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Secured Wine Lockers: Why They Are Worth The Investment

August 5th, 2019

How secure is your wine collection? Do you own rare vintages that you wouldn’t even want to put a price tag on? Or are you a proprietor of a wine establishment trying to keep your merchandise safe and sound? Well as far as wine storage security is concerned, nothing does the job better than our Secured Wine Lockers. They are definitely a worthy investment and a must-have in any wine cellar. Let us go into further detail to show you guys why.Why wine lockers are a worthy investmentWe have here some great photos of our assembled wine lockers for a custom project for a client. They had the units installed in their home’s living area. We are pretty sure you will agree with us when we say that these lockers look very elegant and fit perfectly with the room’s layout. They are aesthetically pleasing while being highly functional. This killer combination of form and function is one of the biggest reasons why these wine lockers are worth it.

Lots of customization optionsAnother fantastic feature that sets the lockers apart is their ability to be customized. We can start creating from a one column wine locker that you can use anywhere. You can easily stack it upon other levels of wine lockers to create your desired bottle storage capacity. Then you can move on to other customization options, such as your door panels. You can choose between metal lattice for open air circulation, a glass panel to see through, or a regular flat or raised wood panel.

Customize the doors, locks, wood and stains and finishesNext up will be the locks. You have the option for locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or as one single key. Lastly, you also get to select your wood, stains and finishes, as well as the base of the locker. You can even choose to have casters installed for greater flexibility. All in all, it’s pretty amazing how these lockers can give you multiple options to personalize to your liking. Take note that the secured wine storage lockers are now offered standard, by the column. This was done to match the existing height of our other commercial wine display racks. ^_^

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