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A Client’s Timeless Wine Cellar Tale With WCI Wine Racks

October 3rd, 2019

Everyone loves a good story. In our case, when it involves wine AND our products, then it’s not just any story – it becomes a classic. This timeless wine cellar tale by a client is a must-share. It is a testament to the quality of WCI’s wine racking products and that is something we are immensely proud of!

A timeless wine cellar taleThis beautiful wine room owned by our client Barry was constructed way back in the early 90s. It started out with initial consultations with our design professionals which eventually led to the construction of the wine cellar. Both our team and the client worked closely on the project. Worthy of note is the fact that WCI was still growing our product line during this time. Our racking collection, accessories, and other products were not as extensive as they are today. Nonetheless, there were no compromises on quality, and of course, customer service.

Decades old All-Heart Redwood wine racks The wine cellar was fully customized, with timeless All-Heart Redwood racking units taking the center stage. The client went with unstained All-Heart Redwood which worked perfectly with the rest of the furniture. All-Heart Redwood is one of out highly recommended wood options. It is very durable and resilient clear grade of wood that ages just as gracefully as wine. To top it off, all of WCI’s Redwood products are now SFI-certified, making the wood an eco-friendly choice as well.

Our client with his elegant wine cellar

“Looking back 28 years, it’s possible we may have done a few things differently if you were designing it now given all the new products you have introduced, but the cellar has most definitely withstood the test of time, and that includes not only how well the storage has worked out, but also how well the all-heart redwood has aged. It is timeless. It still smells great in there!

I certainly agree with you on the advantages of a large cellar. Being able to pull a 1995 Cabernet to have with burgers is no big deal, and certainly no need for house wines. Our “house” wines are 20 year old Bordeaux and Rhones, 10+ year old Zins, Pinots and Chardonnays, and whatever else fits our fancy with whatever food we’re serving. We moved 1,300 bottles from New Jersey to Atlanta in 1991 and all my wine buddies told me to build it bigger than you think you need. I have given the exact same advice to friends many, many times since then.

Thanks again for all the support Wine Cellar Innovations has given us from the original designs and construction to many of the remodeling projects since (wine cellar door, cellar table, moldings, cooling advice, etc).”

~Barry B.~

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