellar ceilings? Try out the Raised Panel with Light Boxes design. It is a beautiful and dramatic touch, while still properly illuminating your wine cellar. We recommend using this style for for bigger wine cellar projects with higher ceiling heights. The boxes will likely overwhelm smaller wine rooms. Here’s a fun style tip: try out the Coffered Ceiling in combination with the Light Boxes. ^_^


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