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Wine Cellar Inspirations: What Style Is Your Vibe?

January 8th, 2020

What are your wine cellar goals for 2020? You know   how that famous line goes: “Go big or go home.” Well, that doesn’t mean you have to take it literally. After all, not everyone is ready to take on a formal wine cellar project. Some might not have the space for it, while others might not have the budget. But if you can’t go big with size, you can definitely make up for that in other aspects – like the design. So which wine cellar style is your vibe? Let’s explore some options to find out!

The traditional taste…

You definitely can’t go wrong when you stick to a traditional design with your wine cellar project. And by this, we mean those classic silhouettes, from the racking assembly down to the wine cellar accessories. Traditional wine cellars are usually decked out with wood wine racking units and either stained or lacquered, or both. Classic Mahogany and    Dark Walnut Stain are two of the most popular choices for the traditional design. Another common style would be the presence of some decorative wood trim, tile or Vintage Wine Barrel flooring, and Raised Panel or Coffered ceilings.

The rustic charm…

There are also those who are big fans of the rustic architectural appearance. That’s actually one of the reasons why Rustic Pine has consistently remained in WCI’s top four wood options for custom wine cellars. The emphasis of this style is mostly on the natural beauty of the materials used in the wine cellar project. So more often than not, you’ll find that the wine racks will be unstained. This allows the natural hues and grain patterns of the wood to really shine. Nature-inspired textures and simple, earthy tones also characterize this look. That’s why cork or wood is usually the material of choice for the flooring. Lighting elements and other accessories also tend to be more subdued.

The contemporary feel…

As far as wine cellar design trends go, the contemporary vibe is arguably the most sought-after in the recent years. This style is best characterized with the presence of metal racking units. Some wine cellars go full-on metal racking, while others prefer a mix of metal and wood wine racking elements. The overall layout is usually minimalistic but sleek. Glass is also usually incorporated into the design layout, accentuated by other materials. One good example would be glass x black metal trim combo on the doors or entryways. ^_^