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The Finer Details Of WCI’s Metal Wine Racks Collection

September 23rd, 2019

We have been growing our metal wine racks collection over the last few years. The popularity if this racking style has really skyrocketed and WCI responded to that demand. It all started with our Vintage View Series which was a huge hit with our clients.  Now our collection has considerably grown to offer more varied bottle storage solutions for everyone. Let’s go into the finer details of WCI’s different metal wine racking styles!

Explore the finer details of our metal wine racks collectionAs we mentioned earlier, our Vintage View Series was the first metal wine rack collection that we launched. The series has actually evolved over the years to welcome new additions into its fold. It now includes the Wall Mounted Presentation Wine Display Rack, Single Bottle Wall Mount Series, Mini 6-Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack, and the Vino Pinos, Rails, Rods and Pegs. There is also the Vintage View Case and Crate Bins dedicated to bulk bottle storage.

The next one to hit the stage would be our WineZone Wine Shelf System. This is probably one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile metal wine racking product WCI has to offer. WineZone is perfect for both residential and commercial wine cellar applications. The shelf is designed so that when installed in one direction the labels are facing out. But when you flip the shelf over, then the neck or punt of the wine bottle will be in a cork-forward position. Either orientation allows you to store a case (12 bottles) of Splits/Bordeaux/Burgundy/Small or Large Champagne bottles. But that’s not all! In addition to the Metal Shelving, a black melamine shelf can also be incorporated for other merchandising or storage options. The shelf can then be used to store other items such as glassware, liquor, olive oils, gift baskets, decanters, and case storage.

A plethora of metal racking styles to choose from

Recently, we received two more new additions to WCI’s metal racking line-up: the Ultra Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks and the Revue Wall Mounted Series. The Ultra  collection boasts of several uniquely crafted racking styles designed to bring character to any wine cellar project. There are several sleek designs to choose from and we will be discussing those in more detail in next week’s blog – so stay tuned! The Revue Series is a label-forward system that exudes simplicity coupled with a modern and traquil vibe. Watch out for finer details of the two newest members of our metal wine racks collection by bookmarking our blog now! ^_^

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